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Jason Borgstede | Blue & Gold AK | Limiting Beliefs | Poker | Marathon Wagers | Blood Clots

Nate and AJ traveled to Long Beach (well - AJ moved there) to record this episode with Jason in person.

This is episode was full of podcast firsts. This was the first podcast where all guests we're live in one location. We did a Facebook Live broadcast - until the phone battery died. And, this was, by far the longest podcast that we've ever recorded.

I considered breaking this episode up into two parts, but I could not find a good spot to make the break - the conversation is just too intertwined in my opinion. Please let us know your thoughts on the length of the episode - I know that Jason prefers listening to long-long form discussions, as do I.

We touch on the the following and much more:

Snowboarding & Skateboarding Nerdism
People in the hallway
Long Beach Agenda Trade Show
Austin Sports and Music Festival
Meeting your heros
Craigslist casual encounters
Fallen Shoes and Jamie Thomas
Useless Wooden Toys
Anchorage Skatepark
Jessie Burtner
Mack Dawg
Blue & Gold AK
Fights as a kid
Baseball and growing up in California
Summer in Hawaii
First snowboard
Limiting beliefs
Dick Dragers
Scootering is cool - drugs are bad
Game of Thrones
Pushing Mongo
Jay and Scott Liska
Gaining sponsorships and starting a career in snowboarding.
College or snowboarding?
Moving to Lake Tahoe and living in a mobile home with four or five other guys.
Mobile home fire by aroma therapy.
NOT going to strip clubs.
Thinking about becoming a parent.
Strait Edging.
Nate comes out of the closet to AJ and also tells him about falling off the wagon beer.
Hate Edge.
AJ’s Craigslist missed connections.
Bacteria brain connection
The Borgariel
Transitioning from snowboarding to poker.
Nice Gordon
The Big Blind
Gunshots in the backgorund
Wu-Tang financial
Running a marathon as a bet at 39 (Blog post insert)
Advice to Jason’s 18 year old self
Catching a heel edge on a culvert, breaking ribs and puncturing a lung
Best wife ever
Blood clots board graphic
“There’s something cool about seeing someone that’s made an impression on you.”
“I don’t follow soccer at all cause I’m American.” 
“You’ve to the big corpo brands - which, I really questions their love of the industry… believe in skateboarding, for skateboarders, by skateboarders."
“The whole reason that I decide to do a shop was to make our scene better.” 
“I’m trying to pay attention as much as possible and learn as much as possible as far as the business side.” 
“You have to develop the business and put processes in place - so the business can run while you’re not there.” 
“How do I get people to not shop at the mall? That’s a problem that I have to break down.” 
“When you start something because you love it - I don’t think that anyone else will ever love it as much as you do.” 
“I can’t live without skateboarding and snowboarding in my life.”  
“(As a kid) My initial reaction to confrontation was to punch in the face.” 
“I was blessed to have a family that was super supportive of everything.”  
“I broke my hand punching him in the jaw… That was right before baseball season was about to start.” 
“My first board ever was an Action Sport kamikaze.”  
“The nice thing about skateboarding is that it does not have any rules.” 
“All I thought was that I love this, I’m going to do this all of the time…. I just wanted to be the best that I can be. Being good is part of the fun of it.” 
“If I can’t continually figure out a way to somewhat progress than it gets difficult to stay interested in it."
“We can’t let ourselves become the jocks.” 
“Do you ever go to the mountain when when you’re snowboarding and say, this dude’s just here for the weekend, I hate him?” Why do we do that to longboarders” 
“Skaters need to understand that skating is yours in a different way that you think…When you throw a vibe to a kid at the park, think about that - this may be his first time at the park."
“All I care about is that when  kid comest to the shop is that their interaction with skateboarding and snowboarding is positive.”
“I’ve been strait edge my whole life… You feel immune to peer pressure. You don’t need someone else approval.” 
"Can I figure out how to get to that place that you get to with a drug - on my own?” 
“I just wanted to be a strong person… I wanted to beat the challenge. The glory comes in the pain and the strife of beating the challenge.” 
“Vaping’s easy - skating’s hard.” 
“I belive that if I did start drinking that I’d go off the deep end.” 
“Struggle through the uncomfortable of this and figure it out.” 
“Don’t fight being scared.” 
“This is part of being a loner kid, you sit in your room and you think about stuff.” 
“I went to Best Buy and bought a DVD on poker.” 
“The closer to the blinds you are the better your hands need to be.” 
“I did well enough the next day to get all that money back and a few bucks - I was hooked!”
“I’d wake up in the morning and my hands would not close from a holding a drill all day long. I was like I don’t want to do this - I don’t want this to be the next 20 years of my life.” 
“It (poker) was taking my mind off the fact that I was no longer getting paid to snowboard.” 
“Almost everybody will tell you that they win at poker.” 
“It’s super easy to play the game, it’s super hard to beat the game.” 
“Poker is the most stressful thing ever. It’s the only job that you can go to and end up owing people money.” 
“When you lose, you get pissed and that’s not good for the game.” 
“As we’ve seen in the past - I don’t really give a shit about what anyone thinks.” 
"You’re telling a story when you’re playing cards."
“The ones that you remember are the bad nights. I had a 1200 cheeseburger one night.” 
“Poker is not necessarily gambling, you’re not playing the house." 
“I don’t want to gamble - I want to have a positive expatiation.”  
“It was five and half hours and I couldn’t train (for the marathon)."
“Do I have to crawl to the finish? Until I drop dead, I would not quit on this bet.” 
“I wanted to say that I ran a marathon in my life.” 
“It was five hours of me getting to play in my brain.” 
“Try to step back and see a bigger picture.” 
“You never have to quit snowboarding - I can still go out and be the best that I can be.” 
“I would gladly put my life on the line to snowboard any day. If I’m gonna go… I’m going doing what I love doing.” 
“On our one year wedding anniversary - they wheel me into surgery.”
“All those years of snowboarding and a six foot fall on a little thing was the closest thing to taking me out.” 
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