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Danny Hairston SHRED Foundation | Reimagining Education | Visualization | Youth Snowboarding Culture
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Brooke Geery Yobeat | Tinder | Nike Snowboarding | Snowboard Nerds
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Terje Haakonesn | Snowskating | Surfing | Environmentalism | Yoga
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  • Growing up as vegetarian skateboarder in Alabama 
  • Teenage rebellion 
  • How society views food 
  • How Burritos and Snow came about 
  • Escaping Alabama - 
  • “No one move to Salt Lake for two years” 
  • Learning to Snowboard at 25 
  • “If I had to pick between music and snowboarding… I’d pick music hands down.” 
  • Nate goes to a New Kids on the Block concert 
  • Daniel's first concert  - John Denver 
  • Daniel explains to Nate how Spotify works (I’ve since downloaded the app and begun to use it. 
  • Pitcrew Back in Montana Drinking game 
  • Discussing how to succeed at snowboarding retail 
  • Milo Salty Peaks Blindside 
  • “Skateboarding for me was completely different thank snowboarding.” 
  • “Skateboarding was all about hanging out with my friends.” 
  • Thrift Store shopping for size 44 pants 
  • Skateboarding is not like riding a bike. 
  • “Vert is dead”
  • Riding with music - and formulating the playlists. 
  • “My 18 year old self would beat my ass.” 
  • How yoga is like skateboarding 
  • “As soon as my back stop hurting I’ll get into yoga - if you get into yoga your back will stop hurting” 
  • “The smallest of decisions can affect your life in the craziest ways.” 
  • The power of Thrasher Mag! 
  • Tipper Gore and the PMRC. 
  • Prince when Doves Cry. 
  • Punk is positive Minor Threat 
  • Spring break in “Panama City” Vs. SLAYER 
  • Marketing as a career path 
  • “Marketing is the bartending of degrees”
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Nate offers a free URL:
  • Shaun Farmer takes us out
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