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Episode 42
We know these are a little out of order, but Nate is dyslexic so cut him a break!
Nate and AJ connected with Nima via Skype to discuss Nima's recent allergic reaction to a Vitamin C supplement. They also discuss Nima's businesses, investments, work ethic, golf, surfing, snowboarding, diet and more. 
Sorry but Skype was a bitch on this one - it dropped the call many times. I was able to clean most of it up in post, but there are some glitches as an FYI.  
“My arms felt like they were boring and there were hives everywhere.” 
“I’ve always wanted to own a bar."
“When I was young, I never got hangovers - I used to think that was a thing that people said to sound cool or something.” 
“I feel like the only thing that fix a hangover is exercise - like surfing of something.” 
“You’re only there for a short window - you don’t want to waste your sponsors money because you partied too hard."
“You’re gonna be 35 one day and your body is going to slow down.” 
“We looked for what would seem to be the least amount of competition and what we could get all of our friends on.”  
“I’d say that I’m probably better than Mike and Lance (at golf)?” 
“Golf is probably the hardest thing I do.” 
“Surfing’s probably the most realistic thing to do as you get older.” 
“For me, I feel like I alway have to be busy… When I do have downtime, I like to go surfing or skating or snowboarding.” 
“I feel like so much cool shit was coming out of the surf zone (at Agenda)"
“I just have a used random shortboard… I’m just gonna surf that until I get good enough to notice a difference.”  
“I barely graduated high school - I went to continuation school because of snowboarding.” 
“Howl was not selling direct, but next week when we launch our bag line and welcome Eric Ellington to the team - we will start selling direct.” 
“My perspective has now changed,  feel like it’s ok to sell to direct now.” 
“I don’t really buy anything - I’m not a shopper.” 
“I don’t really like to own much… I don’t need to own excess shit.” 
“I grew up skating, but I fell in love with snowboarding on a way different level.” 
“Snowboarding is such a nostalgic feeling it makes me feel like a kid again - there’s a feeling that you get from it I don’t get from skating or snowboarding.” 
“I don’t ride in denim anymore, cause now they make snowboard pants that fit a little more proper.” 
“We were so heavily influenced by skateboarding and music and then your sponsor sends bright yellow cargo pants… For me, it made more since to just cut some jeans at the bottom and wear em.” 
“If you do anything a lot - all day every day - you’re going to get better at it.” 
“I went full vegan for six or seven years and then I went raw vegan for six months - I’m surprised that I made it that long.” 
“My body just started to crave rice and heartier foods."
“Now I’ll even eat meat like once or twice a month - I still eat about 80% vegan.” 
“I’m not a vegan anymore, but I’m not offended by it.” 
“I remember sitting there eating my first steak in like 10 years, it was weird, I took a bite and I liked it.” 
“When I was vegan I wasn’t like hey I’m Nima, I’m vegan.” 
“When I ate a piece of fish for the first time in a long time, it felt so good, it was like that was what I needed.” 
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Chad Otterstrom | Hard Boots | Dogs | Van Life | Primal Diet | Photography | Following your passion

Episode #43

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For this episode, by buddy Paul (from the Todd Richards episode) joined me in my basement AKA TNSP HQ - we connected with AJ and Chad over Skype. Paul used to ride with Chad in the 90's - they kick the episode off discussing the good ole days.

Cover photo shot by Chip Proulx 

Topics we discuss:

