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Episode #60

We recorded this episode shortly after the Rome Founders Episode. Aj was patched in via Skype - I sat down with Matt Stillman, Mike Paddock and Devun Fernandez. We drank Pennsylvania's finest brews and discussed:

  • How The Degenerati came to be
  • Controversial Graphics
  • Office pranks
  • Weed culture in snowboarding
  • Energy drinks
  • The flesh offering 
  • Jeff Hopkins on blast
  • Fishtails and ice augers
  • Bass Holes
  • Vermont mud season
  • The boards
  • The Cult Compound
  • The Gremlins Episode
  • Green Mountain Pickles and a secret clubhouse
  • The Degen squad 
  • Splitboarding and the human condition.
  • Bucket Mouse

Follow on insta: @thedegenerati 



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Some quotes from the episode: 

"I think those guys were like the degenerate illuminate - they just knew all things dirtbag.” 
“We came up with the food pyramid of bad kid stuff.”
“Drink deeply, live freely deviate and discover.” 
“We did an entire series based on serial killers.” 
“They didn’t like the Gangplank - because the base said, gang.” 
“It turned into a passion project for us - we were given the opportunity to work on this (The Degenerati) during our own time.”
“I could hear a fart from a mile away in this office.” 
“…it started on a coaches jacket.” 
“Paddock, I think your car’s on fire!” 
“I think that stigma of it (weed) as being a rebellion thing is gone.” 
“…Slopestyle bong hits post-X-Games run.” 
“Everything in snowboarding is so image conscious - along with skate and surf. We can smell bullshit a mile away.” 
“I can smell weed right now!” 
“It’s a start-up mentality. There’s no sense dumping a ton of money into something that’s unproven…. We did what we could with the resources we were provided.” 
“It’s a pyramid scheme!”  
“Yo Dev - you get your (fishing) license? Nah, I’m not that worried about it.” 
“We’ll fish before work. I fish on my lunch break. We’ll fish after work.” 
"We’re slowly trying to become the hill people.” 
“It’s muddy as hell here - you gotta have your shit kickers.” 
“We had an elaborate plan for the unveiling… that involved robes, a bum barrel fire, and sacrifices…” 
“Riding powder and fly fishing are very similar in my mind…” 
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Episode #59

Today we chat with the founders of Rome Snowboards, Paul Maravetz and Josh Reid . Paul and Josh share the story behind leaving Burton and founding Rome, they discuss guerrilla marketing tactics that were directly inspired by Shepard Fairey, their share their love for European resort pow we touch on their thoughts on industry wide pricing challenges and much more.

Photo Credit for featured image: Shem Roose

Follow Paul and Josh on Instagram at: @romefounders

Details on the second annual The Not Snowboarding Podcast Camp:



TNSP CAMP dates will be March 2nd - 6th, Bear Valley Mountain, California. *Not BIG BEAR in SoCal.

If you're looking to fly in - book flights to Sacramento arriving on the 2nd - no later than 3:00PM PST (if you want to be picked up). Departing flights on the 6th no earlier than noon (if you want to be dropped off).

Pricing is $430 per person = airport pickup/drop, 3 days lifts (Sat,Sun & Monday), lodging, one vegan dinner, house stocked with basic breakfast items, snacks, beer and Unlimited side/backcountry options right out of the door. TNSP party favors and there's more in the works.

$200.00 (non refundable) deposit due on December 1st.

Let me know if you have interest in attending and/or any questions via email:



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This episode's topics include:

Rome’s roots in friendship and snowboarding
Getting certified to ride in the 80's and 90's
Dealer Councils
Board design and The Agent
Stiffness vs. price
Launching Rome in 2002 - how Shepard Fairy influenced their marketing
Gorilla snowboard marketing
God Bless Snowboarding
Balancing the friendship and business relationships
Nate applies for a job at Rome
The Burton rumor
Snowboard design
Listener questions
European lodge
Sales cycles
Sneaky Powder Days
Getting kids on snow
Props to Burton on the riglet parks and LTR program
The Lodge and the European office
Spray Skiers
Quotes from the episode: 
We bought a couple of cheap computers and eventually went for it.” -Josh 
“There’s Kemper, Look, Sims and Burton - there’s too man companies in the industry…”-Josh
“There weren’t a lot of other brands that really drew us in at the time…. the other point was how big the ski companies were at the time.” -Paul
“The ski industry was slow to embrace snowboarding.”-Josh
“We officially started paying ourselves and other people here in November of 2002.”-Josh
“…. the boards were all designed around a size 8 foot. The average size in America is 10.5.” -Paul 
“To hear that a graphic is good or a graphic is bad from the people that have to sell it is huge.”-Josh
“I can make a super expensive board soft or stiff - it doesn't cost an iota more.” -Paul
“Before 2004, we didn’t have any money to advertise at all.”-Josh
“We don’t have any money to advertise in a magazine… So we made our own magazine and advertised in it.” -Josh
“Taking the step to start doing fun shit together again.”-Josh
“It’s so much easier to disagree when we fundamentally get along.”-Josh
“Weekly meetings get scheduled after 10…. On powder days meetings get moved back.” -Paul 
“We don’t have any connection with them (Burton), we both worked there and we did stuff well early on. I think that fueled the rumor.” -Josh
“Shift deliveries later an hold price longer…. We can’t uninvent Christmas.”-Josh
“There’s all these structural barriers for young kids in snowboarding.” -Paul
“If you have the free time and it’s fitting over there (Europe), in terms of resort riding (Alaska not included) it’s the best in the world…. You can scare the shit out of yourself inbounds.”-Josh
“We do feel that a snowboard company should be owned by snowboarders.”-Josh
“It’s a rounding error… Snowboarding’s not giving us (Nike) the return.” -Paul 
“You can’t just sit there and plan forever…”-Josh
“When we started, nobody was telling us that it’s a good time, except one guy.” -Paul


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Episode # 58
I was first introduced to Nick and his twin brother Chris by my friend Justin Majeczky who was filming the Nick and Chris in the Tahoe area about six years ago. He said, "you should sponsor these dudes, they’re winning every contest out here."
Since then, Nick and I have stayed in touch, but mostly through the internet or text. We’d occasionally get to chat a bit in person at Seven Springs if our paths crossed, but I didn't really get to know Nick well until I drove across country with him last fall - we get into that road trip, his relationship with his twin brother, the secret to instagram success in snowboarding and a very sobering story about being jailed in Japan for 27 days.
As a quick note, as you’ll hear at the start of the podcast - this was recorded during the first Podcast Camp at Seven Springs - link to David Zemens article on the camp. If you have interest in attending next year’s TNSP Camp - please listen to the end of this episode for more info.
Follow Nick on Instagram for more amazing POV shots and videos like these:
Topics discussed:
Winter snowfall 16/17 in Tahoe
Living in an MTV Trap House
Driving across the country with Nate
Nick’s decision making logic
Thoughts on growing up and finding individuality as a twin
Thoughts on money
Ian’s ability to decipher Instagram content
The secret to Instagram success in snowboarding
POV GoPro filming
Controlling his own content production timeline
What it takes to get the shot
Video editing in the blood
Breaking down jumps
Learning skateboarding through trick tip videos
The key to the 1080
Backflips and chicks - the flip frenzy!
Locked up in Japan for 27 days and staying positive about the experience
Pictures and videos from TNSP Camp at Seven Springs:
Kayla was one of three girls at Camp... She ripped harder than many of the dudes.
AJ mini-golf tree pose Mike Talley Photo
DJ ate all the bananas - many of them he didn't even have to bite once!
I rode David Z's vintage GNU - Fast as hell and little to no sidecut. It was a blast!
I rode David Z's vintage GNU - Fast as hell and little to no sidecut. It was a blast!
I caught up with part of the gang at lunch and made them pose for a group picture. It was hard to get a couple of them to come out of the bar...
I caught up with part of the gang at lunch and made them pose for a group picture. It was hard to get a couple of them to come out of the bar...
Zack had a blown knee but he still powered through this tail press.
Zack had a blown knee but he still powered through this tail press.
DJ found a huge snowbank - so he posed for a picture with Colleen. He was using this as evidence of the massive amounts of snow on the backside #fakenews
DJ found a huge snowbank - so he posed for a picture with Colleen. He was using this as evidence of the massive amounts of snow on the backside #fakenews
Rayna killed it in The Streets - look out for her full part coming soon!
Rayna killed it in The Streets - look out for her full part coming soon!
Last day of camp - the sun came out!
Last day of camp - the sun came out!
Quotes from the episode:
"A lot of kids have been jumping off the lift into the halfpipe this year."
“My name’s DJ and my truck is still stuck at Assateague.”
“Every time I come home to Virginia - it’s calming.”
“A lot of people ended up knowing us as "the twins" - I’ve realized now that it became a hinderance.”
“We did everything the same up until three and a half years ago.”
“A lot of people go through life and they feel lonely, but they don’t admit it…”
"Knowing somebody so well that you know everything, just by one quick glance.”
“My problem is learning just to be ok with being you… as long as you didn’t die you learned something.”
“I hate money… We can’t eat it, we can’t roll a joint with it.. (DJ - I think we can)”
“The first fifty to one hundred videos I put out didn’t get a lot of views.”
“I’m not going to warm up with a back 10 and then go do a back 3…”
“You do a back 10 perfect and it feels like a straight air…. I consider it a petty safe and easy trick”
“I’m gonna get girls if I can do a backflip.”
“I made a really stupid choice…”
“No socks, no shoes no bed - the only walking I did was in a an eight by ten cell.”
“I lost twenty five pounds and I was already skinny.”
“Handcuffed to your waist and your feet with six police officers…”
“I will always be a skateboarder.”
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Episode #57
For this episode we sat down with Avran Lefeber during the SIA trade show in Denver. Avran is the founder of the longest running independent snowboard review website, The Angry Snowboarder.
We hear his thoughts on the SIA trade show which I’ll give a quick trigger warning for industry folks listening - he pulls no punches. On the other hand as you likely know, the SIA show was recently purchased by Outdoor Retailer, so in some way Avran’s thoughts on this may have been vindicated by the marketplace.
We also get into his reading habits, workflow, Russian hacking, just in time learning verses the legacy education system and how that applies to staying relevant in the digital world, dating in a ski town, how to get banned for life from Vail Resorts, and much more.
This episode touches on the following topics:
  • SIA and the state of trade shows.
  • Avran's love for swivel bindings
  • Denver VS. Las Vegas for SIA
  • Made in Japan (Justin at Old Man Berkins Bookstore) - the Sony story.
  • Reading books - Barb and the girls at the Breckenridge Library
  • The Four Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss 
  • Thoughts on college and making time for reading.
  • Fighting with his brother.
  • Turing his home town into a cult or burning it down
  • Book writing - How to be a snowboard bum sucessfully
  • Tinder VS. Bumble - “dating” in a ski town.
  • How to get banned from Vail Resorts
  • Getting fired and going full bore on Angry Snowboarder.
  • The struggle of working at and living at a resort
  • Product reviews
  • Wordpress hacking
  • Is Twitter still relevenat - Snapchat and Insta
  • Blogging’s peak and how to adjust and survive
  • Fake Tinder Accounts and Sock Puppets
  • Ask a Black Snowboarder with Marcus Stevens 
  • Is Beaver Creek the whitest resort in America?
  • System for video producion
  • The YouTube Creators Academy
  • Subtle lingustic ninja moves
  • Pickle Dicks and Snow Carnies
  • The History of Snowboarding FB group
  • How being the designated driver led him to get rid of his drivers license.
  • Near death spleen injury
  • Celebrity Death Match on Morphine
  • Hospital sponge baths
  • Avran’s favorte boards
  • Developing the Marhar Lumberjack  

Quotes from this episode:

"This is the smallest SIA for snowboarding I’ve ever seen…and I’ve done 12 or 13” 
“When you walk in you have to go through the ski side - which is like dead mans zone.” 
“They have death valley - where they put all the crappy brands that will be out of business by fall.” 
“This is the the most pathetic SIA I’ve ever seen, thank god it will be my last….I’m just going to go to on snow.” 
“Trade shows for me have changed so much” 
“It’s the biggest industry circle jerk…I used to have to register as a fake buyer or go to Kinkos and copy a badge.” 
“I don’t drink because I’m missing organs and stuff.” 
“Fuck SIA. I’m over it.” 
“The regional shows are destroying SIA.” 
“We have most of our buying done by the beginning of January (at The Lumber Yard in Breckenridge).” 
“Sony tried to make plasma TV’s in 1982.” 
“You gotta keep your mind fresh, you’ve gotta be reading.” 
“I’m banned from Breckenridge..”  
“I have a photographic memory… and I also have an audio graphic memory.”  
“We’ll if you’ve ever been to where I’m from there’s nothing exciting about it - that town should just burn to the ground.” 
“Amoxicillin is a great drug.” 
“Theres not a lot of dating in ski town, but there’s lots of adult sleep overs.” 
“I’m just contemplating what would be worse, having nipples for thumbs or dildos for fingers.” 
“You supplex one person in the lift line and you’re the asshole.” 
“I’ve watched Vail ruin the mountain for locals.” 
“Amazon Prime and commitment.” 
“I started Angry on September 11th.” 
“Like a steak knife fucked a banana and it was a piece of shit (first skate banana review).” 
“A fat cat doesn’t hunt.” 
“Anyone can start a snowboard website… How far are you willing to take it?” 
“I got hacked by Russia and they turned my site into a viagra porn store.” 
“You’re a cock juggling thunder cunt.” 
“I’m actually a really private person.” 
“I don’t have a spleen.” 
“My brother has about 10,000 photo’s from the US OPEN around 92-94.” 
“I’ve been hit by four cars..” 
“KY tastes awful… they check for internal bleeding by putting a finger in your ass.” 
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Thanks in advance -Nate and AJ 
 Right click here to download the episode
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Episode #56
[app_audio src=""]
Nate and AJ got to sit down, in person with Joe Sexton during the Parts and Labor all snowboarding trade show in Denver. 
Peep Joe's new 1817 edit: 




Communicate Directly with Joe at his Tumblr page: or stay up on insta: JoeSexton1817
This episode covers: 
VX Filming 
The first Double Cork 
Why Parts & Labor as opposed to SIA 
Building Public quickly 
Thoughts on brand marketing and the art direction of Public 
Jason Borgestede’s business questions to Joe 
Being burned by a pro snowboarder as a kid and the impact that it had on him
Facebook Live questions: David Thacker of Thacker’s Transmission 
How Bradshaw got on Public 
The power of language 
The board development process at Public 
The Jed Anderson question 
Leaving StepChild Snowboards 
Listener questions (Halldor, Alex Dunn AKA - BLOWUP Skateboards,  Jason Borgstede, Noah Vincent, Mike Happy Bauer, Daniel Cochrane, Cody Nesbit)
Thoughts on the future of street snowboarding 
Hitting his head resulting in a TBI 
Snoring and sleep talking 
Minnesota snowboarding 
How your outfit impacts your snowboarding 
The importance of family 
Growing up with a twin brother
Facebook pokes and phone hacking  
Crashing JP Walker’s motorcycle
Don Brown and the tough guy shot
Send artwork and VHS tapes to:
Backcountry snowboarding with Sean Johnson 
Quotes from the episode: 
“If you try it and if fails, at least you tried it.” 
“A lot of younger kids can fire up a great text conversaion, but when you see them in real life you can hardly get a word out of em.” 
“There’s been some talks - Jed’s a good friend.” 
"We have a team board called the General Public - that one has two wide sizes.”
“There’s something cool about 3am with the generator on.” 
“If I’m not feeling it - it’s ok to walk away. I need to listen to my body more.” 
“For like two weeks -the whole world would spin and then I’d throw up.” 
“That’s the hard thing with injuries, you have to get obsess with being patient.” 
“When I lived at that house I was such a pile.” 
“I don’t want to sit on a chairlift for a half hour and go down the hill once. I want to ride a rope tow for an hour and a half and feel like I’ve been there all day.” 
“If my pants are a certain size and I wear some that are one centimeter bigger, I’m like, I have baggy pants on.” 
“I like to be a able to tell people how I feel and not hold anything back.” 
“I don’t have a Facebook… There was a fake one of me though.” 
“Getting a compliment from guys that you really look up to is kind of the end goal.” 
"When JodyHighroller (Riff Raff) face palmed me - that was a bit aggressive." 
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Episode #55

Cover photo shot by: Alban Jehlen Photography

So how to describe victor - he's a Frenchman, a student working on his master's degree, he's a surfer, a skydiver, a photographer  and most of all he's someone that has tapped into the ability to appreciate every second that he is experiencing in life. To quote Victor, "I'm a city boy, but I love camping, I love hiking, I love sleeping in sketchy igloos... I don't care.... Snowboarding is my true passion."

