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Eiki Helgason | Island Born | Monaco | Iceland | Road Biking | Lobster | Pickled Shark

Episode #45

Today we’re talking with Eiki Helgason - Eiki as I‘m sure most of you know, is the mastermind and business partner with his brother Halldor behind the, SwitchBack Bindings, 7/9/13 Belts & Accessories and Lobster Snowboards.

Eiki’s had at least one amazing video part each each year dating back to 2003 - including one of my favorite, Rome’s No Correct Way in 2008

He’s also worked with Mack Dawg, Standard and Transworld before taking the reins and gaining creative control with 2011’s Sexual Snowboarding which if you haven’t seen - put your browser into incognito mode and google "sexual snowboarding"!  

This episode covers: 

  • Eiki's full name and his nickname
  • How to properly pronounce Eiki - "Achy"
  • Achy Breaky Heart
  • Go Skateboarding day edit 
  • Growing up skateboarding in Iceland
  • Seasons in Iceland
  • Influences on Eiki's style
  • The trick to flip tricks on a snowboard (Extra Pop)
  • X-Games Real Snow
  • Eiki found Stan 
  • Mockumentary - Island Born 
  • Sexual Snowboarding
  • Taking things for granted
  • Iceland tourism
  • Wow airlines
  • The Ring Road
  • The Highlands of Iceland
  • The Northern Lights
  • Snowboarding high school in Sweden
  • Vaping in Iceland
  • Road biking with Strava
  • Flat tire
  • Iceland's currency crisis
  • Moving to Monaco
  • Jail and education Iceland
  • Leaving Rome and starting Lobster
  • Lobster's graphics
  • Brotherhood
  • The Frontline Rail Jam
  • Day in the life
  • Street snowboarding culture in Iceland & the golden ticket
  • Listener questions
  • Iceland backcountry
  • Skating mini-ramps
  • Food in Iceland
  • Japan
  • The ice rink
  • Life changing news!
  • Icelandic naming



Quotes from this episode: 

"The real pronunciation is achy like achy breaky heart."

"Living in Iceland - we don't have any indoor skateparks (or we didn't then), so I had to find something to do in the winter. "

"Snowboarding kinda came easy to me cause I was already doing rails and stuff on skateboards."

"I think skateboarding is cooler - actually."

"I always love to do weird stuff."

"The tre-flip took a while (on a snowboard), but varial kickflip - I actually think it's easier than a normal kickflip."

"The tre-flip boardslide shove it out on that picnic table... I actually haven't done that trick on a skateboard. It took me a while to get it, like four days and four or five hundred tries."

"If I think of trick that I want to do and it's possible - I just won't quit... I've had a lot of long sessions for a trick."

"It's always been a competition between hackers (X-Games Real Snow).... That's what you get when you have an online voting system. I think people know way too much about computers."

"I've been doing the same thing for fourteen years - go out and film a part. This year is different - it's more like a mockumentary than documentary."

"That's why we did our own project with the sexual snowboarding movies, we kind of felt like everything was getting way too serious."

"It's basically me and Stan going around to weird places in Iceland snowboarding (the Island Born movie)."

"I started partying late for a European. I was just focused on snowboarding."

"I wear those pants with the padding cause my asshole gets sore (while bike riding)."

"Jail in Iceland is actually like a rehabilitation center - it's just like a nice hotel room. When you go to jail here you can actually go to school for free."

"I always just loved creating stuff - I think Lobster was the first thing."

"I would always bring these ideas (for graphics to Rome) and they would be like - umm yeah, let's not do that."

"That board had a good meaning - it said STD's will fuck you up."

"I'm kind of always and never working."

"The weather in Iceland is the most random - it can go from minus 20 to plus 20."

"I tried it (Sheep Balls) - it kinda tastes like old milk."

"The best plan is no plan -we'll see what happens."

"Keep snowboarding for yourself and not for someone else - cause that doesnt make any sense."

