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March 2017
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Episode #56
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Nate and AJ got to sit down, in person with Joe Sexton during the Parts and Labor all snowboarding trade show in Denver. 
Peep Joe's new 1817 edit: 




Communicate Directly with Joe at his Tumblr page: or stay up on insta: JoeSexton1817
This episode covers: 
VX Filming 
The first Double Cork 
Why Parts & Labor as opposed to SIA 
Building Public quickly 
Thoughts on brand marketing and the art direction of Public 
Jason Borgestede’s business questions to Joe 
Being burned by a pro snowboarder as a kid and the impact that it had on him
Facebook Live questions: David Thacker of Thacker’s Transmission 
How Bradshaw got on Public 
The power of language 
The board development process at Public 
The Jed Anderson question 
Leaving StepChild Snowboards 
Listener questions (Halldor, Alex Dunn AKA - BLOWUP Skateboards,  Jason Borgstede, Noah Vincent, Mike Happy Bauer, Daniel Cochrane, Cody Nesbit)
Thoughts on the future of street snowboarding 
Hitting his head resulting in a TBI 
Snoring and sleep talking 
Minnesota snowboarding 
How your outfit impacts your snowboarding 
The importance of family 
Growing up with a twin brother
Facebook pokes and phone hacking  
Crashing JP Walker’s motorcycle
Don Brown and the tough guy shot
Send artwork and VHS tapes to:
Backcountry snowboarding with Sean Johnson 
Quotes from the episode: 
“If you try it and if fails, at least you tried it.” 
“A lot of younger kids can fire up a great text conversaion, but when you see them in real life you can hardly get a word out of em.” 
“There’s been some talks - Jed’s a good friend.” 
"We have a team board called the General Public - that one has two wide sizes.”
“There’s something cool about 3am with the generator on.” 
“If I’m not feeling it - it’s ok to walk away. I need to listen to my body more.” 
“For like two weeks -the whole world would spin and then I’d throw up.” 
“That’s the hard thing with injuries, you have to get obsess with being patient.” 
“When I lived at that house I was such a pile.” 
“I don’t want to sit on a chairlift for a half hour and go down the hill once. I want to ride a rope tow for an hour and a half and feel like I’ve been there all day.” 
“If my pants are a certain size and I wear some that are one centimeter bigger, I’m like, I have baggy pants on.” 
“I like to be a able to tell people how I feel and not hold anything back.” 
“I don’t have a Facebook… There was a fake one of me though.” 
“Getting a compliment from guys that you really look up to is kind of the end goal.” 
"When JodyHighroller (Riff Raff) face palmed me - that was a bit aggressive." 
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Episode #55

Cover photo shot by: Alban Jehlen Photography

So how to describe victor - he's a Frenchman, a student working on his master's degree, he's a surfer, a skydiver, a photographer  and most of all he's someone that has tapped into the ability to appreciate every second that he is experiencing in life. To quote Victor, "I'm a city boy, but I love camping, I love hiking, I love sleeping in sketchy igloos... I don't care.... Snowboarding is my true passion."

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Quotes from this episode:

“Fuck Red Bull!”

“They bring alot of money onto our industry - for some stuff they do great. But for all that - to sell more poison, don’t forget it!”

“Snowboarding is not that cool anymore - we passed the cool trend… The snowboarders who are left are way more core and cool.”

“I cried five times the first time I watched it from laughing so hard.”


“The other Victor had to spit on my face.”

“Life is a kind of game and we’re all paling the same game.”

"On this life you never know - anything can happen.”

“I’m really passionate about building jumps. It’s like a kid game - you build your castle and then you play inside.”

“Because I dress a little bit nicer all my friends are calling me dandy.”

“In general, in snowboarding, people love to make fun of each other.”

"We'll need to find some more Grandmas..."

"I have some really tragic memories of POGS games.....your kid was just a looser!"

"I went to a funeral last week and I want to shoot funerals - the vibe was kind of weird."

"Snowboarding is a real passion for me - it's not a job."

"I did an internship with Nixon (marketing)... I don't think I can work in an office all of my life."

"We have one life, we need to live every fucking second."

"I realized that I'm not scared to die. Life is made up of birth and death and between both you have to enjoy as much as possible."

"I'm not really into religion at all.... When you see all of the wars for religion - it's retarded."

"We're all gonna die."

"First rule at UNO, UNO is a bitch."


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Thanks in advance -Nate and AJ 
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