  • King Pin & Wild Duck days  
  • Chad’s dogs Calloway and Chopper 
    Calloway & Chopper - Love over Money.
    Calloway & Chopper - Love over Money.
  • Instagram - Follow Chad here: @chadotterstrom
  • Photography - Peep Chad's professional photography website:
  • Chad’s nickname 
  • Hard Booting
  • Paying attention to the minor details of Chad's set-up 
  • Moving from Minnesota to Colorado 
  • Working at Walmart to ride 
  • Crews
  • Summit County
  • First chair at Loveland 
  • Van life
  • Driving the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Splitboarding 
  • Bivy sack camping
  • Head tents
  • Buy Chad’s $700 North Face Tent 
  • Following your passion 
  • The dirt own Connor Manning 
  • Judging X-Games
  • How Chad got into coaching
  • Solo missions
    4wd Safari Van Life
    4wd Safari Van Life
  • Coyotes 
  • Living in Colorado
  • Legal weed
  • Avalanches 
  • Loveland pass
  • Snowboarding in India
  • Chad’s favorite cheeseburger 
  • Chad’s primal diet 
  • Turning 40 
  • Paul’s rollerskating 40th b-day 
  • Forty kick-flips for 40
  • Chad’s snowboard video archive 
  • Army of Darkness (AOD crew) and the Hell Cats crew
  • Bluebird Snowboards (Smokin & Marty)
  • The two year curse 
  • Making snowboard movies
  • Performance enhancing drugs 
  • Legal weed
  • The rumor mill
  • Listener questions
  • Golfing or lack thereof
Quotes from the episode:
"So my friends started calling me Chopper."
"Turns out that it’s actually more fun than soft boots (hard boots)." 
"It’s fun to go do a 360 in hard boots."
"I did the Damian flip with my hardboots - I call it the iguana flip." 
"Back then you could work at Walmart and make enough to live up here." 
"Working at Walmart is better than working the lift."
"Last year we had to stand in line for four days (to get first chair at Loveland)." 
"I run a straight Safari van, I just took the back seats out and put in a bed… Basically I did it because of my dogs - it’s hard to get rooms with dogs."
"The van’s good for splitboarding, you can just sleep at the trailhead and get going first thing in the morning." 
"I don’t need a $700 tent."
"I like to hike mountains to take photos."
"I take care of my dogs…I’m a part time photographer, part time snowboarder, part time judge, part time snowboard coach - I live in Breckenridge is what I do."
"People would ask what I’d do when I was done snowboarding - duh you’re like, I’m gonna snowboard."
"All of sudden you're forty and you’ve only got five friends left in town."
"Most snowboard coaches feel like the end all is getting a gold medal in the Olympics, but for me it’s like the beginning… like free riding you know?"
"I always sleep with  knife on me - one of these nights I’m gonna have to take on ten coyotes."
"…especially in Colorado you’re swimming with sharks all the time (in regards to snowpack safety)."
"There’s so many people moving here not that weed is legal - I call them trimagrints."
"That’s kinda like feeling like a ghost… That morning I heard that five people died on Loveland Pass."
"I’m itching for next season."
"You got to Breckenridge and they’re selling $18 cheeseburgers all day."
"My Primal diet is 100% to beat skiers (up the skin track)."
"Chairlifts really hurt my feelings - I don’t ride em unless it’s a perfect powder day."
"We were a bunch of diggers at Hood in 98… And then we wear the Hellcats - I was shredding with Devon, he was like we’re the Wildcats.. I went home and I was like guys we can’t be the Hellcats - that's not gonna work."
“I live in Breckenridge which is the Red Bull donkey stamp town of the world.”
“Don’t put me on the team and give me a paycheck - or you’ll be out of business in two years.”
"When you get to the Fourth Phase level, that’s when your brain explodes and I don’t think I want to do that.”
“At forty years old I’m a better snowboarder now than I’ve ever been and skateboarder - for sure.”
As mentioned - things got weird on Paul's 40th. Rollerskates, Leotards, Diapers and Coors Light.
As mentioned - things got weird on Paul's 40th. Rollerskates, Leotards, Diapers and Coors Light.
"I live on the highest road in the country and I don’t smoke weed.”
“If I could snowboard for the rest of my life, I’d do that…. But, I’d probably say photography.”
“I haven’t golfed in three years, but I’ve saved a ton of money because of that.”
“Never quitting is such a big thing…. Powder is the answer in the end."


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Pierre Wikberg | Filming | Politics & Religion | #Skatetourism | Focus

This episode Nate and AJ Skype in with Pierre Wikberg shortly after a fire in his NYC apartment building is extinguished. We discuss Pierre's career behind the lens filming and editing many of the best snowboarding videos ever made Ie - Lame, Afterlame, Afterbang, the D.C. Mtn. Lab and many others. We also get the story behind his footage of Ingemar Backman's historic backside air. Then the discussion takes a turn into deeper waters - we discuss Pierre's Atheism and political leanings.