This episode is brought you by Hovland Snowskates Click Here to skate the mountain!

Hovland Snowskates

Join Nate this weekend for the first ever Oakley Berming Man Banked Slalom contest in Snowshoe West Virginia. Click below to learn more:

Berming Man Banked Slalom


Quotes from this episode:

“Fuck Red Bull!”

“They bring alot of money onto our industry - for some stuff they do great. But for all that - to sell more poison, don’t forget it!”

“Snowboarding is not that cool anymore - we passed the cool trend… The snowboarders who are left are way more core and cool.”

“I cried five times the first time I watched it from laughing so hard.”


“The other Victor had to spit on my face.”

“Life is a kind of game and we’re all paling the same game.”

"On this life you never know - anything can happen.”

“I’m really passionate about building jumps. It’s like a kid game - you build your castle and then you play inside.”

“Because I dress a little bit nicer all my friends are calling me dandy.”

“In general, in snowboarding, people love to make fun of each other.”

"We'll need to find some more Grandmas..."

"I have some really tragic memories of POGS games.....your kid was just a looser!"

"I went to a funeral last week and I want to shoot funerals - the vibe was kind of weird."

"Snowboarding is a real passion for me - it's not a job."

"I did an internship with Nixon (marketing)... I don't think I can work in an office all of my life."

"We have one life, we need to live every fucking second."

"I realized that I'm not scared to die. Life is made up of birth and death and between both you have to enjoy as much as possible."

"I'm not really into religion at all.... When you see all of the wars for religion - it's retarded."

"We're all gonna die."

"First rule at UNO, UNO is a bitch."


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Thanks in advance -Nate and AJ 
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GBP / Gremlins | Burning Man | Sababa Land | Gold Mining | The Awakening

Episode #54

AJ joins Nico, Dylan, Josh, The Kid, Tyler and Max - Nate joins in via Skype and they go right into discussing how to purchase and sell arms on the global market!

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out! 




This episode is brought to you by Seven Springs Mountain Resorts. Join Nate and AJ at Seven Springs for the first TNSP Camp on February 24th -26th.

Check out their Rails to Rails package:

Bed, shred and breakfast just got more affordable than ever! Our seven progressive parks have something for everyone to enjoy, with 70+ features including jumps, jibs and the ONLY 22’ Superpipe in the East. Seven Springs’ premier parks are calling your name! Slide a handrail and into our bedrails with the Rails to Rails Lodging Package. 

This episode covers:
War Dogs and
Anonymous hackers
Little Buddy Heaters and the Dakota Pipeline
The Bus stories and veggie oil logistics
Commodities trading
Mayan Calendar and 2012
Sababa Land
Gold mining and sluice boxes
Redneck games and splitting wood

Handling the rattlesnake situation

Poison Oak parties
Human trafficing into Burning Man
Surfing and not being able to swim
Splitboarding with Tanner Hall and Moss
Brunch with Bernard Sanders
Hillary vs Trump
Mike Happy Bauer - “What does Miggs do?”
Sustainiblity and permaculture
How to build your own GBP crew
The Awakening

Quotes from this episode:

"The price of oil is going up and down because they know a changes is coming… It’s all speculators.”
“We just had to get back to Vermont for the end of the world.”
“The reality of growing enough food - you’ve got to be set-up.”
“I think you make like ten dollars an hour on the average day of gold mining.”
“Next Gremlin Games - Axe Throwing?”
“We had to kill three rattlesnakes, the first one was in the shower.”
“Most of us don’t eat meat.”
“There’s no animals to fear in Vermont.”
“You’ve never been to Burning Man, but you have this bus?!? This is a Burning Man Bus!”
“Paddling out is the hardest part.”
“Splitboarding - I had never skied… I just crossed tips and fell over.”
“If you’re a friend, it doesn't even matter (skiing).”
“He was the only person against the Iraq war.”
“Donald Trump has no friends.”
“As much as people might like a Facebook page - they need to get out and vote.”
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Ted Borland | BoneZone | Trifecta | Chainsaw Safety | Brighton | Cobra Dogs

Episode #53

AJ and Nate will be out in Denver at the trade shows at the end of this month. If you're a retailer - come visit us at Parts and Labor 

This episode is brought to you by Seven Springs Mountain Resorts. Join Nate and AJ at Seven Springs for the first TNSP Camp on February 24th -26th.

Check out their Rails to Rails package:

[shadowbox]Bed, shred and breakfast just got more affordable than ever! Our seven progressive parks have something for everyone to enjoy, with 70+ features including jumps, jibs and the ONLY 22’ Superpipe in the East. Seven Springs’ premier parks are calling your name! Slide a handrail and into our bedrails with the Rails to Rails Lodging Package.  [/shadowbox]

AJ loves Seven Springs and he also loves selfies - here's a video he made about both:




AJ met up with Ted and did some manual labor at the BoneZone and then sat down at Ted's place for this discussion.
We chatted about:
Why Ted puts avocados in smoothies
Soy Sauce Nation Nirvana Ortanez (Ted's GF)
Working on the BoneZone early season
Cool Logs
AJ helps move logs in the BoneZone
Log types and names
BoneZone LOGistists
BoneZone riding wisdom
Old BoneZone protocall
The Original BoneZone crew and how the BoneZone came to be
Cat and mouse with  the Police
Chainsaw safety or lack thereof.
Brighton got purchased
Brighton webcams
The Bone Cam
Scaling the BoneZone
The BoneZone Chainsaw collab
Tall guy issues
Why Ted hates the internet (not really) - Bundy Vision 
Skateboarders' Instagrams
Spot Detectives - social media dectives
Spot sabotage
DVD vs. VHS vs. Streaming
Video editing
Apple holes
Van Life
Roof Box talk
The Trifecta (Snowboard, Skate and Surf in the same day)
LibTech Surf discussion
Ted’s board got run over by a semi truck
The Six Three Mafia
Listener questions
Meme culture and dark humor
Cool jobs
Life lessons from food service
Cobra Dogs and the Govy Ninja
Jeff Holce the Athlete
Louis loses his balls
Boardsliding knobbed rails
Nate forgets his computer charger
Snowboard prom
The snowboarding video business evolution
Ted Talks and Ted Bundy
Growing up in Pennsylvania skiing and transitioning to snowboarding
Skier’s VS. Snowboarders
Quotes from the episode:
“There’s one chainsaw, one hammer - so it’s kinda hard to have people help.,,,Moving logs is a huge help!”
“Not everyone just dives into a boardslide (on wood), but every now and then it happens - people catch and edge and eat shit.”
“…It’s like boning so it’s kinda funny.”
“Welp - everything is chopped down (by the Forest Service).”
“I barely touched the chaps (with the chainsaw) - I was like glad I was wearing chaps.”
“There’s so much that people could see as being wrong with the BoneZone - luckily, Brighton has cool people.”
“This year we have two zones on Brighton.”
“We build everything so that it’s moveable - if people want to move things that’s fair game.”
“We just want to get people psyched to go snowboarding - that’s the main goal.”
“I didn’t know shit about chainsaws last year - we used em so irresponsibly.”
“I’ll just make DVD’s and hand em out to my friends”
“It’s so hard to figure out the whole like instant social media vs. saving things for a part… There’s no right way.”
“Better not post that. Better not leak that. Don’t post that - we don’t want people to know where we are today.”
“So many people are guilty of this - they go to spot and see that it was set-up and then they try to see who was there… Alright, what does that boot print say? Is that a 32 logo? SPOT DETECTIVES!”
“I’ve been into video editing since like sophomore year of highschool.”
"Me and Nirvana lived in the van all summer up at Hood.”
“I’m six four - she’s five two.”
“The van is ballin on a budget. I bought it for 1300… I’ve done over 30K miles across the country twice and no issues - knock on wood.”
“I think everyone should work in a restaurant at some point.”
“Don’t be mark, don’t be buster and defiantly don’t be a mark ass buster.”
“I thought - nobody’s really done a board slide through a knobbed rail.”
“There’s a glory hole in the bathroom!”
“No joke, my former roommate is dating Amy Schumer”
“I skied until I was eleven. I was a racer, but I didn’t wear speedos or anything.”
“I really like surfing, but I get my ass kicked out there.”

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Joel Rerko | Seven Springs | Superpark | Laurel Mountain | US Open | Wakesurfing

Episode #52

Paul and I trucked it up Joel’s office to talk with Joel about park building, his unique path in the industry, motorcycle racing, the Pittsburg surf scene, Laurel Mountain, and much more.

We also got a surprise visit from an earlier podcast guest, Jon Kramer.


This episode is brought to you by Seven Springs Mountain Resorts  

Bed, shred and breakfast just got more affordable than ever! Our seven progressive parks have something for everyone to enjoy, with 70+ features including jumps, jibs and the ONLY 22’ Superpipe in the East. Seven Springs’ premier parks are calling your name! Slide a handrail and into our bedrails with the Rails to Rails Lodging Package.



Package Includes:

  • – One night’s lodging
  • – A limited edition Seven Springs Parks & Pipes t-shirt
  • – Unlimited skiing/snowboarding at Seven Springs from 4 p.m. the day of your arrival until close the day you check-out
  • – Breakfast each morning
  • – Overnight ski/snowboard check
  • – Access to the indoor swimming pool and fitness center

For more information or to make your reservations, please call (866) 437-1300.



The Streets at Seven Springs
The Streets at Seven Springs
Springs Snowboarder Cover
Seven Springs Parks are FIRE
Springs Forum Build
Super clean!

This episode covers:

Ski Patrol

Joel's background




Starting new trends in snowboarding

Getting top down commitment to make a great park and pipe

Gaining national recognition for the snowboard parks at Seven Springs

Paul gushes about how much he loves Springs (Nate and AJ agree)

Woking in the skateboarding industry pressing skateboards

First time in a snow cat

Working hand crew at Keystone

Working with Snow Park Technologies 

Chris Gunnarson and jump science

How SPT helps off the snow as much as on

The secret of Seven Springs success

Starting at the bottom and working up.

Working hand in hand with the other departments on the mountain

Jon Kramer visits because he heard that we would be shooting guns.

Joel’s most impressive build ever.

The back story to Superpark at Seven Springs 

When builds go bad and perfectionism

How snowboard park building is actually construction

Tremble units and man cards

Laurel Mountain 

The perfect halfpipe

Taking smaller features and making them look huge

Paul wears diapers - bathroom breaks

Enduro Motorcycle racing

Wake Surfing / River Surfing

Listener questions:

Does Tom Dickey still have a job?

Why does Seven Springs not have a skatepark?

When will the Wagner headwall become an official terrain park?

Colleen Musson - please bring the apple grogs back to the top lodge.

Who is the best contest announcer ever?

The Angry Snowboarder asks….

Scott Darr - Why not more snake runs and hold bowls set-ups.

Transworld TransAM

Seven Springs world record

The Motown Throwdown

Nate in the Seven Springs Superpipe: 

Quotes from the episode:

"We’ve always had a great staff, besides AJ!” 


“I worked there (retail) for about seven days, but I really wanted to be a outside.”


“We have support (for the parks) from the top down.”


“Seven Springs is never going to grow 1000 feet vertical… There’s no reason why our terrain parks can’t be as good as anyone’s in the country.”


“I really try to build everything like a skatepark.”


“I want to travel, build rad jumps and run a tractor.”


“The building of the terrain parks is one of the easier things at this point. It’s hiring the right staff, logging what you’re doing, testing the features, involving ski patrol, snowmaking - there’s so much behind the scenes…”


"My second Super Park, I think I worked 48 hours straight.”


“Don’t say anything, but we’re having Superpark here.” -Paul


“I got my man card pulled.” -Jon Kramer


“We’re not gonna have 40 foot halfpipes.”


“It’s a lot easier to leave the hip connected than it is to put the channel in it… you have to clear that 20 foot gap.”


“You can build the greatest feature on the world and if the riders don’t succeed - you might as well not have even of built it.”


"Riding dirt bikes on terrain that you shouldn’t ride dirt bikes on.”


“I wish I had a mini snowcat.”

Shooting guns after the podcast:



Post podcast adventures!


A video posted by #TNSP (@thenotsnowboardingpodcast) on Nov 2, 2016 at 9:32pm PDT


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Will Ritter | Spark R&D | 3D Printing | Scaling Up | Parenting | Splitboarding


Episode #51

In this episode we connect with Will Ritter, Founder of Spark R&D Splitboard Bindings  to discuss family, parenting, entrepreneurship, scaling a business, problem solving, education, rapid prototyping and of course splitboarding. 

Shout out to Dan Ventura  for connecting us with Will. Check out the newly launched Spark R&D podcast here:

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Rado Racks - a handmade elegant way to store all of your boards: Use the discount code TNSP for FREE SHIPPING

Prices start as low as $50.00!

Rado Racks
Rado Racks make the perfect gift for the boarder on your gift list.

This episode covers the following topics:

Family dinner at the Ritter house
Parenting skills
Baby Sylvia’s premature birth story 
Limiting screen time and reading with the kids 
3D printing and computer assisted design (CAD)
Scaling up a business 
3d printed pancakes 
Rapid prototyping 
April Fools pranks 
Working with his wife, Becca Ritter. 
Sharing a shop with Tyler Jaroz of 26 products 
Killing birds with wind turbines in college 
Getting a Masters Degree at MSU Bozeman 
Trials and error - Danny Harrison 
Skype Drop 
The initial Spark 
Apple iPod 
Market reserach
Split-boarding fitness   
The story behind the name Spark R&D 
Updates on the binding line 
The wammy bar 
Backcountry sketchy situations 
Avalanche Safety 
Will and Becca Ritter
Will and Becca Ritter


Quotes from this episode:

"Dinner time manners are something we’re trying to work on at the Ritter house.
"The two year old will throw food across the house.
“Kids are just programed to find out where the boundaries are… As their parent - they’re always experimenting on you.
“We crash landed into parent hood.”  
“The screens come in handy - it’s like you hit the deactivate button on your kids…” 
“They’re smart, they know how to steal a phone and unlock it (the 2 and 4 year olds).”
“Getting my Masters really taught me how to get into a big problem, slice it into small problems and go after the small problems.” 
“If there’s something you want to do - just start doing it…. There’s a small step you could take every day…” 
“If you want to get after something epic - you’re going to have to work for it.” 
“For us, it’s always been about how much more of this can we do ourselves”
“The mega growth can be a huge problem - you can grow yourself to death.”  
“You gotta take your hands off the wheel a little bit when you have people working for you.” 
“I’m a former park rat from Minnesota.” 
“I lost my Ice landing steez out here pretty fast.”
“The day I turned 30, I was out (splitboarding) with some friends…. As soon as we dropped in, everything just started sliding out… I went in the washing machine and was buried up to my waist.”  


