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Gray Thompson | Hot Boy'n | Banked Slaloms | United Shapes | Warp Wave | Fly Fishing |

“It kinda rubbed me the wrong way… When it came down to competing it was super serious - gave me butterflies. That’s no the feeling when you’re snowboarding otherwise.” 


“I think the trend towards jam sessions is the best thing in competitive snowboarding right now.” 


“You could be having an ok day and then go rip around with five of your best friends and then it’s the best day of the year.”


“We just take turns following each other as close as we can….”


“My weekend was like mini vacation where I didn’t have to leave my home.” 


“We all came together Lets just go out on a limb and start a board company. We have all these ideas, lets create an outlet for them.”  


“We want this cool relationship with the consumer and the brand.. I feel like I could call up anyone who buys a board from us and be like, lets go ride.” 


“We’re going to be realizing a few more shapes this fall. Each sale only comes in one size.”


“It’s a brand for snowboarders who love the mountain and love the feeling of snowboarding. It’s a brand for the person that wakes up at five in the morning on a pow day….” 


“If you took the park away and just looked at the mountain, you would visualize a park.” 



“Work is life and life is work and you gotta lean to enjoy it all.” 


“Every week we get together and have knitting club…We get together and tie flies and talk about the river.” 


“When the river’s low you gotta back off and go skateboarding, don’t put too much pressure on them (the fish).” 


“I go to Vimeo and watch hundreds of movies to get inspiration outside of skateboarding.” 



“When you get to the mountain and you’re feeling a little risky. You wanna get close and uncomfortable - then you go hot boy’n for the day.” 

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Thomas Heckler | Burton Knowbuddy |Superpark19 |Day Trading | Engineering Music

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Episode #24 

I set-up a podcast studio in my hotel room at Superpark 19 at Seven Springs and had a chat with Burton Knowbuddy rider, day trader and music engineer, Thomas Heckler. 

We covered: 

  • Growing up and snowboarding at Stowe
  • Moving to Norway and going to a snowboarding school
  • Bud Keene BKPRO
  • Knee injury and recovery Dr. Tom Hackett at Steadman Clinic
    • Electroshock therapy - jk 
  • Investing for today’s generation.
  • Day trading
  • Technical and fundamental stock analysis
  • Going long vs. going short - the loaf of bread supply and demand story 
  • Emotion and psychology in trading
  • Music recording arts and mixing/engineering 
  • How the digital ge has affected music quality
  • Snowboarder Magazine / Seven Springs / Nexen Tire Superpark 19 


“I have a lot of friends who are my age or maybe a little bit older who don’t really know anything about investing.”

“The more money you have the more money you can make.”

“It seems like my generation is much less in tune with how money or wealth is accumulated.” 

“I think it’s important for younger people to think about how they got to where they are….The ability to be able to go ride every weekend, have a pass, that stuff costs so much money.” 

“You think, money, it’s just money, it doesn't make me happy, snowboarding makes me happy……And then you have ACL surgery and you realize that it costs a hundred grand to fix a knee.”

“Guys like Warren Buffet have made billions of dollars basically by dumbing it down.”

“The smartest guys in the room are the guys that can see through all of that noise and see an opportunity.”

“At the end of the day what matters is that your ATM still spews the money out.”

“As far as trading is concerned, by the time the book comes out, the strategy is blown.”

“My dad used to say - it’s not rocket science, keep it simple…But it’s the stock market - it’s not simple…”

“A lot of it is trial and error, it’s really tough to make money in the stock market - in investing.”

“I went to school for sound technology, recording arts - recording and mixing records.”

“After the fact you go in you arrange, set levels and add different types of processing to create a picture with a song.” 

“Back when vinyl was the medium… It was so much about creating a visual picture…. you could see the band.”

“I think that listeners don't really understand that engineers are as much an artist as the actual musicians that play the instrument.”

“You can create this movement - this movie - with the sound. It’s very artistic, it’s cool.”


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Kimmy Fasani | The Road | Injury | Self Work | Triathlons | Rock Climbing
Picking up the truck at the airport to the tune of 280 bucks 
Kimmy's relationship with her husband, professional skier, Chris Bencheteler 
Kimmy's injury at Mammoth in 2013 
The mental game 
Aj's dinner 
Mimi's Organic Bakery 
Living in Mammoth 
Rock Climbing 
Breaking news on the Amusement Park 
Social Media and snowboarding 
Quotes : 
My Middle name is now Fasani and my last name is Bencheter on all my travel documents 
"When we're out in the mountains we are best friends - just like the way we are at home." 
"I drifted off the side of a jump... I did my ACL, MCL, PCL and broke my pelvis in that crash, it took me off snow for a year." 
"I  was able to reconfigure who I was and what I wanted to accomplish." 
"I felt like my mind was stronger than my body for all of last season." 
"I repeat reading this book ...It's called Be Like Water." 
"Fear really can't exist when you're in the present moment." 
"During my injury one of my biggest focuses was being ok with just being quiet and listen to my mind." 
"I got out of surgery and I asked my doctor if he thought that I would be able to do a triathlon six months from my surgery date."
"I figured that if I could do a triathlon before I got back on snow then I would be strong enough, mentally and physically for the season."
"I try not to eat dairy - except when I was in Europe for a month." 
"My diet mostly consists of a vegan diet."  
"For me school was just my way to make sure that I had a back-up plan." 
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