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Antti Autti | Olympics | Skateboarding | Surfing | Backcountry | I'm Not Gifted | New Zealand

Episode #44

AJ and Nate connect with 31 year old Finnish snowboarder Antti Autti over Skype as he's preparing to head to New Zealand for some backcountry shredding. Antti has been one of the main riders pushing superpipe progression over the past decade. He’s won tons of contests over the years including the X-games He also represented Finland in the 2006 Olympics where he very controversially ended up in fifth place after a nearly flawless run. We get into Antti’s thoughts on surfing and skateboardings recent admission into the 2020 olympics as well as his transition from competitive snowboarding to the backcountry.

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Let It Block - Sun DMC (SPF 30) Original Formula (SPF 30) and Goth Block (SPF 50)
Let It Block - Sun DMC (SPF 30) Original Formula (SPF 30) and Goth Block (SPF 50)
This episode covers:
  • Packing to head to New Zealand for a month in the backcountry
  • Pow Surfing
  • Skateboarding and Surfing in the Olympics
  • Mixed feelings on snowboarding in the Olympics
  • Heikki Sorsa’s mohawk
  • Stale Sandbech
  • The International Roller Sports Federation
  • Seven Springs Half-Pipe better than the Olympic pipe.
  • Both the US Open Laax Open having better set-ups than the Olympics
  • World Surf League
  • Mick Fanning and the J-Bay Open
  • Anttie's World Cup
  • Banked Slalom
  • Transitioning from competitions to the backcountry
  • Blog posts:
    • I am not gifted & Turning.
    • Statements video series
  • Backstory to a line next to the tallest mountain in Sweden
  • Skateboarding in Finland
  • Cloudberries
  • Nest Oil Company partnership
  • Listener questions:
    • Mike Happy Bauer
    • Uncle Rufus
  • Antti’s nicknames
  • Polar Bears
  • Advice for Antti’s younger self
  • Thoughts on the weather
Quotes from this episode:
“Surfing with handle this but Skateboarding might be in trouble."
“Have really mixed feeling about the olympics…. with parks and pipes, there’s not that much imagination that they use. There’s actually not the all of the best snowboarders in the world there since each country can only have the top four.”
“Started in final and I only wanted to ride halfpipe… and the only way to get out (of Finland) was to do the FIS contests.”
“At the end of the day, I just want to snowboard.”
“Sponsors really need to find a way to promote their stuff at the olympics."
“You have to put tape over your helmet because there’s a graphic (while competing in the olympics.”
“There’s always been major issues between snowboarding and the FIS… They ran the contests that I was doing really well… But it’s really bad when it comet to the the Olympics - they’re not using the top level guys to do build the pipe.”
“When the riders show up for a competitor like this - you need to have everything ready for them…. The weather should be the only thing that could affect the course.”
“US Open and the LaaX Open are made by snowboarders for snowboarders and you can tell.”
“Surfing already has a very established tour, the World Surf League… It just seems that it’s very clear in surfing - how they want to do things. I don’t think that people will give so much respect to the olympic winner.”
“I look up to how things are done in the World Surf League. It’s the most interesting tour in the worlds to me right now. You have no idea who is going to win because every wave is different.”
“They forgot about what’s super important in snowboarding - it’s the grassroots. There needs to be contests that are not so serious all the time.”
“I was living in this bubble that was like - I’m doing competions every weekend and doing good… Then you come out and you just want to snowboard with your friends.”
“You didn’t start snowboarding for a medal or a video part or even to become a professional. I think you started snowboarding because you really really enjoyed being on that board and making turns.”
“If you really want to get good at riding powder lines you have to put everything else aside.”
“I was riding for Flow and they didn’t like the idea of me focusing on videos and not contests…. I rode for flow sense I was 14 years old.”
“The guys were telling me, that’s no good (about Flow bindings), but I was like they are my sponsor.”
“If you really like something a lot and you put a lot of time in it you will be able to do something with it.”
“Learning tricks for me was really hard at first.”
“Learning how to really turn your snowboard is probably the best trick that you’ll ever learn….”
“You can’t hurry nature, weather comes when it comes.”

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