Want to help the podcast grow? Just click the banner ad below before shopping on Amazon and the podcast will receive a small commission from your purchases at no cost to you. Thanks in advance -Nate and AJ 

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Eero Ettala | Cycling | Simple Pleasures | Thriftiness | Knees | Fast Food

Episode #50 

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Rado Racks - handmade elegant way to store all of your boards: Use the discount code TNSP for FREE SHIPPING

Prices start as low as $50.00!

Rado Racks
Rado Racks make the perfect gift for the boarder on your gift list.
Eero is  someone that choose to carve his own path in snowboarding (pardon the pun), by branching out on his own projects such as his tv show tracking Eero or his web series cooking with gas. From our discussion with Eero, I can tell that he’s calculated, organized and a planner - the process that he describes going through for each trick at street spot was eye opening to me! It’s a very time consuming, focused methodology, I don’t want to ruin it, but I’ll just say that he does not pull up to a spot, shovel some snow and decide what to do.
Eero tells us about cycling 100 miles a day for seven days in a row, the state of his knee injuries, his favorite junk food. We also get into why Eero's backing the preferred swimming attire of the European Union.
Follow Eero on Instagram here:




Topics from this episode include:


Road biking 

Getting into snowboarding in Finland 
Hard work 
Heikki Sorsa
Iikka Backstrom 
Lauri Heiskari
Helping Jaakko Ojanen get on Red Bull 
Getting sponsored by Oakley as a kid 
Getting on Nitro in 2001 
Thoughts on Burton’s past team decisions 
Why he can only bend his knees half way 
Pain management 
Listeners questions 
Fast food 
Social Media 
The switch board slide double under flip in Ender
His relationship with his photographer, Pasi Salminen
Cooking with Gas 
How to swear in Finnish 

Quotes from this episode:

“It seems like in the US the beer is a lot lighter - which is good for hangovers.”
“We did a charity cycling event, we were raising money for kid suffering for cancer. We cycled 10200 Kilometers in seven days…. it’s a hundred miles a day."
“I really started road cycling like two years ago.”
"We took a boat from Helsinki to Trollman Germany and then we circled form there to Paris”
“It’s such a good exercise for my knees (cycling).”
“I’ve never had a flat tire.”
“The better bicycle you had the more time you’re going to spend on it.”
“I never buy anything if I don’t really need it. I always put thoughts behind it… I usually don’t buy useless crap.”
"We have so much crap anyways - I don’t need or want anything unless it’s really going to make my life better.”
"If I want to go snowboarding this (Simple Pleasures) is one of the movies that gets me the most hyped.”
“…I feel like Nitro is a very loyal company.”
“Still when I think of Heikki, I think of Burton.”
“It’s pretty painful after a long flight - when I have to get up and try to walk a little bit it kind of sucks.”
“I don’t have an ACL in the left knee right now.”
“I’ve had six knee surgeries so far and three ACL’s, now four… and two meniscus.”
“I only eat painkillers when I’m shooting - it makes me feel more flexible than I am.”
“I play a lot of squash and swimming and cycling and skating.”
“I feel like if I play squash then I can eat whatever I want, pizza and burgers… I probably have the worst diet out of any pro athlete.”
“Fish, I hate the fish - the texture the taste, I hate it.”
“Social media is almost as important as snowboarding now a days.”
“The older I get the more summer I need.”
“I’m the most proud of video parts, people always think X-games, but video parts are like five months of work.”
“I always need to have a solid plan - I can’t go to a spot and decide what to do at the spot…. I have to go there before and visualize it before I go do it.”
“The riskier and bigger the tricks are - the easier they are to get because you have to send it.”
“There’s a lot of photog’s that are never ready, but Pasi always gets the photo - it’s been a pleasure working with him.”
“I feel like if you film for a movie and you’re one  of the 16 people - you’re helping the film, but you’re not really helping yourself.”
“The actual last time I bought clothing was 20 years ago - it’s going to be shocking when I quit snowboarding - I’ll have to pay for stuff!”
“If I go swimming, I go in Speedos… I don’t want (especially) American people to know that I wear Speedos.”
“The first time I put on the spandex - I was like F* I look ridiculous.”
“I think in past years, I’ve been too organized - it takes the fun out of snowboarding.”

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Right Click here to download the episode:

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Sven Thorgren | Dry Slope NBD | Bondi | MIPS | Gun Control | Ice Bath

Sven is one of the younger dudes we’ve chatted with on the podcast - he’s 22, from Sweden and he’s probably one more contests than the average 22 year old competitive snowboarder has even entered. We catch up with Sven over Skype during some down time while he was recovering from an injury which he explains in the episode. We also discuss his relationship with his sponsors, his aspirations to become a pilot, the olympics, dropping a never been done on dry slope and much more. 


Sven’s Skype Picture 
New Era in the US vs. in Europe 
GoPro voice control 
Robot’s take over the world
Surfing in Bondi Beach 
The GoPro commercial 
Knee injury 
Helments & MIPS technology 
Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories 
Christmas Ice Bath 
Snowboarding at 7 years old 
Cross country ski racing Stale Snadbach 
Stockholm Snowboarding Syndrome 
Getting his first sponsor 
Snowboarding high school 
Moving away at 15 years old
The Olympics, FIS
Gun control 
Milk Cartons
Dave TV / The Unbreakables 
How to do the DrySlope Loop 
Remote control plans 
Flying goals
People riding drones 
Sven’s new website 
Getting the middle seat on a plane 
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Jon Kramer & Jason Smith | Heavy Metal Motorsports | Rally | The Art of The Flick | Co-Driving | Board Tuning | Expert Class

Episode #48

While AJ was home for a few days this summer we drove it up to Jon’s house for the day with the intent of recording a podcast. Little did we know that we’d be in for one of the most fun days of our lives. When we got to Jon’s he asked if we should record the episode before or after going out for a few laps in his rally car..... AJ and I both said "after!"
I’ve been lucky enough to be able to get to know Jon and Jason over the years via their roles in the industry and from their preexisting friendship with Tim and Mal from Pitcrew.
Jason and Jon get deep into many aspects of racing rally cars - they share stories from times that they’ve crashed, what it’s like to be a co-driver and what it takes to participate - Jon mentions that the driving is the easy part. About a third of the way through Jason has to leave and put the kids to bed and we change subjects a bit and get into snowboarding and business.
Check out Jon's Rally America bio and race history here: Rally America

This episode is brought to you by Let It Block Sunscreen  Let It Block is a mineral based paraben free sunscreen that both Nate and AJ use and 100% back. Nate recommends Goth Block for anyone that wants to protect their tattoos from the sun!   Use discount code "TNSP" for 40% off of two packages sunscreen or more (valid through the end of 2016).  

Let It Block - Sun DMC (SPF 30) Original Formula (SPF 30) and Goth Block (SPF 50)
Let It Block - Sun DMC (SPF 30) Original Formula (SPF 30) and Goth Block (SPF 50)
Jon wheels up!
Jon wheels up!

This episode covers the following topics:

  • The day of rally fun
  • AJ joins the PA rally scene
  • The electric car
  • How Rally driving compares with snowboarding
  • Nate and AJ’s experience riding along with Jon in the rally car
  • Co-driver’s role
  • Rally event logistics - stages.
  • Jon’s race stats
  • The Snow Drift rally
  • Wellsboro PA rally
  • The art of the flick
  • How Mal at Pitcrew influenced their passion rally
  • Rallycross
  • How Ali Goulet introduced Jon to rallycross
  • Seven Springs
  • Heavy Metal Racing
  • Wrecks and ruts - Jon’s first roll
  • Naturally aspirated verses turbo charged
  • Driving verses co-driving
  • Engine trouble
  • Pierre Wikberg / Ken Block
  • Jon’s obsession with camo
  • Engine swaps
  • Race prep
  • Brandon at All Wheels Driven in Wellsboro PA
  • Jay exits
  • Jon’s role at Hoonigan
  • Ken Block’s racing team
  • The Hoonicorn
  • Gymkhana
  • Nardwar
  • Killington
  • How to get paid for photo incentive when your sponsor is stingy
  • How to (not) tune a board
  • Flipping cars via the Baltimore abandoned vehicle auction
  • Listener questions:
    • Dave Thacker - Thacker’s Transmissions
    • Paul Horning
    • Jared Lantzy
    • Alex Dunn
    • John Leonard
  • Clutches
  • Superstition in racing and snowboarding
  • Blood Sweat and Grease Paint
  • The first 1080 into powder - Colin Lentz
  • Broken bones
  • Step-in bindings
  • "Expert class” - sharing advice on snow at just the right time.
  • AJ signs on with Hoonigan
  • Family vibes
  • Getting to the hill before noon...
  • East Coast/West Coast - Tupac and Biggie
  • Adventure-mobiles
    • Nate’s truck
    • 4wd minivans
      Jon Kramer SnoDrift Rally
      Jon at the Sno*Drift Rally

Quotes form the Episode:

"I hope you’re right - cause if not we’re going to go into a tree!” Jason Smith
“Right four over crest - five short.”
“The cool thing that I like about rally is the adventure in between - the time’s don’t always reflect what happened.”
"The snowdrift in Michigan - you’re going to go off the road.”
“You shift the weight of the car - like riding a snowboard.” Jason Smith
“It was a $400 car so I didn’t care about it - anytime it snowed, we’d attack the streets.”
“We’d get the $9.00 insurance on rental cars so that you could just drive it like a race car - I sent a car back on a flatbed, I won’t say where.”
“You’ve seen the roads around here, there’s no straight roads - it’s a rally to Seven Springs.”
“If it died, just light it on fire and leave it - when you pass that point where you no longer care, you can do some pretty cool things with it.”
“I’ve rolled three times - the first one was with Jay and we didn’t have a cage.”
“To do well in race you have to be close to wrecking.” Jason Smith
“Not bursting your bubble, but you’re a better driver than co-driver (Jon to Jay).”
“You see my car - this isn’t some high roller thing, I buy an engine for a couple hundred bucks at a junkyard.”
“I popped a tire, the front right, we had to go six miles more, but we won the stage… We just kept it pinned and kept going!”
"Carbon fiber is not my deal - I just don’t have a fancy car… I’d rather have people think that my car is turd and them beat them."
“Killington had the half pipe… We’d sleep in our cars.”
“I can part out a car in my head, just by looking at it - it’s a weird skill to have.”
“Typical Colin (Lentz) - he did an amazing run and then he was like, I’m good - got in the truck and left.”
“There was no easy way to try em - you had to use some else sweaty boots (step-ins).”
“Adventure is cool right now….Rally is that, your phone does not work, there’s snakes, there’s tic’s…”
“All my grade school teachers marked does not work well with others.”
“It was almost like, if you’re not from the east coast - we can’t hang out.”


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Gus Engle | Van Life | Hawaii | Music | Introspection | Dostoyevsky | Just For Men

Episode #47

AJ joins Nate in The Not Snowboarding Podcast studio (Nate's basement) and they connect with Gus via Skype to discuss a wide variety of topics. The conversation ranges from Russian literature to moose milk and everything in between.

The following words written by Matt Vantta back in 2012  (link to the full ESPN article) articulately describe Gus:

"Gus Engle is a true original, a bohemian lover of life that appears to be drawn right out of a Kerouac novel. His snowboard seems to be less an instrument of athletic progression and more like a paintbrush of a master. To really dig Engle's snowboarding you have to be open minded, because it's not manufactured and doesn't meet industry standards for how you're supposed to ride.

Based on our chat with Gus, I'd add: "Gus has a kind, authentic infectious energy and an appreciation for the beauty that lies in the subtleties of everyday life."  


This episode is brought to you by Let It Block Sunscreen  Let It Block is a mineral based paraben free sunscreen that both Nate and AJ use and 100% back. Nate recommends Goth Block for anyone that wants to protect their tattoos from the sun!   Use discount code "TNSP" for 40% off of two packages sunscreen or more (valid through the end of 2016).  

Let It Block - Sun DMC (SPF 30) Original Formula (SPF 30) and Goth Block (SPF 50)
Let It Block - Sun DMC (SPF 30) Original Formula (SPF 30) and Goth Block (SPF 50)
Nate's giving away these Vintage Sims Bindings, Size 10.5 32 Boots (used one season), Revenge of the Grenerds and Cue The Birds. To get this stuff just screenshot your receipt from your Let It Block purchase and email it to
Nate's giving away these Vintage Sims Bindings, Size 10.5 32 Boots (used one season), Revenge of the Grenerds and Cue The Birds. To get this stuff just screenshot your receipt from your Let It Block purchase and email it to
This episode covers: 
Moving to Canada and marrying a French Canadian - Estée Preda 
Literature and reading Dostoyevsky 
How Alaska shapes personalities  
Reading in French and learning the language 
Spending the winters in Hawaii and summers in Alaska as a kid
Coffee, tea and dark chocolate 
Milking soose 
Boogie boarding 
Jesse Burtner’s thoughts on Gus’s first skateboard
Skateboarding and snowboarding culture 
Cops VS. Skaters 
Skateboarding and snowboarding in Alaska 
The Think Thank movie - The Weather Outside is Weather 
The power of LOVE in human relationships  
Alone time for introspection 
Path to snowboarding professionally and dropping video parts  
Pozi Pozi - video embedded below 
Making music 
Sport vs. Art 
Surfing and contest scoring 
Van life and living in a VW Jetta 
Video Games in the X-Games 
City snowboarding guide service 
Managing life’s path
Filming with Think Thank vs. Videograss 
Snowboard graphics - Gus’s wife did the graphic for AJ’s board on Pseudo! 
Listener questions from: Jeremy Barker, Steve Lauder, Chas Truslow, Jeff Holce (The Athlete) 
Dave’s Killer Bread 
Vegan snowboarding boots (Nate's giving away a pair of vegan boots)
Consumerism and zero waste  




Quotes from the episode: 

“There’s a special kind of sadness that comes along with Alaska.” 
“I have two sides… A lot of people from Alaska do - summer is so wonderful and, winter, it’s wonderful too, but it’s like a happy sad place.” 
“We lived in a little cabin in Alaska, totally off the grid. We gathered all our water, totally off the grid.” 
“I can’t drink coffee either - it’s like two week long emotional rollercoaster.” 
“It’s so culturally acceptable now to be a skateboarder - from all walks of life, there’s more people doing it. It’s still beautiful though, both skateboarding and snowboarding."
"Football isn’t even in the Olympics - skateboarding is!”  
“I really do have a hole in my heart for all my friends, the Pacific North West, Think Thank… I miss that so much.” 
“I seem really easy going,but I’m really hyper obsessed and stressed out.” 
“I was just so nervous around girls that I couldn’t even imagine one liking me and I can’t believe that one does.” 
“I’m excited by ideas!” 
“Come to Quebec - that’s the secret, there’s really amazing girls.” 
“I lived in a van for three or four years… I really loved it - it’s so fun to travel all the time.” 
“I just usually wake up super early and open the doors and brush my teeth and pee on the street.” 
“One little step off to the side and you can be somewhere strange and uncharted.” 
“We’re just all floating around in a big pool of influence.”  
“When I was living in Hawaii, I just shook trees and got fruit!” 


