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Eddie Wall | TransWorld SNOWboarding | Juicing | Meditation | Boxing | Cambodia

Episode #35

Episode notes:

AJ and Nate Skyped Eddie to discuss:

  • Growing up vegetarian 
  • Cowspiracy 
  • Eat To Live by Dr. Furman 
  • The China Study 
  • Micronutrients 
  • Cold press juicing 
  • Meditation 
  • Eddie Wall Sr. 
  • Boarding School 
  • The janitorial arts and getting into professional snowboarding 
  • Mt. Hood 
  • Boxing 
  • Head trauma 
  • Traveling the world 
  • Pho
  • Transitioning from a pro career to working for Transworld Snowboarding 
  • Eddie’s Wall 
  • Social media management 
  • Wallenberg 
  • Drum circles in Venice Beach 
  • Surfing 



Some quotes from the episode: 

“If you’re a vegan who does cross-fit - you have a problem cause what do you tell people first.” 

“I almost compare juicing to snowboarding or skating or something… It takes time and practice to get it right.” 

“We have cravings because we’re addicted to sugar.” 

“I grew up my whole life with my dad meditating." 

“Trying to not think of anything - it’s so hard!” 

“He was just up hiking the rails with the kids at Big Boulder and he’s (Eddie’s dad) 65.” 

“When I was 14 I went to boarding school.” 

"When I graduated a lot of my classmates went to Harvard or Yale and I went to the west coast to be a janitor.” 

“I was a nighttime janitor - so I could ride all day.” 

“Forum was like what the fuck did you guys do - you just spent so much money.” 

“I talked with a few people around LA and found a boxing gym - I just walked in and talked with the head coach.” 

“I’m going to get my head checked pretty soon - I’ve been knocked out plenty of times snowboarding… I’ll be glassy eyed for a couple of days after sparring.” 

“Every time you get a concussion - every time you hit your head - it’s easier to get on the next time.” 

“It wasn’t like today where every kid wears a helmet.” 

“Go to southeast Asia, it’s the coolest zone.” 

“When you’re gone from the US for four months straight - you just get a different outlook on the world."

“From 12 years old until I was 35 I’ve known exactly what I‘ve wanted to do in life.” 

“Maybe I should go to art school - maybe I should get into real estate…. I’ll probably never get out of the snowboarding world - this is what I love.” 

“I run the social media for Transworld.” 

“I’m at my desk from 9-5 working.” 

“Working at a magazine is kinda like working t a news station for snowboarding.” 

“My preferred wave is a quick hollow wave.” 

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Harrison Montgomery | Hate | Solution Based Selling | Lines | Retail Sustainability

Episode #34


Harrison and Nate discussed: 

  • Boot fitting - razzing Nate about his MasterFit boot fitting certificate
  • Working at Nova Bikes in VA - both Harrison and Nate worked there
  • Transitioning from retail to medical device sales at OR Solutions
  • Open heart bypass surgery
  • Appointment setting
  • Picking your line and looking ahead
  • Driving the speed limit
  • Advice for someone that wants to get into the industry
  • Running a shop sustainably
  • Office Space
  • Online retail 
  • Harrison Hates persona
  • Solution based selling
  • Shit kits
  • Harrisonhates on Instagram 
  • South of The North

Quotes from the episode: 

"At the end of the day the cyclical part of our entire lives comes down to the buying and the selling."

"I had fallen asleep at the wheel and broadsided a one ton dually pick-up truck… I have seven titanium plates in my face, jacked up my knee and knocked all the teeth out of my mouth."

"So here I was 24 - 25 years old and I was the number one salesperson in the company."

“I experienced thing professional that I didn’t enjoy that helped get me to where I am.”

“At this point if someone is dismissing snowboarding as a fad - they should be punched in the face.”

“Some of my friends gave me shit - instant rep, just add water.”

“I’ve had some really good years, but it’s been seven or eight years since it’s been great.”

“Skateboards don’t cost as much and the margins suck.”

“I’d love to be the guy drawing the lines… There’s this recurring theme about the lines.”

“Marketing is the closest thing to being a sales rep, but you get a paycheck…”

“If it wasn’t for the retailers, I wouldn’t have a job…”

“Too many retailers have tried to be too big. Too big a store, too many staff, too much product and not a real plan to deal with it when it doesn’t work out.”

“Why would we open another store while this one’s not perfect.”

“My job is not just to sell you stuff - it’s also to be an advisor.”

“Invest in the little guys - invest in the guys that aren’t all over the internet.”