We touch on the following topics:

Fire in Pierre’s building! 
Moving to NYC
Iphone filming
Video quality
Bobby Worrest
Skate tourism
Working with Ken Block
Santa Cruz Wheels of Fire and Powell’s Animal Chin 
Filming Ingmar Backman’s backside air (the shot heard around the snowboarding world)
Filming rally car driving
Donald Trump's face on Half Dome
Trump rides a scooter
Populism in social media
Socialism in Sweden
The American Dream
Being a "Right Wing" Swede.
Chris Christie and New Jersey
Shane Pospisil
Election Fraud
Climate change discussions on Facebook
Death threats
Sitting at the window seat on a flight (Louis CK everything sucks video)
Focus versus multitasking
Cell Phone addiction
How songs from snowboard and skate videos influence musical preferences
Listener questions Matthew Yarboro, Uncle Roofus , Justin Majeczky
Snowboard/Skateboard song trivia
New Deal Useless Wooden Toys
Skate and snow nerdism
The cloud and video editing software.
VX and GL2’s
How to properly film with an iPhone - AKA stop vertical videos!
Social media etiquette
What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?
Photo hoarding

Quotes from this Episode:

"I film snowboarding with my Iphone all the time (now), but I just don’t go on paid trips to film triple corks." 
“I always think that content is everything.” 
“The internet killed my livelihood - it killed the dvd… But I welcome it with open arms."
“If you have a good GoPro or an Iphone and you have Bobby Worrest skating through NYC… That’s better (content) in my opinion.” 
“For people that have met Ken, know that he’s a charismatic and to some an intimidating person. I’ve only know him as a really fun guy who scored on a high school adventure that turned into a really successful business, but also a snowboard nerd." 
“When I clicked with Travis Parker… I was like, I get this guy.” 
"… And then the Natas part came on and I think I blacked out!” 
“I bought Ban This for $60.00… That was like two months income at the time!” 
“I actually filmed skateboarding before I saw a skate video… I wore out so many pause buttons!
“It was a pivotal moment in my life (filming Ingmar Backman’s backside air)."
“I’ll talk smack on NASCAR, but I’ll defend rally, because it’s probably the most complicated motor sport.” 
“Ken definitely likes to scare anyone (in the car with him).” 
"Todd Richards can’t sit in the car with him (Ken).” 
“I can’t even find the spark plugs on a car.” 
“We bought rubber bands for like $18,000.” 
“Riding through the house was one of the highlights.. Ken was just like why don’t you put some snow there and ride off of the deck?” 
“I think everyone is born an Atheist, I just stayed with that..It’s not even a topic in Sweden - because, like 90% of the population is Atheist.”  
“I think it’s dangerous, what is going on in the US and in Europe, with positions that are boing racist bigots." 
“If there’s 7 billion people on the planet - there’s less than 100 million that want Trump for president.” 
“The United States is so polarized. Bernie is a radical like Trump.” 
“Sweden is such a small country - you have the size of California with the population of Manhattan."
“There’s actually downsides to socialism, I’m actually a right wing Swede.”  
“Yes, it’s the land of opportunity, but it’s also the land of too many dreams that will never be fulfilled.”
“My girlfriend now my wife, had never seen a homeless person, because we don’t have that.”   
“When I’m Oregon, I feel like I’m in Sweden… I feel like I’m home.” 
“You know if you talk to vegan cause they’ll tell you in thirty seconds.” 
"I’ll watch earthlings and still go to Chipotle and get my barbacoa, but I know that I’m in the wrong.” 
“Forty percent of Americans don’t believe in evolution, I don’t believe in forty percent of Americans.” 
“There’s been like over a hundred versions of a virgin born person under a star with wise men… It’s mind blowing to me to be that ignorant to not see the pattern."
“I’m addicted to power on my phone…It’s the biggest first world problem.” 
“I have 20 to 100 tabs open at any given time.” 
“I can tell you what stance every riders is (regular or goofy) - never been wrong.” 
“I’m obviously against vertical videos on youtube…. It really really bums me out.” 
“My camera was my ticket to the world and to meet amazing people and I wouldn’t change a thing about it." 
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