Want to help the podcast grow? Just click the banner ad below before shopping on Amazon and the podcast will receive a small commission from your purchases at no cost to you. Thanks in advance -Nate


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Halldór Helgason | Captain Harold | Atrip |TBI | Nike | Dayumm! | A2M | Bird Bath

Episode #46


In the discussion with Halldor - we get into his alter ego, his new clothing company, Atrip apparel, his thoughts on Nike and his new video project that will be airing on YouTube at the end of October. Halldor, as you may know from his alter ego (Captain Harold) - very much has two sides, there’s the fun loving creative snowboarder that likes to keep it loose and there’s the party animal that like to push boundaries for a laugh. That said -a little bit of the conversaion toes into some pretty crazy territory- be forewarned! 

This episode covers the following topics:

Captain Harold
Party Boats
Europe vs. US street snowboarding
Snowboarding street in Japan
The Special Interest Club Atrip
Building Atrip
Lobster graphics
TKO at the X-games and the recovery
Snowboarding while recovering from a major concussion
Looking up to Eiki
Sage Kotsenburg
Naked Snowboarding
7/9/13 Thongs
Free Air Guitars
Advice to Hallódor’s 18 year old self
Catching wild cats on the farm
Thoughts on contest riding
Bird Bath Nuts
A2M birthday party





Halldor's Bio:

Date of Birth: January 10, 1991
Born: Akureyri, Iceland
Lives: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Sponsors: Atrip Apparel, Lobster Snowboards, Monster, VonZipper, GoPro, 7/9/13, Switchback Bindings, Neff Headwear/Gloves.
Social media:
Facebook:, Twitter: @halldorhelgason, Instagram: @hhelgason, Website:
2000 First skate video part in VTH
2001 First ever video part in Oreida 
2007 Sponsor me tape - Gets him sponsored by DC Sweden 
2007 Shared part with Eiki in Factor Films “Up In the Sky
2008 Full part in Factor Films “Notes
Shared part with Eiki & Gulli in Action Horse “Ponytale
December 2008 Signs with the DC global team 
June 21st 2009. First edit made by Eiki/Halldor for Helgasons - Go Skateboarding Day (Eiki wrote and made the song with Halldor as back up vocal)
Sept 2009 Standard Films “Black Winter"
Sept 2009 Full part in Factor Films “They Came From
Jan 2010 Winning X Games Big Air being the first snowboarder ever to win with a perfect score (100/100)  
Sept 2010 Standard Films “The Storming"
Sept 2010 Pirates Productions “Hooked
“Jibber of the Year” 2011 - Snowboarder Mag 
“Rookie of the Year 2011 - Snowboarder Mag 
“Rookie of the Year 2011 - Transworld Snow
Nov 2010 Signs with Nike
Dec 2010 7-9-13 is launched
Jan 2011 Lobster Snowboards is launched
Jan 2011 3rd at Air & Style Munich
Jun 2011 Move from Iceland to Monaco
Sep 2011 1st Zurich
Dec 2011 Sexual Snowboarding “Sexual Snowboarding”
Jan 2012 2nd X Games real snow (voted comp)
Dec 2012 Sexual Snowboarding “Pepping!
Aug 2013 Nike Snowboarding “Never Not 1&2”
Sept 2013 “Video Part of the Year” 2013 - Reels Festival
Dec 2013 Sexual Snowboarding “DTF
Dec 2013 “Trick of the Year” 2013 - Transworld Snow
Dec 2013 1st & 2nd Most viewed videos 2013 - Transworld Snow
Jan 2014 5th “Rider of the Year” 2013 - Snowboarder Mag
Jan 2014 “Reader Choice Award” 2013 - Transworld Snow
Dec 2014 Sexual Snowboarding “NoToBo
Jan-Apr 2015 Sexual Snowboarding “This Just Happened 1-4.2”
Dec 2015 Sexual Snowboarding “Master Bay Table
Aug 2016 Launch of Atrip Apparel

Quotes from the episode:

“I’m only Captain Harold when I’m drunk."
“You can’t go too classy, you have to keep it real.” 
“I actually just shaved my mustache off - after two years. It feels so disgusting without it.” 
“I barely knew what X-games was when I did it.” 
“Why do you want me on the team? I am not a serious person, I am not a contest person… What is going to happen in four years who my contract is up and you guys (Nike) decided to get out of snowboarding again?” 
“If we don’t go minus (in sales and money) we’re pumped!” 
“The hard thing with snowboarding is that it’s a pretty high class thing to do and that’s not even buying the ticket for like 100 bucks.” 
“Wanted my first triple to be a triple back flip while jerking off in the air.” 
“When I was filming all the pow for my Never Not part… I was like not able to focus on the jump (Because of the head injury).” 
“I was actually really happy when I heard that (I broke an ankle at SuperPark), cause I usually get knocked out or tear a ligament or something that takes forever.” 
“We’re Europeans - we’re not afraid to be naked.” 
“Without Nike I would never of and the chance to make Lobster.” 
“I’m not a business guy at all and I don’t want to be. My main focus is snowboarding.” 
“I never want to be serious in my snowboarding - it’s only snowboarding.” 
“Eiki has been my biggest inspiration…. It’s pretty much all thanks to him that I’m able to do what I do.” 
“The Helgason balls are famous for being lazy - mad loose.” 
“You know how it is with your friends, it always levels up.” 



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Eiki Helgason | Island Born | Monaco | Iceland | Road Biking | Lobster | Pickled Shark

Episode #45

Today we’re talking with Eiki Helgason - Eiki as I‘m sure most of you know, is the mastermind and business partner with his brother Halldor behind the, SwitchBack Bindings, 7/9/13 Belts & Accessories and Lobster Snowboards.

Eiki’s had at least one amazing video part each each year dating back to 2003 - including one of my favorite, Rome’s No Correct Way in 2008

He’s also worked with Mack Dawg, Standard and Transworld before taking the reins and gaining creative control with 2011’s Sexual Snowboarding which if you haven’t seen - put your browser into incognito mode and google "sexual snowboarding"!  

This episode covers: 

  • Eiki's full name and his nickname
  • How to properly pronounce Eiki - "Achy"
  • Achy Breaky Heart
  • Go Skateboarding day edit 
  • Growing up skateboarding in Iceland
  • Seasons in Iceland
  • Influences on Eiki's style
  • The trick to flip tricks on a snowboard (Extra Pop)
  • X-Games Real Snow
  • Eiki found Stan 
  • Mockumentary - Island Born 
  • Sexual Snowboarding
  • Taking things for granted
  • Iceland tourism
  • Wow airlines
  • The Ring Road
  • The Highlands of Iceland
  • The Northern Lights
  • Snowboarding high school in Sweden
  • Vaping in Iceland
  • Road biking with Strava
  • Flat tire
  • Iceland's currency crisis
  • Moving to Monaco
  • Jail and education Iceland
  • Leaving Rome and starting Lobster
  • Lobster's graphics
  • Brotherhood
  • The Frontline Rail Jam
  • Day in the life
  • Street snowboarding culture in Iceland & the golden ticket
  • Listener questions
  • Iceland backcountry
  • Skating mini-ramps
  • Food in Iceland
  • Japan
  • The ice rink
  • Life changing news!
  • Icelandic naming



Quotes from this episode: 

"The real pronunciation is achy like achy breaky heart."

"Living in Iceland - we don't have any indoor skateparks (or we didn't then), so I had to find something to do in the winter. "

"Snowboarding kinda came easy to me cause I was already doing rails and stuff on skateboards."

"I think skateboarding is cooler - actually."

"I always love to do weird stuff."

"The tre-flip took a while (on a snowboard), but varial kickflip - I actually think it's easier than a normal kickflip."

"The tre-flip boardslide shove it out on that picnic table... I actually haven't done that trick on a skateboard. It took me a while to get it, like four days and four or five hundred tries."

"If I think of trick that I want to do and it's possible - I just won't quit... I've had a lot of long sessions for a trick."

"It's always been a competition between hackers (X-Games Real Snow).... That's what you get when you have an online voting system. I think people know way too much about computers."

"I've been doing the same thing for fourteen years - go out and film a part. This year is different - it's more like a mockumentary than documentary."

"That's why we did our own project with the sexual snowboarding movies, we kind of felt like everything was getting way too serious."

"It's basically me and Stan going around to weird places in Iceland snowboarding (the Island Born movie)."

"I started partying late for a European. I was just focused on snowboarding."

"I wear those pants with the padding cause my asshole gets sore (while bike riding)."

"Jail in Iceland is actually like a rehabilitation center - it's just like a nice hotel room. When you go to jail here you can actually go to school for free."

"I always just loved creating stuff - I think Lobster was the first thing."

"I would always bring these ideas (for graphics to Rome) and they would be like - umm yeah, let's not do that."

"That board had a good meaning - it said STD's will fuck you up."

"I'm kind of always and never working."

"The weather in Iceland is the most random - it can go from minus 20 to plus 20."

"I tried it (Sheep Balls) - it kinda tastes like old milk."

"The best plan is no plan -we'll see what happens."

"Keep snowboarding for yourself and not for someone else - cause that doesnt make any sense."

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Antti Autti | Olympics | Skateboarding | Surfing | Backcountry | I'm Not Gifted | New Zealand

Episode #44

AJ and Nate connect with 31 year old Finnish snowboarder Antti Autti over Skype as he's preparing to head to New Zealand for some backcountry shredding. Antti has been one of the main riders pushing superpipe progression over the past decade. He’s won tons of contests over the years including the X-games He also represented Finland in the 2006 Olympics where he very controversially ended up in fifth place after a nearly flawless run. We get into Antti’s thoughts on surfing and skateboardings recent admission into the 2020 olympics as well as his transition from competitive snowboarding to the backcountry.

This episode is brought to you by Let It Block Sunscreen  Let It Block is a mineral based paraben free sunscreen that both Nate and AJ use and 100% back. Nate recommends Goth Block for anyone that wants to protect their tattoos from the sun!   Use discount code "TNSP" for 40% off of two packages sunscreen or more (valid through the end of 2016).  

Let It Block - Sun DMC (SPF 30) Original Formula (SPF 30) and Goth Block (SPF 50)
Let It Block - Sun DMC (SPF 30) Original Formula (SPF 30) and Goth Block (SPF 50)
This episode covers:
  • Packing to head to New Zealand for a month in the backcountry
  • Pow Surfing
  • Skateboarding and Surfing in the Olympics
  • Mixed feelings on snowboarding in the Olympics
  • Heikki Sorsa’s mohawk
  • Stale Sandbech
  • The International Roller Sports Federation
  • Seven Springs Half-Pipe better than the Olympic pipe.
  • Both the US Open Laax Open having better set-ups than the Olympics
  • World Surf League
  • Mick Fanning and the J-Bay Open
  • Anttie's World Cup
  • Banked Slalom
  • Transitioning from competitions to the backcountry
  • Blog posts:
    • I am not gifted & Turning.
    • Statements video series
  • Backstory to a line next to the tallest mountain in Sweden
  • Skateboarding in Finland
  • Cloudberries
  • Nest Oil Company partnership
  • Listener questions:
    • Mike Happy Bauer
    • Uncle Rufus
  • Antti’s nicknames
  • Polar Bears
  • Advice for Antti’s younger self
  • Thoughts on the weather
Quotes from this episode:
“Surfing with handle this but Skateboarding might be in trouble."
“Have really mixed feeling about the olympics…. with parks and pipes, there’s not that much imagination that they use. There’s actually not the all of the best snowboarders in the world there since each country can only have the top four.”
“Started in final and I only wanted to ride halfpipe… and the only way to get out (of Finland) was to do the FIS contests.”
“At the end of the day, I just want to snowboard.”
“Sponsors really need to find a way to promote their stuff at the olympics."
“You have to put tape over your helmet because there’s a graphic (while competing in the olympics.”
“There’s always been major issues between snowboarding and the FIS… They ran the contests that I was doing really well… But it’s really bad when it comet to the the Olympics - they’re not using the top level guys to do build the pipe.”
“When the riders show up for a competitor like this - you need to have everything ready for them…. The weather should be the only thing that could affect the course.”
“US Open and the LaaX Open are made by snowboarders for snowboarders and you can tell.”
“Surfing already has a very established tour, the World Surf League… It just seems that it’s very clear in surfing - how they want to do things. I don’t think that people will give so much respect to the olympic winner.”
“I look up to how things are done in the World Surf League. It’s the most interesting tour in the worlds to me right now. You have no idea who is going to win because every wave is different.”
“They forgot about what’s super important in snowboarding - it’s the grassroots. There needs to be contests that are not so serious all the time.”
“I was living in this bubble that was like - I’m doing competions every weekend and doing good… Then you come out and you just want to snowboard with your friends.”
“You didn’t start snowboarding for a medal or a video part or even to become a professional. I think you started snowboarding because you really really enjoyed being on that board and making turns.”
“If you really want to get good at riding powder lines you have to put everything else aside.”
“I was riding for Flow and they didn’t like the idea of me focusing on videos and not contests…. I rode for flow sense I was 14 years old.”
“The guys were telling me, that’s no good (about Flow bindings), but I was like they are my sponsor.”
“If you really like something a lot and you put a lot of time in it you will be able to do something with it.”
“Learning tricks for me was really hard at first.”
“Learning how to really turn your snowboard is probably the best trick that you’ll ever learn….”
“You can’t hurry nature, weather comes when it comes.”

Right Click here to download the episode:


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Episode 42
We know these are a little out of order, but Nate is dyslexic so cut him a break!
Nate and AJ connected with Nima via Skype to discuss Nima's recent allergic reaction to a Vitamin C supplement. They also discuss Nima's businesses, investments, work ethic, golf, surfing, snowboarding, diet and more. 
Sorry but Skype was a bitch on this one - it dropped the call many times. I was able to clean most of it up in post, but there are some glitches as an FYI.  
“My arms felt like they were boring and there were hives everywhere.” 
“I’ve always wanted to own a bar."
“When I was young, I never got hangovers - I used to think that was a thing that people said to sound cool or something.” 
“I feel like the only thing that fix a hangover is exercise - like surfing of something.” 
“You’re only there for a short window - you don’t want to waste your sponsors money because you partied too hard."
“You’re gonna be 35 one day and your body is going to slow down.” 
“We looked for what would seem to be the least amount of competition and what we could get all of our friends on.”  
“I’d say that I’m probably better than Mike and Lance (at golf)?” 
“Golf is probably the hardest thing I do.” 
“Surfing’s probably the most realistic thing to do as you get older.” 
“For me, I feel like I alway have to be busy… When I do have downtime, I like to go surfing or skating or snowboarding.” 
“I feel like so much cool shit was coming out of the surf zone (at Agenda)"
“I just have a used random shortboard… I’m just gonna surf that until I get good enough to notice a difference.”  
“I barely graduated high school - I went to continuation school because of snowboarding.” 
“Howl was not selling direct, but next week when we launch our bag line and welcome Eric Ellington to the team - we will start selling direct.” 
“My perspective has now changed,  feel like it’s ok to sell to direct now.” 
“I don’t really buy anything - I’m not a shopper.” 
“I don’t really like to own much… I don’t need to own excess shit.” 
“I grew up skating, but I fell in love with snowboarding on a way different level.” 
“Snowboarding is such a nostalgic feeling it makes me feel like a kid again - there’s a feeling that you get from it I don’t get from skating or snowboarding.” 
“I don’t ride in denim anymore, cause now they make snowboard pants that fit a little more proper.” 
“We were so heavily influenced by skateboarding and music and then your sponsor sends bright yellow cargo pants… For me, it made more since to just cut some jeans at the bottom and wear em.” 
“If you do anything a lot - all day every day - you’re going to get better at it.” 
“I went full vegan for six or seven years and then I went raw vegan for six months - I’m surprised that I made it that long.” 
“My body just started to crave rice and heartier foods."
“Now I’ll even eat meat like once or twice a month - I still eat about 80% vegan.” 
“I’m not a vegan anymore, but I’m not offended by it.” 
“I remember sitting there eating my first steak in like 10 years, it was weird, I took a bite and I liked it.” 
“When I was vegan I wasn’t like hey I’m Nima, I’m vegan.” 
“When I ate a piece of fish for the first time in a long time, it felt so good, it was like that was what I needed.” 
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Chad Otterstrom | Hard Boots | Dogs | Van Life | Primal Diet | Photography | Following your passion

Episode #43

[app_audio src=""]

For this episode, by buddy Paul (from the Todd Richards episode) joined me in my basement AKA TNSP HQ - we connected with AJ and Chad over Skype. Paul used to ride with Chad in the 90's - they kick the episode off discussing the good ole days.