“There’s still a touch it, feel it, see it component to how I buy.”

“Would you really want to buy a car online without driving it?”

“What’s the most important part of your set-up? Boots man.”

“Oh, and then there’s Harrison with 25% of the country.”

“…What has made all of those experiences worth it is the guys that I get to do it with.”

“I walk into a shop and I’m like what is this bullshit on the wall!”

“If you have a sale section in your store - it should be the smallest part of your store.”

“I don’t think I’d want to open a shop with less than 100K in the bank.”

“You can’t make a living in this industry just selling one thing anymore.”

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Marty Bonacci | Custom Cult Snowboards | Tim Ferriss | E-Bay | Moccasins | Bow Hunting for Humans

Episode #33

My buddy Paul Horning and I sat down and chatted with Marty over Skype - we discussed Marty’s new custom snowboard company Custom Cult Snowboards. Paul and Marty reminisced about the good ole days a bit which was quite funny as Paul used to work for Marty at Whitetail. We walked down the path that Marty took in building his first online business - which actually has nothing to do with snowboarding. It was a really fun conversion - Marty is amazing at deconstructing processes and seeing opportunities that others don't see or act on.

We covered:

New Mexico living

Reminiscing the good ole days at Whitetail

Paul’s mullet and goatee

Eric Gibson’s vert ramp teardown

Skating vert in snowboard boots

Paul’s work ethic

Nate’s bow hunting skills and the zombie apocalypse

Paul gets shot with an arrow

Working for Kingpin Snowboards

Background on Custom Cult Snowboards

US Open at Stratton

Tim Ferriss and his book The Four Hour Work Week

Western Belts and moccasins on E-bay

Snowboards made out of dirt

Quotes from the episode:

“I remember - every year that I instructed or worked at a ski resort. I never made enough money to cover my expenses. I went into debt deeper everyone of those years.”

“I’ll get this ramp and people will just magically come help set it up… people would rather be snowboarding than setting up a ramp.”

“See Nate, Marty’s a good friend.” -Paul

“I ride with a zero zero stance… I tried to have a skateboard stance on my snowboard.”

“It was an eye opening experience - just how different you can make a board by tweaking just one spec”

“There’s a handful of custom shops around the world”

“I think you can make a surfboard with less equipment and overhead than a snowboard.”

“I’ve been doing the board design for Smokin since they began.”

“I’ve started my businesses by accident… I was completely broke, unemployed and almost homeless.”

“I noticed that I’d get up in the morning and spend 5 minutes pronging ou the labels and sending via the internet fax regardless of if I sold one item or a hundred items.”

“About a year ago, I took all my snowboard making equipment and threw it out.”

“You don’t want a board designed for you by someone you don’t know. You want a board designed for you by someone who’s riding style that you look up to or that you’d want to emulate. You don’t want a board designed for you by someone that’s a poser or someone that sucks or an engineering nerd.”

“Shit I know a bunch of people that look up to Paul’s riding…”

“I hated sitting in front of the computer screen all day… and I realized that I’d probably die a virgin.”

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Wally Inouye | Surfboard Shaping | Airbrushing | Pools | Lifeblood | Cooking

Episode 32

Nate drops in on AJ and Wally right in the middle of a conversation about forest fires to kick of the episode.

They also discuss:

  • Wally’s home in Oregon
  • The wall ride in 1973 that coined the nickname Wally
  • Living on an organic orchard
  • Airbrushing sailboards and surfboards
  • How Wally came to Oregon
  • 1989 snowboarding in August
  • Origins of Mt. Hood Snowboard Camp
  • The baby steps of Burnside
  • Surfboard shaping
  • Kelly Slater’s air to knee landing 




  • Parenting
  • Getting into cooking and the restaurant business
  • IPS
  • Pool skating
  • Lifeblood Cutaway Lifeblood
  • Youtube scholar
  • Edmond Bacon/Love Park  

 Quotes from the episode:

“They tried to give me a substantial raise, I said no - I’m going to Oregon to paint sailboards.”

“We hiked cause no one wanted to pay for a lift ticket.”

“We were on hill at 8am. We ran gates till 10am. Then we rode halfpipe.”

“In 91 we had another low snow year - in February we were skiing on Palmer…. We moved out (to the coast) March first and it started dumping, 50 inches.”

“I started surfing in 1969 and when I was 12 I made my money doing ding repair.”

“We bought a longboard form garage sale, ripped the glass off and we each shaped one side…. I shaped a pin tail and he shaped a swallow tail on his side…”

“I’m at Windells so I’m thirteen years old all year long.”

“Both of my kids have gone 40mph by 2 years old… bombing hills on a skateboard.”

“We called it fine dining with kids.”

“We actually became the first internet cafe on the coast… We had a computer in the lower dining room with a 28.8 modem”

“I’ve skated a lot of 15 minute pools…. The homeowner comes out with a machete or weed whacker - lets the dobermans out.”

“I’ve seen and done a lot in the last 56 years of my life”

“Conserve water. Drain your pool!”

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In this Episode AJ and Nate chat with Pete about:

Trouble getting all three of us on the same Skype call.
The Interior Plain Project Podcast
80’s skateboarding in the western Wisconsin country.”
Aqua Jam
Getting hated on for being a skater.
High School hazing
Fran Lebowitz on Skateboarding
Working retail in the Mall of America
Fobia Skateshop and Iota Skateboards
The inspiration behind The Interior Plain Project
AJ connection problems
Sales repping and retail.
Stock market psychology
Obamacare - “Hi mom.”
Retail morality
Camber vs Reverse Camber
Rundown of the IPP board models


“There was no one telling us what was cool, what wasn't cool or how to do it… and at that time, I mean what was right? It was 1986.”
“Get on the floor and push a penny with your nose - high school hazing.”
“At that time skaters stuck together.”
“We had four sheets of plywood leading to a launch ramp - we landed in the grass, cause that’s what we had in the country.”
“I was a snow TM, the GM and I was running Iota sales.”
“I liked the idea of begging a question, that’s unique - it makes them ask and inquire and it gives them an opportunity to learn.”
“It’s not that we’re in the midwest and in the plains, it’s that we’re a vehicle and we’re moving through theses different dimensions.”
“There are riders and you can ride a board, but you pilot a board.”
“You ride an Interior board and you’re riding a piece of my heart.”
“If saving five bucks on something means the world to you, I’m sorry that’s your reality.”
“Online’s not the devil, but if you’re not supporting your local shops, you’re not supporting the community of snowboarding.”
“The thing that snowboarding fucked up al long time ago is that they started sponsoring all of theses kids - in the bike industry a sponsored rider is still paying for their frame.”
“The midwest is the fabric of snowboarding.”
“Reverse camber is just an old construction that was brought back and reinvented. It comes back to culture, in America we want everything easier.”

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Kevin English | High Cascade & Windells | Business Management | Flying Planes |Real Estate
AJ and NAte chat with We Are Camp CEO Kevin English about:
Working construction as a kid 
Real Estate development
Blue Montgomery and the K2 days
Business Management 
K2 Snowboarding meets rollerblades 
Listener question from Blake Adam 
Getting an MBA 
Growing up on Donner Summit 
The Trifecta - Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding in one day. 
Auckland New Zealand 
Flying planes 
Airplane Repo 
AJ starts a new trend in snowboarding #sexwax 
Kevin gives AJ his annual performce review
Jesse Burtner 
The future of High Cascade and Windlell’s 
Kim Bohnsack
Social Media anxiety 
Quotes from the episode: 
“When you manage people there’s always an issue - we’re emotional beings.” 
“I’m going to be a land developer, I love that, it’s art, you’re creating spaces.” 
“I started at High Cascade as a counselor back in 1999 and worked my way up.” 
“You’re trying to get two different cultures to mesh….. The High Cascade Culture and the Windless culture… To me, best practice wins…” 
“When you’re 20 it’s (snowboarding) the world. When you’re 30 it’s still a big part of the world, but you realize that there’s more to it.” 
“Don’t be the stereotype that they expect you to be.” 
“Is Windell’s or High Cascade going to have a rollerblade camp… Or scooters? No - never.” 
“My dad used to say that going to college is just a sign to the world that you can follow through with something.” 
“Put maybe a little bit more on your plate than you think you can handle, because you usually can handle it.” 
“Listen to Airline Pilot Guy - it’s a podcast about flying airplanes - Flying is fucking awesome.” 
“It’s better to feel like an idiot on the ground than feel like an idiot in the last 100 feet before you kill yourself.” 
“this combining of the two camps gives a financial platform for both camps.” 
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Jesse Burtner | Socratic Learning | Music | Parenting | Think Thank | Mob-flips

Aj and I chat with Jesse about:


J-pop SoySauce Nation AK 

Fathers day and parenting 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Married Life 

Living in the moment 

Growing up in Alaska 

Socratic learning 

Think Thank 

Matt Burtner’s music 


Twitter and social media 

Listener questions from Travis Holler and Alex Lactase 

Mob flips and rocketflips. 