Cover photo shot by Chip Proulx 

Topics we discuss:

  • King Pin & Wild Duck days  
  • Chad’s dogs Calloway and Chopper 
    Calloway & Chopper - Love over Money.
    Calloway & Chopper - Love over Money.
  • Instagram - Follow Chad here: @chadotterstrom
  • Photography - Peep Chad's professional photography website:
  • Chad’s nickname 
  • Hard Booting
  • Paying attention to the minor details of Chad's set-up 
  • Moving from Minnesota to Colorado 
  • Working at Walmart to ride 
  • Crews
  • Summit County
  • First chair at Loveland 
  • Van life
  • Driving the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Splitboarding 
  • Bivy sack camping
  • Head tents
  • Buy Chad’s $700 North Face Tent 
  • Following your passion 
  • The dirt own Connor Manning 
  • Judging X-Games
  • How Chad got into coaching
  • Solo missions
    4wd Safari Van Life
    4wd Safari Van Life
  • Coyotes 
  • Living in Colorado
  • Legal weed
  • Avalanches 
  • Loveland pass
  • Snowboarding in India
  • Chad’s favorite cheeseburger 
  • Chad’s primal diet 
  • Turning 40 
  • Paul’s rollerskating 40th b-day 
  • Forty kick-flips for 40
  • Chad’s snowboard video archive 
  • Army of Darkness (AOD crew) and the Hell Cats crew
  • Bluebird Snowboards (Smokin & Marty)
  • The two year curse 
  • Making snowboard movies
  • Performance enhancing drugs 
  • Legal weed
  • The rumor mill
  • Listener questions
  • Golfing or lack thereof
Quotes from the episode:
"So my friends started calling me Chopper."
"Turns out that it’s actually more fun than soft boots (hard boots)." 
"It’s fun to go do a 360 in hard boots."
"I did the Damian flip with my hardboots - I call it the iguana flip." 
"Back then you could work at Walmart and make enough to live up here." 
"Working at Walmart is better than working the lift."
"Last year we had to stand in line for four days (to get first chair at Loveland)." 
"I run a straight Safari van, I just took the back seats out and put in a bed… Basically I did it because of my dogs - it’s hard to get rooms with dogs."
"The van’s good for splitboarding, you can just sleep at the trailhead and get going first thing in the morning." 
"I don’t need a $700 tent."
"I like to hike mountains to take photos."
"I take care of my dogs…I’m a part time photographer, part time snowboarder, part time judge, part time snowboard coach - I live in Breckenridge is what I do."
"People would ask what I’d do when I was done snowboarding - duh you’re like, I’m gonna snowboard."
"All of sudden you're forty and you’ve only got five friends left in town."
"Most snowboard coaches feel like the end all is getting a gold medal in the Olympics, but for me it’s like the beginning… like free riding you know?"
"I always sleep with  knife on me - one of these nights I’m gonna have to take on ten coyotes."
"…especially in Colorado you’re swimming with sharks all the time (in regards to snowpack safety)."
"There’s so many people moving here not that weed is legal - I call them trimagrints."
"That’s kinda like feeling like a ghost… That morning I heard that five people died on Loveland Pass."
"I’m itching for next season."
"You got to Breckenridge and they’re selling $18 cheeseburgers all day."
"My Primal diet is 100% to beat skiers (up the skin track)."
"Chairlifts really hurt my feelings - I don’t ride em unless it’s a perfect powder day."
"We were a bunch of diggers at Hood in 98… And then we wear the Hellcats - I was shredding with Devon, he was like we’re the Wildcats.. I went home and I was like guys we can’t be the Hellcats - that's not gonna work."
“I live in Breckenridge which is the Red Bull donkey stamp town of the world.”
“Don’t put me on the team and give me a paycheck - or you’ll be out of business in two years.”
"When you get to the Fourth Phase level, that’s when your brain explodes and I don’t think I want to do that.”
“At forty years old I’m a better snowboarder now than I’ve ever been and skateboarder - for sure.”
As mentioned - things got weird on Paul's 40th. Rollerskates, Leotards, Diapers and Coors Light.
As mentioned - things got weird on Paul's 40th. Rollerskates, Leotards, Diapers and Coors Light.
"I live on the highest road in the country and I don’t smoke weed.”
“If I could snowboard for the rest of my life, I’d do that…. But, I’d probably say photography.”
“I haven’t golfed in three years, but I’ve saved a ton of money because of that.”
“Never quitting is such a big thing…. Powder is the answer in the end."


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Pierre Wikberg | Filming | Politics & Religion | #Skatetourism | Focus

This episode Nate and AJ Skype in with Pierre Wikberg shortly after a fire in his NYC apartment building is extinguished. We discuss Pierre's career behind the lens filming and editing many of the best snowboarding videos ever made Ie - Lame, Afterlame, Afterbang, the D.C. Mtn. Lab and many others. We also get the story behind his footage of Ingemar Backman's historic backside air. Then the discussion takes a turn into deeper waters - we discuss Pierre's Atheism and political leanings.

We touch on the following topics:

Fire in Pierre’s building! 
Moving to NYC
Iphone filming
Video quality
Bobby Worrest
Skate tourism
Working with Ken Block
Santa Cruz Wheels of Fire and Powell’s Animal Chin 
Filming Ingmar Backman’s backside air (the shot heard around the snowboarding world)
Filming rally car driving
Donald Trump's face on Half Dome
Trump rides a scooter
Populism in social media
Socialism in Sweden
The American Dream
Being a "Right Wing" Swede.
Chris Christie and New Jersey
Shane Pospisil
Election Fraud
Climate change discussions on Facebook
Death threats
Sitting at the window seat on a flight (Louis CK everything sucks video)
Focus versus multitasking
Cell Phone addiction
How songs from snowboard and skate videos influence musical preferences
Listener questions Matthew Yarboro, Uncle Roofus , Justin Majeczky
Snowboard/Skateboard song trivia
New Deal Useless Wooden Toys
Skate and snow nerdism
The cloud and video editing software.
VX and GL2’s
How to properly film with an iPhone - AKA stop vertical videos!
Social media etiquette
What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?
Photo hoarding

Quotes from this Episode:

"I film snowboarding with my Iphone all the time (now), but I just don’t go on paid trips to film triple corks." 
“I always think that content is everything.” 
“The internet killed my livelihood - it killed the dvd… But I welcome it with open arms."
“If you have a good GoPro or an Iphone and you have Bobby Worrest skating through NYC… That’s better (content) in my opinion.” 
“For people that have met Ken, know that he’s a charismatic and to some an intimidating person. I’ve only know him as a really fun guy who scored on a high school adventure that turned into a really successful business, but also a snowboard nerd." 
“When I clicked with Travis Parker… I was like, I get this guy.” 
"… And then the Natas part came on and I think I blacked out!” 
“I bought Ban This for $60.00… That was like two months income at the time!” 
“I actually filmed skateboarding before I saw a skate video… I wore out so many pause buttons!
“It was a pivotal moment in my life (filming Ingmar Backman’s backside air)."
“I’ll talk smack on NASCAR, but I’ll defend rally, because it’s probably the most complicated motor sport.” 
“Ken definitely likes to scare anyone (in the car with him).” 
"Todd Richards can’t sit in the car with him (Ken).” 
“I can’t even find the spark plugs on a car.” 
“We bought rubber bands for like $18,000.” 
“Riding through the house was one of the highlights.. Ken was just like why don’t you put some snow there and ride off of the deck?” 
“I think everyone is born an Atheist, I just stayed with that..It’s not even a topic in Sweden - because, like 90% of the population is Atheist.”  
“I think it’s dangerous, what is going on in the US and in Europe, with positions that are boing racist bigots." 
“If there’s 7 billion people on the planet - there’s less than 100 million that want Trump for president.” 
“The United States is so polarized. Bernie is a radical like Trump.” 
“Sweden is such a small country - you have the size of California with the population of Manhattan."
“There’s actually downsides to socialism, I’m actually a right wing Swede.”  
“Yes, it’s the land of opportunity, but it’s also the land of too many dreams that will never be fulfilled.”
“My girlfriend now my wife, had never seen a homeless person, because we don’t have that.”   
“When I’m Oregon, I feel like I’m in Sweden… I feel like I’m home.” 
“You know if you talk to vegan cause they’ll tell you in thirty seconds.” 
"I’ll watch earthlings and still go to Chipotle and get my barbacoa, but I know that I’m in the wrong.” 
“Forty percent of Americans don’t believe in evolution, I don’t believe in forty percent of Americans.” 
“There’s been like over a hundred versions of a virgin born person under a star with wise men… It’s mind blowing to me to be that ignorant to not see the pattern."
“I’m addicted to power on my phone…It’s the biggest first world problem.” 
“I have 20 to 100 tabs open at any given time.” 
“I can tell you what stance every riders is (regular or goofy) - never been wrong.” 
“I’m obviously against vertical videos on youtube…. It really really bums me out.” 
“My camera was my ticket to the world and to meet amazing people and I wouldn’t change a thing about it." 
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Jason Borgstede | Blue & Gold AK | Limiting Beliefs | Poker | Marathon Wagers | Blood Clots

Nate and AJ traveled to Long Beach (well - AJ moved there) to record this episode with Jason in person.

This is episode was full of podcast firsts. This was the first podcast where all guests we're live in one location. We did a Facebook Live broadcast - until the phone battery died. And, this was, by far the longest podcast that we've ever recorded.

I considered breaking this episode up into two parts, but I could not find a good spot to make the break - the conversation is just too intertwined in my opinion. Please let us know your thoughts on the length of the episode - I know that Jason prefers listening to long-long form discussions, as do I.

We touch on the the following and much more:

Snowboarding & Skateboarding Nerdism
People in the hallway
Long Beach Agenda Trade Show
Austin Sports and Music Festival
Meeting your heros
Craigslist casual encounters
Fallen Shoes and Jamie Thomas
Useless Wooden Toys
Anchorage Skatepark
Jessie Burtner
Mack Dawg
Blue & Gold AK
Fights as a kid
Baseball and growing up in California
Summer in Hawaii
First snowboard
Limiting beliefs
Dick Dragers
Scootering is cool - drugs are bad
Game of Thrones
Pushing Mongo
Jay and Scott Liska
Gaining sponsorships and starting a career in snowboarding.
College or snowboarding?
Moving to Lake Tahoe and living in a mobile home with four or five other guys.
Mobile home fire by aroma therapy.
NOT going to strip clubs.
Thinking about becoming a parent.
Strait Edging.
Nate comes out of the closet to AJ and also tells him about falling off the wagon beer.
Hate Edge.
AJ’s Craigslist missed connections.
Bacteria brain connection
The Borgariel
Transitioning from snowboarding to poker.
Nice Gordon
The Big Blind
Gunshots in the backgorund
Wu-Tang financial
Running a marathon as a bet at 39 (Blog post insert)
Advice to Jason’s 18 year old self
Catching a heel edge on a culvert, breaking ribs and puncturing a lung
Best wife ever
Blood clots board graphic
“There’s something cool about seeing someone that’s made an impression on you.”
“I don’t follow soccer at all cause I’m American.” 
“You’ve to the big corpo brands - which, I really questions their love of the industry… believe in skateboarding, for skateboarders, by skateboarders."
“The whole reason that I decide to do a shop was to make our scene better.” 
“I’m trying to pay attention as much as possible and learn as much as possible as far as the business side.” 
“You have to develop the business and put processes in place - so the business can run while you’re not there.” 
“How do I get people to not shop at the mall? That’s a problem that I have to break down.” 
“When you start something because you love it - I don’t think that anyone else will ever love it as much as you do.” 
“I can’t live without skateboarding and snowboarding in my life.”  
“(As a kid) My initial reaction to confrontation was to punch in the face.” 
“I was blessed to have a family that was super supportive of everything.”  
“I broke my hand punching him in the jaw… That was right before baseball season was about to start.” 
“My first board ever was an Action Sport kamikaze.”  
“The nice thing about skateboarding is that it does not have any rules.” 
“All I thought was that I love this, I’m going to do this all of the time…. I just wanted to be the best that I can be. Being good is part of the fun of it.” 
“If I can’t continually figure out a way to somewhat progress than it gets difficult to stay interested in it."
“We can’t let ourselves become the jocks.” 
“Do you ever go to the mountain when when you’re snowboarding and say, this dude’s just here for the weekend, I hate him?” Why do we do that to longboarders” 
“Skaters need to understand that skating is yours in a different way that you think…When you throw a vibe to a kid at the park, think about that - this may be his first time at the park."
“All I care about is that when  kid comest to the shop is that their interaction with skateboarding and snowboarding is positive.”
“I’ve been strait edge my whole life… You feel immune to peer pressure. You don’t need someone else approval.” 
"Can I figure out how to get to that place that you get to with a drug - on my own?” 
“I just wanted to be a strong person… I wanted to beat the challenge. The glory comes in the pain and the strife of beating the challenge.” 
“Vaping’s easy - skating’s hard.” 
“I belive that if I did start drinking that I’d go off the deep end.” 
“Struggle through the uncomfortable of this and figure it out.” 
“Don’t fight being scared.” 
“This is part of being a loner kid, you sit in your room and you think about stuff.” 
“I went to Best Buy and bought a DVD on poker.” 
“The closer to the blinds you are the better your hands need to be.” 
“I did well enough the next day to get all that money back and a few bucks - I was hooked!”
“I’d wake up in the morning and my hands would not close from a holding a drill all day long. I was like I don’t want to do this - I don’t want this to be the next 20 years of my life.” 
“It (poker) was taking my mind off the fact that I was no longer getting paid to snowboard.” 
“Almost everybody will tell you that they win at poker.” 
“It’s super easy to play the game, it’s super hard to beat the game.” 
“Poker is the most stressful thing ever. It’s the only job that you can go to and end up owing people money.” 
“When you lose, you get pissed and that’s not good for the game.” 
“As we’ve seen in the past - I don’t really give a shit about what anyone thinks.” 
"You’re telling a story when you’re playing cards."
“The ones that you remember are the bad nights. I had a 1200 cheeseburger one night.” 
“Poker is not necessarily gambling, you’re not playing the house." 
“I don’t want to gamble - I want to have a positive expatiation.”  
“It was five and half hours and I couldn’t train (for the marathon)."
“Do I have to crawl to the finish? Until I drop dead, I would not quit on this bet.” 
“I wanted to say that I ran a marathon in my life.” 
“It was five hours of me getting to play in my brain.” 
“Try to step back and see a bigger picture.” 
“You never have to quit snowboarding - I can still go out and be the best that I can be.” 
“I would gladly put my life on the line to snowboard any day. If I’m gonna go… I’m going doing what I love doing.” 
“On our one year wedding anniversary - they wheel me into surgery.”
“All those years of snowboarding and a six foot fall on a little thing was the closest thing to taking me out.” 
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Nate and AJ | Californication | Mike V | Chicken & Waffles | Surfing | Pokemon Go | Agenda

Episode #39

This episode is a recap of the recent trip that Nate took to to Cali to visit AJ, record an episode with Jason Borgstede and attend the Agenda trade show. 