“We did have a baby, his name was Think Thank.” 

“We’ve been overwhelming blessed to do what we find fun.” 

“Ollie already has a whole marketing program around him and he’s not even one. We’ve got change that diaper on Instagram”

“Work is a gift and it’s life and it’s fun - that’s how we were raised….Privileged to be here… Thank you snowboarding.” 

“Having a kid has been blast - you get to experience the world again through a being that’s brand new and everything is new to them.” 

“Snowboarding was where I fit in, I didn't really fit in anywhere.” 

“Someone would just pull up and be like “fuck you skater fag” - in like 7th grade.” 

“You can learn a bunch of info and learn things or you can learn how to learn. When you learn how to learn, that’s unlocking the swag.” 

“My dad is like - you need bigger lib-tech’s on the bottom, I counted 15 Dinosaurs Will Die and I counted some real good k2’s…” 

“Thunk is the sound a thought makes and it’s supposed to represent the shortest amount of time.”

“That was the first time I purposely got drunk to edit.” 

“Louie Barletta is my spirit animal.” 

“He’ll play ice - He’ll have like an ice block and some bowls and everything’s mic’d.” 

“So many rhythms - not a single melody.” 

“I’ve been getting into poetry lately, I feel like it’s the next medium for me.”

“Facebook is where you tell your friends and family lies. Twitter is where you tell strangers the truth.” 


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Episode #28 Stan Leveille

Episode #28

AJ joins Stan at The New Show's HQ and Nate Skyped in to discuss the infamous Burton letter, feisty red headed youtube sensations (not talking about Shaun White),  Vermonters, snowboard videos and reggae's roots.

We also hit on the following topics:

  • Mysonstan_fan instagram
  • Gin and Juice Karaoke
  • Ratdog manner
  • South Park
  • Naked Bike rides
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Erik Leon guest visit.
  • Gag balls in The New Show Dungeon
  • Hateline vs. The New Show
  • The Clash, Bad Brains, Sid Vicious
  • Yelp
  • Airblaster - Regular guy. December.
  • Stan admits that he wrote the Burton letter.
  • Origins of Reggae and Jamaican culture
  • Listener questions from Chris Mark Hammer and D.J. Paul
  • The key to being a successful intern at Yobeat (or anywhere).
  • North Korea
  • Justin's social media: Instagram & Twitter 
  • Coppercab

Quotes from the episode:

“Sometimes I felt like I was talking on behalf of what the audience expected, not how I felt.” 

“If everyone’s down with what you’re doing, then somethings wrong.”

“Maybe you need to give the people what they need, not what they want.”

“The whole Burton thing - I was just stressed about it…”

“Snowboarding definitely got way serious.”

“I like to snowboard because all my friends and me are idiots and we’re out there making dumb jokes and knocking each other over - hooting and hollering, that’s the kind of stuff I get behind.”

“I think VG 1 nailed it - my prediction is that Chicken Meat is going to nail it.”

“he’s not and idiot and he’s good at rapping.”  Brooke’s sister Jenna

“I give the upmost respect to Brooke for giving me that chance.”

“So obviously I take cues from Gary Rodgers - Skateline.”

The Stan Full Part - “I think I can hold my own.. I talk so much shit it’s almost like a dick move that I haven't put out a part.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten laid for being famous… Ok wait, I might of gotten laid for being famous - it happened once.”

“Mostly I get fanned out on by teenage boys”

"There are navaho indians that are convicted that Bob Marley was a messiah."

“History of Jamaica is my secret passion.”

Want to help the podcast grow? Just click the banner ad below before shopping on Amazon and the podcast will receive a small commission from your purchases at no cost to you. Thanks in advance -Nate

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Episode #27 Nate & AJ

“It’s hard to produce a podcast every week when you’re transient like I am and just a step above homeless.” 


“Lately it’s been the not podcasting podcast.” 


“I’m really stoked that Caitlin got to do her thing and I’m really stoked that I got to be apart of it in a  really small way.” 


“I wish I had the time to be bored.”  



“We’re busy getting stung by bees and almost getting eaten by sharks while surfing.”


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Nick Hyne | Trick Bag Snowboarding App | Diaries Downunder | Japan | JBMC

“It’s all snowboard so it’s all pretty fun to me. I’m obsessed with snowboarding!” 


“Japan is actually the biggest market for the Trick Bag App. US is number 2.” 


“I’ve spent twelve New Zealand summers (winters) in Japan now.”  