We also want to ask the podcast audience to please take a moment (literally one minute) and complete the following survey asking what day of the week you'd most like to receive new episodes. It also asks about what future guest(s) you'd like us to have and there's a general feedback area. 


Please take a quick minute and complete the survey here:

This episode covers the following topics:

Spotify - AJ discovers the podcasts that are on his computer. 
Mic levels off - sorry new mixer 
Chicken and Waffles 
Long Beach skate culture 
Mike V and Nate’s elbow Tattoo 
SUP & Skim Boarding 
LA Traffic 
Nate’s first UBER and Air B&B 
Pokemon Go 
Flappy Bird 
Augmented reality 
Virtual Reality Porn in Japan 
Parts and Labor VS. Agenda 
Pizza Slime and the internet meme culture 
Thule and AJ’s box 
Hillary Trump 
Pizzanista and vegan pizza 
Surfing and dick dragging at Sunset Beach. 
Three wave limit 
Obama’s weed habit
Nate gets fired 
Podcast schedule 
Episodes in the pipeline
Jason Borgstede 
Pierre Wilkberg
Bed Bugs 
Facebook live 
New left media 
Podcasts & going deep 
Matt Belair 
Mike Basich 
4chan & Btards 
Boreal and Lane Knanck 
What would AJ tell his 18 year old self? 
“I haven’t played it cause I know it will consume my life” -AJ on Pokemon Go 
“I’m a vagabond - NFA, no fixed address.” 
“Surfing is hard man.” 
“We were at a skatepark and the kids were calling him Thor and me Tony Hawks."
“I’m going to get it up tonight.” 
“Don’t ever show your face around here again.” 


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Parts and Labor | Navy | Tradeshows | Trump | Craig Kelly | United Nightmare
I don’t bring snowboarding up with someone that does not know snowboarding.
…(Craig Kelly) taking freestyle to the backcountry & riding powder, not being the coolest guy, with the coolest board sponsor...his path is the right path for every snowboarder to follow. 
Do I need to observe every internet sales holiday every week, or can I just mark everything down 20% and if it sells, it sells. 
If you want to increase participation in snowboarding - you just have to make snowboarding cooler. 
If you need the Navy to build a jump, just skip it. 
If you want to plug a light into the floor of the convention center, you’ll have to pay around $130...
It’s like you wore the most beautiful dress to the worst party. 
If you want to make money, snowboarding is probably the worst corner of the world to business in. 
As participants in the show, we have a different perspective….
If you look at the best thirty snowboard shops in the country - probably ten of them will be gone in a couple years...
We need to find the fastest way to weaponize the teen snowboarders. 
I never do anything on skateboard that’s awesome...
Doing Nightmare was a direct result of being confused at a shop and seeing all these brands look identical. 
Being part of SIA was a milestone moment for us. 
We can do this ourselves and be in control of the market for our own companies instead of trying to attach ourselves to this much bigger market...
People are just overproducing snowboards - the market is just flooded. 
The whole industry needs an enema.  
Snowboarding is not as big as everybody thinks it is. 
It’s so uninspiring for the snowboarder world - they didn’t want us there in the first place. We somehow got attached to a ski trade show. 
Thank you SIA - we paid thousands of dollars to hang out. 
It’s about transparency.
Its the same dates because we’re not asking people to take extra time out…. Just take a day and see what snowboarding is all about.
We don’t need a rollerblade brand being there or tennis rackets - it’s about people that are contributing to snowboarding 100%. 
This show is not booth oriented at all - its a gallery show… Everyone’s on the same playing field. 
The on-hill will be rad, it will be like no other snow demo - there will be convinece and luxury provided! 
We will not be having any porno hopping at Parts and Labor. 
Parts and Labor is going to address the real state of where our industry is - it is a tiny market. 
Lets do something where snowboarders invented it. 
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Todd Canipe Vertical Urge TNSP 37

AJ Skypes in from Portland to chat with Todd Canipe and me. We delve deeply into the state of skate and snow retail. We also gain an understanding of which parts of Star Wars media are considered to be "Cannon" (official).

Stay up to date with Todd online:

Todd's Twitter:

Todd's Instagram:


This episode covers the following topics:

  • Nate's dyslexia and how to pronounce Todd’s last name.
  • Trouble connecting on Skype - plus we had  5 drops during the call
  • Windstream communications and the new phone number at Vertical Urge
  • 42 years old
  • The Vertical Urge Origin story
  • Hanging insulation and repo
  • Skype drops
  • Grey Marketing
  • The golden age of skate snow retail
  • Talking in front of middle school career days
  • Skateboarding industry trends
  • Bike shops
  • Consumer loyalty
  • Scaling up and down
  • The new Vertical Urge
  • Investing in your brand
  • Vintage Snowboard Trader - VST BAY
  • POP marketing material
  • Star Wars
  • Todd's Star Wars Podcast
  • Ewok Movie
  • Star Wars continuity issues
  • Star Wars and Chill
  • Star Wars skateboards and snowboards
  • Board Retailers Association (BRA)
  • Sports Authority
  • Terminator X
  • Instagram businesses
  • Skate shop life

Quotes from Todd:

"I’m not going back to school - I’m actually going to stay and work in the surf shop.”
“I just kinda had a knack for commerce in general.”
“I always believed in what we were doing.”
“I didn’t mind eating ramen noodles and drinking cheap beer.”
“The education that I got…was well beyond anything that that I could have got from a book.”
“Anytime something gets bigger - it’s more work and you have to take it more seriously.”
“What’s always worked best for me is a hell of a work ethic and a passion for what you do. For me that’s always trumped having a diploma.”
"We’re talking 70 and 80 hour work weeks - it’s not a 30 hour a week job.”
“We have and still have one of the best skateboard teams around.”
“The industry is not as healthy as it used to be and it probably never will be.”
“Skateboard companies are cash poor - have been forever, even since the glory days.”
“We have to learn to evolve and do more with less - you can’t have 600 boards on the wall anymore.”
“The kid coming up is not as brand loyal and retailer loyal as the generation before them.”
“I was a skatepark owner for 10 years… we’re one of the only industries where your core consumer base expects you to not make any money.”
“I remember buying a complete in the 80’s, it was $150.00…. Our margins have not gotten better, but the manufacturers margins have.”
“I can’t remember the last time I had kid come through the door and ask for a specific pro deck.”
“2006-2011 everything hit on all cylinders for us it was overwhelming, but every facet of our business was doing incredibly well during that period."
“We were one of the really early online adopters - one of the first small shops to really go after it."
“We read books on Dreamweaver and Photoshop - we knew enough to customize it and make it look good.”
“We didn’t have an inventory management system that spoke to the store’s POS until 2011.”
“We wanted people in NY or CA to look at us like Dogfunk.”
“Some night’s I’d go home with the family, put the kids to bed, then work until 4:00 AM  and get up at 7:00 AM.”
“It’s much harder to scale down than is it to scale down - a lot more people will help you scale up.”
“Investing in your own brand is the most important thing that every retailer that’s going to be around in five years is going to have to do.”
“We want to sell the stuff that we would wear.”
“There’s not many reps anymore - there are a few really good reps left… The good ones are getting older."
“When the Supreme video came out - with-in weeks the way that kids looked changed.”
“The cool thing about VST bay is that you know that your product is going to a good home.”
“I got banned because I forgot to pull my auctions down (on VST bay).”
“I think for Start Wars fans - die hard Star Wars fans, it was a relief (the new movie).”
“I’ve never been to a Star Wars fetish party. Katrina and I are not in the cosplay scene.”
“I’m not afraid to tell it like it is and some people don’t really like that.”
“Let it go - that would be the best advice that I’d give myself. Don’t get so emotionally wrapped up in things that I can’t control.”
“If it’s your passion, take a chance. Be willing to sacrifice everything for that chance.Don’t be scared to jump off the cliff if you think you can make it work.”
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Matt Belair | Zen Athlete |The Meaning of Life | Transcending Snowboarding | Communicating with Squirrels & Butterflies
  • Custom Cult intro from Marty 
  • Being of Service
  • Burning man
  • Marketing
  • Zen Athlete - The Science to Achieving Your Highest Potential in Sport and Life
  • Zen Snowboarding
  • Guided visualizations and manifesting your own destiny
  • Martial Arts
  • Consciousness
  • Law of Attraction - The Secret
  • Wim Hoff
  • Breath work
  • Training in China with Shaolin Monks
  • The meaning of life
  • Clearing your mind
  • Self-worth
  • MMA
  • Enlightenment
  • How to be happy
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Ayahuasca
  • The analogy of Plato’s Cave
  • Bill Hicks
  • Propaganda
  • Roots of war and famine
  • The Snowboarding in the Olympics
  • Taming a squirrel
  • Travis Rice, Eddie Wall, Jamie Anderson





“What I do is just try to be of service, openly and honestly.”

“No dummy, not networking - friendship.”

“I was always interested in mind power.”

“I know kids aren't going to read so I took the most important parts of the book and put them into video.”

“For me it wasn’t about getting a 9-5 job just to make money… I felt like I wanted to experience life.”

“Some people are made in different ways and I was just made curious.”

“For me the meaning of life is just to be alive, it’s to experience it ….”

“I want athletes to transcend sport.”

“Step one is clear your mind.”

“The sky is not the limit, your belief system is.”

“My life is my art - it’s the highest form of art.”

“You are not your thoughts.”

“What enlightenment is - realizing that you are the creator.  That the world isn’t happening to you, you’re happening to it.”

“Try NOT to imagine a purple elephant.”

“Wim Hoff is the karate of Pranayama .”

“I can have a full Ayahuasca experience just through breathing.”

“…going into the void with meditation takes you to a place where you are so humbled with the realization that you never had control to begin with.”

“I’ve done Ayahuasca seven times… if I meet someone that’s done Ayahuasca, I give them a hug. It humbles you.”

“I wanted to know why we still have war - why do we still have famine.” 

“Watch the Century of the Self with Edward Bernays.

“My big mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet.”

“Education is basically stolen intelligence.”

“Lets bring it down to the human level of let's be loving and kindness first, let's follow my bliss second and let's support everyone and everything around me as best of my ability.”

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Eddie Wall | TransWorld SNOWboarding | Juicing | Meditation | Boxing | Cambodia

Episode #35

Episode notes:

AJ and Nate Skyped Eddie to discuss:

  • Growing up vegetarian 
  • Cowspiracy 
  • Eat To Live by Dr. Furman 
  • The China Study 
  • Micronutrients 
  • Cold press juicing 
  • Meditation 
  • Eddie Wall Sr. 
  • Boarding School 
  • The janitorial arts and getting into professional snowboarding 
  • Mt. Hood 
  • Boxing 
  • Head trauma 
  • Traveling the world 
  • Pho
  • Transitioning from a pro career to working for Transworld Snowboarding 
  • Eddie’s Wall 
  • Social media management 
  • Wallenberg 
  • Drum circles in Venice Beach 
  • Surfing 



Some quotes from the episode: 

“If you’re a vegan who does cross-fit - you have a problem cause what do you tell people first.” 

“I almost compare juicing to snowboarding or skating or something… It takes time and practice to get it right.” 

“We have cravings because we’re addicted to sugar.” 

“I grew up my whole life with my dad meditating." 

“Trying to not think of anything - it’s so hard!” 

“He was just up hiking the rails with the kids at Big Boulder and he’s (Eddie’s dad) 65.” 

“When I was 14 I went to boarding school.” 

"When I graduated a lot of my classmates went to Harvard or Yale and I went to the west coast to be a janitor.” 

“I was a nighttime janitor - so I could ride all day.” 

“Forum was like what the fuck did you guys do - you just spent so much money.” 

“I talked with a few people around LA and found a boxing gym - I just walked in and talked with the head coach.” 

“I’m going to get my head checked pretty soon - I’ve been knocked out plenty of times snowboarding… I’ll be glassy eyed for a couple of days after sparring.” 

“Every time you get a concussion - every time you hit your head - it’s easier to get on the next time.” 

“It wasn’t like today where every kid wears a helmet.” 

“Go to southeast Asia, it’s the coolest zone.” 

“When you’re gone from the US for four months straight - you just get a different outlook on the world."

“From 12 years old until I was 35 I’ve known exactly what I‘ve wanted to do in life.” 

“Maybe I should go to art school - maybe I should get into real estate…. I’ll probably never get out of the snowboarding world - this is what I love.” 

“I run the social media for Transworld.” 

“I’m at my desk from 9-5 working.” 

“Working at a magazine is kinda like working t a news station for snowboarding.” 

“My preferred wave is a quick hollow wave.” 

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Harrison Montgomery | Hate | Solution Based Selling | Lines | Retail Sustainability

Episode #34


Harrison and Nate discussed: 

  • Boot fitting - razzing Nate about his MasterFit boot fitting certificate
  • Working at Nova Bikes in VA - both Harrison and Nate worked there
  • Transitioning from retail to medical device sales at OR Solutions
  • Open heart bypass surgery
  • Appointment setting
  • Picking your line and looking ahead
  • Driving the speed limit
  • Advice for someone that wants to get into the industry
  • Running a shop sustainably
  • Office Space
  • Online retail 
  • Harrison Hates persona
  • Solution based selling
  • Shit kits
  • Harrisonhates on Instagram 
  • South of The North

Quotes from the episode: 

"At the end of the day the cyclical part of our entire lives comes down to the buying and the selling."

"I had fallen asleep at the wheel and broadsided a one ton dually pick-up truck… I have seven titanium plates in my face, jacked up my knee and knocked all the teeth out of my mouth."

"So here I was 24 - 25 years old and I was the number one salesperson in the company."

“I experienced thing professional that I didn’t enjoy that helped get me to where I am.”

“At this point if someone is dismissing snowboarding as a fad - they should be punched in the face.”

“Some of my friends gave me shit - instant rep, just add water.”

“I’ve had some really good years, but it’s been seven or eight years since it’s been great.”

“Skateboards don’t cost as much and the margins suck.”

“I’d love to be the guy drawing the lines… There’s this recurring theme about the lines.”

“Marketing is the closest thing to being a sales rep, but you get a paycheck…”

“If it wasn’t for the retailers, I wouldn’t have a job…”

“Too many retailers have tried to be too big. Too big a store, too many staff, too much product and not a real plan to deal with it when it doesn’t work out.”

“Why would we open another store while this one’s not perfect.”

“My job is not just to sell you stuff - it’s also to be an advisor.”

“Invest in the little guys - invest in the guys that aren’t all over the internet.”

“There’s still a touch it, feel it, see it component to how I buy.”

“Would you really want to buy a car online without driving it?”

“What’s the most important part of your set-up? Boots man.”

“Oh, and then there’s Harrison with 25% of the country.”

“…What has made all of those experiences worth it is the guys that I get to do it with.”

“I walk into a shop and I’m like what is this bullshit on the wall!”

“If you have a sale section in your store - it should be the smallest part of your store.”

“I don’t think I’d want to open a shop with less than 100K in the bank.”

“You can’t make a living in this industry just selling one thing anymore.”

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Marty Bonacci | Custom Cult Snowboards | Tim Ferriss | E-Bay | Moccasins | Bow Hunting for Humans

Episode #33

My buddy Paul Horning and I sat down and chatted with Marty over Skype - we discussed Marty’s new custom snowboard company Custom Cult Snowboards. Paul and Marty reminisced about the good ole days a bit which was quite funny as Paul used to work for Marty at Whitetail. We walked down the path that Marty took in building his first online business - which actually has nothing to do with snowboarding. It was a really fun conversion - Marty is amazing at deconstructing processes and seeing opportunities that others don't see or act on.

We covered:

New Mexico living

Reminiscing the good ole days at Whitetail

Paul’s mullet and goatee

Eric Gibson’s vert ramp teardown

Skating vert in snowboard boots

Paul’s work ethic

Nate’s bow hunting skills and the zombie apocalypse

Paul gets shot with an arrow

Working for Kingpin Snowboards

Background on Custom Cult Snowboards

US Open at Stratton

Tim Ferriss and his book The Four Hour Work Week

Western Belts and moccasins on E-bay

Snowboards made out of dirt

Quotes from the episode:

“I remember - every year that I instructed or worked at a ski resort. I never made enough money to cover my expenses. I went into debt deeper everyone of those years.”

“I’ll get this ramp and people will just magically come help set it up… people would rather be snowboarding than setting up a ramp.”

“See Nate, Marty’s a good friend.” -Paul

“I ride with a zero zero stance… I tried to have a skateboard stance on my snowboard.”

“It was an eye opening experience - just how different you can make a board by tweaking just one spec”

“There’s a handful of custom shops around the world”

“I think you can make a surfboard with less equipment and overhead than a snowboard.”

“I’ve been doing the board design for Smokin since they began.”

“I’ve started my businesses by accident… I was completely broke, unemployed and almost homeless.”

“I noticed that I’d get up in the morning and spend 5 minutes pronging ou the labels and sending via the internet fax regardless of if I sold one item or a hundred items.”

“About a year ago, I took all my snowboard making equipment and threw it out.”

“You don’t want a board designed for you by someone you don’t know. You want a board designed for you by someone who’s riding style that you look up to or that you’d want to emulate. You don’t want a board designed for you by someone that’s a poser or someone that sucks or an engineering nerd.”

“Shit I know a bunch of people that look up to Paul’s riding…”

“I hated sitting in front of the computer screen all day… and I realized that I’d probably die a virgin.”

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Wally Inouye | Surfboard Shaping | Airbrushing | Pools | Lifeblood | Cooking

Episode 32

Nate drops in on AJ and Wally right in the middle of a conversation about forest fires to kick of the episode.

They also discuss:

  • Wally’s home in Oregon
  • The wall ride in 1973 that coined the nickname Wally
  • Living on an organic orchard
  • Airbrushing sailboards and surfboards
  • How Wally came to Oregon
  • 1989 snowboarding in August
  • Origins of Mt. Hood Snowboard Camp
  • The baby steps of Burnside
  • Surfboard shaping
  • Kelly Slater’s air to knee landing 




  • Parenting
  • Getting into cooking and the restaurant business
  • IPS
  • Pool skating
  • Lifeblood Cutaway Lifeblood
  • Youtube scholar
  • Edmond Bacon/Love Park  

 Quotes from the episode:

“They tried to give me a substantial raise, I said no - I’m going to Oregon to paint sailboards.”

“We hiked cause no one wanted to pay for a lift ticket.”

“We were on hill at 8am. We ran gates till 10am. Then we rode halfpipe.”

“In 91 we had another low snow year - in February we were skiing on Palmer…. We moved out (to the coast) March first and it started dumping, 50 inches.”

“I started surfing in 1969 and when I was 12 I made my money doing ding repair.”

“We bought a longboard form garage sale, ripped the glass off and we each shaped one side…. I shaped a pin tail and he shaped a swallow tail on his side…”

“I’m at Windells so I’m thirteen years old all year long.”

“Both of my kids have gone 40mph by 2 years old… bombing hills on a skateboard.”

“We called it fine dining with kids.”

“We actually became the first internet cafe on the coast… We had a computer in the lower dining room with a 28.8 modem”

“I’ve skated a lot of 15 minute pools…. The homeowner comes out with a machete or weed whacker - lets the dobermans out.”

“I’ve seen and done a lot in the last 56 years of my life”

“Conserve water. Drain your pool!”

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In this Episode AJ and Nate chat with Pete about:

Trouble getting all three of us on the same Skype call.
The Interior Plain Project Podcast
80’s skateboarding in the western Wisconsin country.”
Aqua Jam
Getting hated on for being a skater.
High School hazing
Fran Lebowitz on Skateboarding
Working retail in the Mall of America
Fobia Skateshop and Iota Skateboards
The inspiration behind The Interior Plain Project
AJ connection problems
Sales repping and retail.
Stock market psychology
Obamacare - “Hi mom.”
Retail morality
Camber vs Reverse Camber
Rundown of the IPP board models


“There was no one telling us what was cool, what wasn't cool or how to do it… and at that time, I mean what was right? It was 1986.”
“Get on the floor and push a penny with your nose - high school hazing.”
“At that time skaters stuck together.”
“We had four sheets of plywood leading to a launch ramp - we landed in the grass, cause that’s what we had in the country.”
“I was a snow TM, the GM and I was running Iota sales.”
“I liked the idea of begging a question, that’s unique - it makes them ask and inquire and it gives them an opportunity to learn.”
“It’s not that we’re in the midwest and in the plains, it’s that we’re a vehicle and we’re moving through theses different dimensions.”
“There are riders and you can ride a board, but you pilot a board.”
“You ride an Interior board and you’re riding a piece of my heart.”
“If saving five bucks on something means the world to you, I’m sorry that’s your reality.”
“Online’s not the devil, but if you’re not supporting your local shops, you’re not supporting the community of snowboarding.”
“The thing that snowboarding fucked up al long time ago is that they started sponsoring all of theses kids - in the bike industry a sponsored rider is still paying for their frame.”
“The midwest is the fabric of snowboarding.”
“Reverse camber is just an old construction that was brought back and reinvented. It comes back to culture, in America we want everything easier.”

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Kevin English | High Cascade & Windells | Business Management | Flying Planes |Real Estate
AJ and NAte chat with We Are Camp CEO Kevin English about:
Working construction as a kid 
Real Estate development
Blue Montgomery and the K2 days
Business Management 
K2 Snowboarding meets rollerblades 
Listener question from Blake Adam 
Getting an MBA 
Growing up on Donner Summit 
The Trifecta - Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding in one day. 
Auckland New Zealand 
Flying planes 
Airplane Repo 
AJ starts a new trend in snowboarding #sexwax 
Kevin gives AJ his annual performce review
Jesse Burtner 
The future of High Cascade and Windlell’s 
Kim Bohnsack
Social Media anxiety 
Quotes from the episode: 
“When you manage people there’s always an issue - we’re emotional beings.” 
“I’m going to be a land developer, I love that, it’s art, you’re creating spaces.” 
“I started at High Cascade as a counselor back in 1999 and worked my way up.” 
“You’re trying to get two different cultures to mesh….. The High Cascade Culture and the Windless culture… To me, best practice wins…” 
“When you’re 20 it’s (snowboarding) the world. When you’re 30 it’s still a big part of the world, but you realize that there’s more to it.” 
“Don’t be the stereotype that they expect you to be.” 
“Is Windell’s or High Cascade going to have a rollerblade camp… Or scooters? No - never.” 
“My dad used to say that going to college is just a sign to the world that you can follow through with something.” 
“Put maybe a little bit more on your plate than you think you can handle, because you usually can handle it.” 
“Listen to Airline Pilot Guy - it’s a podcast about flying airplanes - Flying is fucking awesome.” 
“It’s better to feel like an idiot on the ground than feel like an idiot in the last 100 feet before you kill yourself.” 
“this combining of the two camps gives a financial platform for both camps.” 
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Jesse Burtner | Socratic Learning | Music | Parenting | Think Thank | Mob-flips

Aj and I chat with Jesse about:


J-pop SoySauce Nation AK 

Fathers day and parenting 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Married Life 

Living in the moment 

Growing up in Alaska 

Socratic learning 

Think Thank 

Matt Burtner’s music 


Twitter and social media 

Listener questions from Travis Holler and Alex Lactase 

Mob flips and rocketflips. 



“We did have a baby, his name was Think Thank.” 

“We’ve been overwhelming blessed to do what we find fun.” 

“Ollie already has a whole marketing program around him and he’s not even one. We’ve got change that diaper on Instagram”

“Work is a gift and it’s life and it’s fun - that’s how we were raised….Privileged to be here… Thank you snowboarding.” 

“Having a kid has been blast - you get to experience the world again through a being that’s brand new and everything is new to them.” 

“Snowboarding was where I fit in, I didn't really fit in anywhere.” 

“Someone would just pull up and be like “fuck you skater fag” - in like 7th grade.” 

“You can learn a bunch of info and learn things or you can learn how to learn. When you learn how to learn, that’s unlocking the swag.” 

“My dad is like - you need bigger lib-tech’s on the bottom, I counted 15 Dinosaurs Will Die and I counted some real good k2’s…” 

“Thunk is the sound a thought makes and it’s supposed to represent the shortest amount of time.”

“That was the first time I purposely got drunk to edit.” 

“Louie Barletta is my spirit animal.” 

“He’ll play ice - He’ll have like an ice block and some bowls and everything’s mic’d.” 

“So many rhythms - not a single melody.” 

“I’ve been getting into poetry lately, I feel like it’s the next medium for me.”

“Facebook is where you tell your friends and family lies. Twitter is where you tell strangers the truth.” 


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Episode #28 Stan Leveille

Episode #28

AJ joins Stan at The New Show's HQ and Nate Skyped in to discuss the infamous Burton letter, feisty red headed youtube sensations (not talking about Shaun White),  Vermonters, snowboard videos and reggae's roots.

We also hit on the following topics:

  • Mysonstan_fan instagram
  • Gin and Juice Karaoke
  • Ratdog manner
  • South Park
  • Naked Bike rides
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Erik Leon guest visit.
  • Gag balls in The New Show Dungeon
  • Hateline vs. The New Show
  • The Clash, Bad Brains, Sid Vicious
  • Yelp
  • Airblaster - Regular guy. December.
  • Stan admits that he wrote the Burton letter.
  • Origins of Reggae and Jamaican culture
  • Listener questions from Chris Mark Hammer and D.J. Paul
  • The key to being a successful intern at Yobeat (or anywhere).
  • North Korea
  • Justin's social media: Instagram & Twitter 
  • Coppercab

Quotes from the episode:

“Sometimes I felt like I was talking on behalf of what the audience expected, not how I felt.” 

“If everyone’s down with what you’re doing, then somethings wrong.”

“Maybe you need to give the people what they need, not what they want.”

“The whole Burton thing - I was just stressed about it…”

“Snowboarding definitely got way serious.”

“I like to snowboard because all my friends and me are idiots and we’re out there making dumb jokes and knocking each other over - hooting and hollering, that’s the kind of stuff I get behind.”

“I think VG 1 nailed it - my prediction is that Chicken Meat is going to nail it.”

“he’s not and idiot and he’s good at rapping.”  Brooke’s sister Jenna

“I give the upmost respect to Brooke for giving me that chance.”

“So obviously I take cues from Gary Rodgers - Skateline.”

The Stan Full Part - “I think I can hold my own.. I talk so much shit it’s almost like a dick move that I haven't put out a part.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten laid for being famous… Ok wait, I might of gotten laid for being famous - it happened once.”

“Mostly I get fanned out on by teenage boys”

"There are navaho indians that are convicted that Bob Marley was a messiah."

“History of Jamaica is my secret passion.”

Want to help the podcast grow? Just click the banner ad below before shopping on Amazon and the podcast will receive a small commission from your purchases at no cost to you. Thanks in advance -Nate

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Episode #27 Nate & AJ

“It’s hard to produce a podcast every week when you’re transient like I am and just a step above homeless.” 


“Lately it’s been the not podcasting podcast.” 


“I’m really stoked that Caitlin got to do her thing and I’m really stoked that I got to be apart of it in a  really small way.” 


“I wish I had the time to be bored.”  



“We’re busy getting stung by bees and almost getting eaten by sharks while surfing.”


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Nick Hyne | Trick Bag Snowboarding App | Diaries Downunder | Japan | JBMC

“It’s all snowboard so it’s all pretty fun to me. I’m obsessed with snowboarding!” 


“Japan is actually the biggest market for the Trick Bag App. US is number 2.” 


“I’ve spent twelve New Zealand summers (winters) in Japan now.”  


“I didn’t even know that Japan (had snow) - I mean, I knew they had snow, but I didn't realize that it was the powder maker of the world.”  


“There’s a different kind of culture in Japan. What you do is not for yourself, it’s more for society.” 


“When you get a good day at your home resort it’s kinda hard to beat.” 


“The Progression that snowboarding is taking relies less and less on the conditions…” 


“To learn a new carving variation -  you can do it literarily on grey bird rainy day and it might break the internet.”  



“Not everybody wakes up at seven in the morning like, ok, today’s 1080 day…” 

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Gray Thompson | Hot Boy'n | Banked Slaloms | United Shapes | Warp Wave | Fly Fishing |

“It kinda rubbed me the wrong way… When it came down to competing it was super serious - gave me butterflies. That’s no the feeling when you’re snowboarding otherwise.” 


“I think the trend towards jam sessions is the best thing in competitive snowboarding right now.” 


“You could be having an ok day and then go rip around with five of your best friends and then it’s the best day of the year.”


“We just take turns following each other as close as we can….”


“My weekend was like mini vacation where I didn’t have to leave my home.” 


“We all came together Lets just go out on a limb and start a board company. We have all these ideas, lets create an outlet for them.”  


“We want this cool relationship with the consumer and the brand.. I feel like I could call up anyone who buys a board from us and be like, lets go ride.” 


“We’re going to be realizing a few more shapes this fall. Each sale only comes in one size.”


“It’s a brand for snowboarders who love the mountain and love the feeling of snowboarding. It’s a brand for the person that wakes up at five in the morning on a pow day….” 


“If you took the park away and just looked at the mountain, you would visualize a park.” 



“Work is life and life is work and you gotta lean to enjoy it all.” 


“Every week we get together and have knitting club…We get together and tie flies and talk about the river.” 


“When the river’s low you gotta back off and go skateboarding, don’t put too much pressure on them (the fish).” 


“I go to Vimeo and watch hundreds of movies to get inspiration outside of skateboarding.” 



“When you get to the mountain and you’re feeling a little risky. You wanna get close and uncomfortable - then you go hot boy’n for the day.” 

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Thomas Heckler | Burton Knowbuddy |Superpark19 |Day Trading | Engineering Music

[app_audio src=""]

Episode #24 

I set-up a podcast studio in my hotel room at Superpark 19 at Seven Springs and had a chat with Burton Knowbuddy rider, day trader and music engineer, Thomas Heckler. 

We covered: 

  • Growing up and snowboarding at Stowe
  • Moving to Norway and going to a snowboarding school
  • Bud Keene BKPRO
  • Knee injury and recovery Dr. Tom Hackett at Steadman Clinic
    • Electroshock therapy - jk 
  • Investing for today’s generation.
  • Day trading
  • Technical and fundamental stock analysis
  • Going long vs. going short - the loaf of bread supply and demand story 
  • Emotion and psychology in trading
  • Music recording arts and mixing/engineering 
  • How the digital ge has affected music quality
  • Snowboarder Magazine / Seven Springs / Nexen Tire Superpark 19 


“I have a lot of friends who are my age or maybe a little bit older who don’t really know anything about investing.”

“The more money you have the more money you can make.”

“It seems like my generation is much less in tune with how money or wealth is accumulated.” 

“I think it’s important for younger people to think about how they got to where they are….The ability to be able to go ride every weekend, have a pass, that stuff costs so much money.” 

“You think, money, it’s just money, it doesn't make me happy, snowboarding makes me happy……And then you have ACL surgery and you realize that it costs a hundred grand to fix a knee.”

“Guys like Warren Buffet have made billions of dollars basically by dumbing it down.”

“The smartest guys in the room are the guys that can see through all of that noise and see an opportunity.”

“At the end of the day what matters is that your ATM still spews the money out.”

“As far as trading is concerned, by the time the book comes out, the strategy is blown.”

“My dad used to say - it’s not rocket science, keep it simple…But it’s the stock market - it’s not simple…”

“A lot of it is trial and error, it’s really tough to make money in the stock market - in investing.”

“I went to school for sound technology, recording arts - recording and mixing records.”

“After the fact you go in you arrange, set levels and add different types of processing to create a picture with a song.” 

“Back when vinyl was the medium… It was so much about creating a visual picture…. you could see the band.”

“I think that listeners don't really understand that engineers are as much an artist as the actual musicians that play the instrument.”

“You can create this movement - this movie - with the sound. It’s very artistic, it’s cool.”


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Kimmy Fasani | The Road | Injury | Self Work | Triathlons | Rock Climbing
Picking up the truck at the airport to the tune of 280 bucks 
Kimmy's relationship with her husband, professional skier, Chris Bencheteler 
Kimmy's injury at Mammoth in 2013 
The mental game 
Aj's dinner 
Mimi's Organic Bakery 
Living in Mammoth 
Rock Climbing 
Breaking news on the Amusement Park 
Social Media and snowboarding 
Quotes : 
My Middle name is now Fasani and my last name is Bencheter on all my travel documents 
"When we're out in the mountains we are best friends - just like the way we are at home." 
"I drifted off the side of a jump... I did my ACL, MCL, PCL and broke my pelvis in that crash, it took me off snow for a year." 
"I  was able to reconfigure who I was and what I wanted to accomplish." 
"I felt like my mind was stronger than my body for all of last season." 
"I repeat reading this book ...It's called Be Like Water." 
"Fear really can't exist when you're in the present moment." 
"During my injury one of my biggest focuses was being ok with just being quiet and listen to my mind." 
"I got out of surgery and I asked my doctor if he thought that I would be able to do a triathlon six months from my surgery date."
"I figured that if I could do a triathlon before I got back on snow then I would be strong enough, mentally and physically for the season."
"I try not to eat dairy - except when I was in Europe for a month." 
"My diet mostly consists of a vegan diet."  
"For me school was just my way to make sure that I had a back-up plan." 
Direct download: Kimmy_Fasani.mp3
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Marie-France Roy


The gender gap 

Too Hard Vice Documentary 

Building The Cob House 

Vancouver Island 





The Little Things Movie 

David Suzuki Find yo beat mockery 

Pat Bridges 

The movie Cowspiracy and the environmental impacts of the animal agriculture industry. 



“… and then I kinda became a feminist - even though it sounds like a bad word, it shouldn't be.” 

“When you get pushed over tin the corner for so long you develop some kind of aggressive attitude - because you have to.” 


“The influences we get growing up as a girl as opposed to a guy - the odds that you’re going to end up as a professional athlete as a woman are way smaller, that’s just not what is promoted.” 


“I believe a lot of it is fear, based on injures - girls have the potential to do doubles….” 

“It’s kinda like trendy to hate and that really frustrates me.” 

“You don’t have a mortgage and you build it yourself - it’s so magical cause you did ti from your own two hands.” 

“I love to be able to have a garden and work on the house and go surfing - like twice a day, sometimes three times.” 

“You can pretty much surf year round because theres so many beached pointing in each direction”

“We have a lot of wolves and cougars… Cougars attack people all of the time - babies being attacked.” 

“It’s the most women surfers per capita… maybe I mad that up, but there’s lots of girls and they’er all hot.” 

“I didn’t feel like I cold call myself an environmentalist even though I studied it in school… because I was too guilty.” 

“I didn’t even want to talk about the environment during my whole snowboarding career, because I felt that I was not credible enough and people have been so critical towards people who do speak up.” 

“We can’t leave this issue to a handful of people that are sacrificing everything for it - they need everybody's help.” 

“I felt like I had to quit snowboarding. I developed guilt for promoting consumption of product through my sponsors and traveling so much.” 

“If you use a car or even the bus, you’re part of the system too. We’re all a bit guilty - some more than others, but at the end of the day it’s time to stop pointing fingers and focus on solutions.” 

“I don’t want to make anyone feel bad - guilt is a very negative energy and it’s not bringing us towards a solution.” 

“Just turning vegetarian is probably the most eco-friendly thing you can do.” 



“We’re the next generation of designers and CEOs - if we’re aware then we can make a really huge difference down the line.” 

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Chris Grenier | Real Snow| Massholes | Hockey | Snowmobiling | Welding

“I play (hockey) lefty, golf righty, skate goofy, snowboard regular.” 

“I think I started (snowboarding) regular because I had a Black Snow that was set-up regular.” 

“I tried to be just like Lane (Knaack), I spray painted my bindings Rasta colors to try to be like him as a kid.” 



“We’re trying to find the snow in North America for jumps right now.”

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Adam Gerken | Mervin | Snowboard Connection | Windsurfing | Amazon | Retail


In this episode Adam and I discuss the changing land scape that brick and motor retailers have faced over the past decade and how things like online shopping and Amazon have changed consumer behavior in - not just the snowboarding world but retail as a whole. We also do a little brainstorming around the concept of the shop of the future - what’s the model that’s sustainable and profitable but yet still allows space for the since of community and history that today’s core shops provide. 

Direct download: Adam_Gerken_Episode_20_.mp3
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“I’m almost moving away more from the shit that I don’t enjoy.”

“When I’m snowboarding by myself and not with a huge crew is when I do some of my best stuff.” 

“High Cascade is like the All Star Games for snowboarding”

Blue Montgomery’s outlook on when to retire as a pro. 

“I learned (my style) from watching people like Travis Parker and Kyle Clancy.”

“You got to be ready to see stuff that you thought would never be possible.” 

“That was a career highlight.” 

“One footed snowboarding is kind of like - we’ve raped this pretty hard right now.” 

“In my head, I would love to say that backcountry would be a thing…but, my knees are getting bad.” 

“I was hanging out with this kid… I was watching how he ate and I was like hholy shit I eat exactly like you.” 

“When it comes to loading a sled up, waking up at the butt crack of dawn and driving out to Whistler - that part of it kills me. I’d of been better off there back in the 90’s when snowboarders were perceived as lazy.” 


“I want to snowboard on my terms and that’s not all that possible when you get paid to do it.”

On snowboard videos: “I probably have most of what’s come out since 1997”  

“It’s gotten a little bit creepy how into it (tramp skating) I am… It’s something that I’ve gotten, in my eyes, better than snowboarding.” 

“Bode is fucking good at everything…. he wont lose - you can’t even call him an alpha male, he's a god amongst mortals.”

“I’ve built tramp skate followers on Instagram that don’t even know I snowboard.” 

“My first job a High Cascade was the trampoline monitor.” 

On video parts - “I pay attention to what been done and what has not been done.” 

“It’s slightly hard to find a balance and only be slightly parcourish.”

“I see these Too Hard chicks hitting rails that I don’t want to hit.” 

“If I find out that some of my friends don’t like dogs, we don’t hang out so much.” 

“My parents were super into Seinfeld, they’d have Seinfeld parties.” 

“George is probably my favorite character.”  

“I turn into Larry David on an airplane… I feel like the middle seat should get both arm rests…” 

“I love half pipes… my body feels loose riding a pipe.”


“Chris and I want to give back to snowboarding - with Change That Tape.” 

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Episode #18

In this Episode AJ and I chat with one of the men behind the lawsuit filed against Alta ski resort, Forrest Gladding. 

Forrest and his family live just a couple of miles from Alta and have been an instrumental part of the fight to end discrimination at Alta.

In addition to talking about Wasatch Equality we touch on surfing, how Brighton is like mini-golf, One Wasatch , shit Alta skiers say, Burton's poaching contest and much more. 


Direct download: Episode_18_Forrest_Gladding_.mp3
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Jeremy Jensen | Grassroots Powdersurfing | Skate Shoes | Quivers | Entrepreneurship
Direct download: Jermey_Jensen_Episode_17_.mp3
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Lane Knaack | Japan | Boreal | Smokin | Weddings | Splitboarding
Direct download: Episode_16_Lane_Knaack_Final_Final_.mp3
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Jason Bothe AKA Renee Renee | Diet | Podcasting | Plan 9 Official | Skateboarding | Surfing |Snowboarding
Direct download: Episode_15_Renee_Renee_.mp3
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Jesse Paul | Roadtrips | College | Photography | Lucid Dreaming | Meditation

Spending contest winnings on a 14 HP winch that pull up to 30 miles an hour for street riding

and camera equipment.

Photography - Nikon’s D7100 /The Impaler and Instagram

Juggling college and snowboarding right out of high school 

Working for the City 2 Link

Forging a unique path through post secondary higher ed

“What are you going to do with an anthropology degree?” 

Nate Blomquist and Common Apparel

The Impaler video parts

Filming in SD vs HD

Road-tripping since Christmas and dropping Instagram edits along the way

The state of snowboard videos - Crazy Loco & Video Mix-Tape

“I doubt that people are spending a lot of money on videos.”

“Growing up I would buy movies and watch them over and over and over…”

Lucid dreaming

“I’ve always been interested in mediation and spirituality.”

“After a while you start to notice theses dream signs….at that point you can control your dream.”

“In a dream, if you look at your watch twice the numbers will never be the same.”

Aj dreams about skatetopoia

“You can fly, you can have sexual fantasies, you can skate…”

“There’s real benefits from Lucid Dreaming…. it’s kinda shrugged off by society…”

“When you’re younger your mind is free and less solidified.” 

Sports psychology - “You can improve on skills even while not doing them.”

The state of flow - moving meditation - uninhibited being

The expanding global consciousness   

How everything is just one thing.

The singularity, being a cyborg and cell phones.

Human evolution and text messaging etiquette.

Snapchat snaphack and jerking off in front of your friends

Snapcash - sending money through Snapchat 

Hitting spots in Whitefish Montana and filming with Ashley (Jesse’s girlfriends)

Winning a $500 gift card to Bobcat Mattress in Bozeman Montana.

“It was defiantly the most interesting prize I’ve ever won….I’m pretty hyped on  gift cart to the mattress store.”

Snow-skating back in the day.

“I thought snowboarding was lame… cause it was like cheating because you’re strapped in.”

Making time for Meditation 


Direct download: Jesse_Paul_Episode_13_.mp3
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Laura Hadar | Retirement | Retail | Rock Climbing
Direct download: Laura_Hadar_.mp3
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Direct download: Todd_Richards_Episode_11_.mp3
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Danny Hairston SHRED Foundation | Reimagining Education | Visualization | Youth Snowboarding Culture
Direct download: Episode_10_Danny_Hairston_Shred_Foundation_.mp3
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Brooke Geery Yobeat | Tinder | Nike Snowboarding | Snowboard Nerds
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Terje Haakonesn | Snowskating | Surfing | Environmentalism | Yoga
Direct download: Terje_Haakosen_Episode_8_final_.mp3
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  • Growing up as vegetarian skateboarder in Alabama 
  • Teenage rebellion 
  • How society views food 
  • How Burritos and Snow came about 
  • Escaping Alabama - 
  • “No one move to Salt Lake for two years” 
  • Learning to Snowboard at 25 
  • “If I had to pick between music and snowboarding… I’d pick music hands down.” 
  • Nate goes to a New Kids on the Block concert 
  • Daniel's first concert  - John Denver 
  • Daniel explains to Nate how Spotify works (I’ve since downloaded the app and begun to use it. 
  • Pitcrew Back in Montana Drinking game 
  • Discussing how to succeed at snowboarding retail 
  • Milo Salty Peaks Blindside 
  • “Skateboarding for me was completely different thank snowboarding.” 
  • “Skateboarding was all about hanging out with my friends.” 
  • Thrift Store shopping for size 44 pants 
  • Skateboarding is not like riding a bike. 
  • “Vert is dead”
  • Riding with music - and formulating the playlists. 
  • “My 18 year old self would beat my ass.” 
  • How yoga is like skateboarding 
  • “As soon as my back stop hurting I’ll get into yoga - if you get into yoga your back will stop hurting” 
  • “The smallest of decisions can affect your life in the craziest ways.” 
  • The power of Thrasher Mag! 
  • Tipper Gore and the PMRC. 
  • Prince when Doves Cry. 
  • Punk is positive Minor Threat 
  • Spring break in “Panama City” Vs. SLAYER 
  • Marketing as a career path 
  • “Marketing is the bartending of degrees”
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Nate offers a free URL:
  • Shaun Farmer takes us out
Direct download: Daniel_Burritos_and_Snow_Cochrane_.mp3
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Direct download: TNSP_Chris_MountJoy_final__-_113014_10.28_PM.mp3
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What’s in a name - Nate mispronounces names on the regular

Slalom snowboarding   

River surfing vs. surfing in the ocean 

Getting a skateboard as a teenage girl

The first day at a resort and the resulting first broken wrist 

Kickflips and swimming for miles in the pool 

How Nate stole pizza from Pizza Hut as a kid

Silvia swims in her dreams

Mediation vs. the zone 

Hidden messages in water: 

Eating plant based thanks to Monsanto 

The World According to Monsanto Full Length Movie: 

Ending world hunger and reducing drought 

The effects of eating plant based diet as an athlete  

Other plant based super athletes: Mac Danzig (MMA), Rich Roll (triathlete)

How to make swimming laps awesome

Winter snowboarding plans  

Octoberfest in Münich 

Insert picture of Silvia with 8 beers 

Instagram vs. Facebook 

We end on Silvia’s tips for how to transport beer across international boarders


Find Silvia at the following social media outlets:

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Direct download: Episode_4_Mike_Basich_.mp3
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In this episode Aj and I chat with David Zemens from the snowboarding blog David describes the blog as original commentary & opinion on snowsports industry trends and news, and unbiased reviews of the newest gear without overwhelming you with every single press releases and recycled web edits.

David on the snow at A-basin November 4th 2014
David on the snow at A-basin November 4th 2014

For me - even though this was the first time we've ever spoken to each other, chatting with David was like reconnecting with an old friend. We're even planning to get together and shred together this winter.

We cover the following topics and much - much more:

  • Pitcrew 20 year anniversary.
  • Handwritten notes from the lead singer of Old Indian (best band ever). 
  • Skateboarding in stripclubs.
  • Aj and David’s mutual friends.
  • Nate offends the entire south eastern snowboard scene by calling them rednecks.
  • How and why David started
  • Balancing work, blogging, riding and mountain biking.
  • How politics correlate with team sports.
  • Stripers using Bitcoin and AJ making it virtually rain in the club.
  • We dig deep into currency theory and economics. We come away with the realization that you can’t eat money and when the zombie apocalypse comes - the real currencies will be denim tobacco, whiskey, food and water.
  • No friends on a powder day/ lost at Vail.
  • Bucket list snowboarding trips.
  • David’s favorite boards…. Spoiler alert: Mahar Throwback
  • Shout out to People Skate and Snowboards shop. 
  • Monetization of the blog. 
  • Shop Demo days and board reviews. 
  • Planning a trip to Seven Springs and/or the Upper Peninsula. 
  • Reach David at | | | |
Direct download: Episode_3_David_Zemens_Agnarchy.com_.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_2_Sean_Kerrick_Sullivan___Final_.mp3
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Episode #1

Thanks for checking out the first episode of The Not Snowboarding Podcast.

In this episode we try to explain what the goal of the podcast is and why it’s named The Not Snowboarding Podcast.


Episode 1 (2)

In addition to hearing about AJ’s summer at Windells this episode covers the following:

Direct download: TNSP_Episode_FINAL__-_102314_8.48_PM.mp3
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