“I didn’t even know that Japan (had snow) - I mean, I knew they had snow, but I didn't realize that it was the powder maker of the world.”  


“There’s a different kind of culture in Japan. What you do is not for yourself, it’s more for society.” 


“When you get a good day at your home resort it’s kinda hard to beat.” 


“The Progression that snowboarding is taking relies less and less on the conditions…” 


“To learn a new carving variation -  you can do it literarily on grey bird rainy day and it might break the internet.”  



“Not everybody wakes up at seven in the morning like, ok, today’s 1080 day…” 

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Gray Thompson | Hot Boy'n | Banked Slaloms | United Shapes | Warp Wave | Fly Fishing |

“It kinda rubbed me the wrong way… When it came down to competing it was super serious - gave me butterflies. That’s no the feeling when you’re snowboarding otherwise.” 


“I think the trend towards jam sessions is the best thing in competitive snowboarding right now.” 


“You could be having an ok day and then go rip around with five of your best friends and then it’s the best day of the year.”


“We just take turns following each other as close as we can….”


“My weekend was like mini vacation where I didn’t have to leave my home.” 


“We all came together Lets just go out on a limb and start a board company. We have all these ideas, lets create an outlet for them.”  


“We want this cool relationship with the consumer and the brand.. I feel like I could call up anyone who buys a board from us and be like, lets go ride.” 


“We’re going to be realizing a few more shapes this fall. Each sale only comes in one size.”


“It’s a brand for snowboarders who love the mountain and love the feeling of snowboarding. It’s a brand for the person that wakes up at five in the morning on a pow day….” 


“If you took the park away and just looked at the mountain, you would visualize a park.” 



“Work is life and life is work and you gotta lean to enjoy it all.” 


“Every week we get together and have knitting club…We get together and tie flies and talk about the river.” 


“When the river’s low you gotta back off and go skateboarding, don’t put too much pressure on them (the fish).” 


“I go to Vimeo and watch hundreds of movies to get inspiration outside of skateboarding.” 



“When you get to the mountain and you’re feeling a little risky. You wanna get close and uncomfortable - then you go hot boy’n for the day.” 

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Thomas Heckler | Burton Knowbuddy |Superpark19 |Day Trading | Engineering Music

[app_audio src=""]

Episode #24 

I set-up a podcast studio in my hotel room at Superpark 19 at Seven Springs and had a chat with Burton Knowbuddy rider, day trader and music engineer, Thomas Heckler. 

We covered: 

  • Growing up and snowboarding at Stowe
  • Moving to Norway and going to a snowboarding school
  • Bud Keene BKPRO
  • Knee injury and recovery Dr. Tom Hackett at Steadman Clinic
    • Electroshock therapy - jk 
  • Investing for today’s generation.
  • Day trading
  • Technical and fundamental stock analysis
  • Going long vs. going short - the loaf of bread supply and demand story 
  • Emotion and psychology in trading
  • Music recording arts and mixing/engineering 
  • How the digital ge has affected music quality
  • Snowboarder Magazine / Seven Springs / Nexen Tire Superpark 19 


“I have a lot of friends who are my age or maybe a little bit older who don’t really know anything about investing.”

“The more money you have the more money you can make.”

“It seems like my generation is much less in tune with how money or wealth is accumulated.” 

“I think it’s important for younger people to think about how they got to where they are….The ability to be able to go ride every weekend, have a pass, that stuff costs so much money.” 

“You think, money, it’s just money, it doesn't make me happy, snowboarding makes me happy……And then you have ACL surgery and you realize that it costs a hundred grand to fix a knee.”

“Guys like Warren Buffet have made billions of dollars basically by dumbing it down.”

“The smartest guys in the room are the guys that can see through all of that noise and see an opportunity.”

“At the end of the day what matters is that your ATM still spews the money out.”

“As far as trading is concerned, by the time the book comes out, the strategy is blown.”

“My dad used to say - it’s not rocket science, keep it simple…But it’s the stock market - it’s not simple…”

“A lot of it is trial and error, it’s really tough to make money in the stock market - in investing.”

“I went to school for sound technology, recording arts - recording and mixing records.”

“After the fact you go in you arrange, set levels and add different types of processing to create a picture with a song.” 

“Back when vinyl was the medium… It was so much about creating a visual picture…. you could see the band.”

“I think that listeners don't really understand that engineers are as much an artist as the actual musicians that play the instrument.”

“You can create this movement - this movie - with the sound. It’s very artistic, it’s cool.”


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Kimmy Fasani | The Road | Injury | Self Work | Triathlons | Rock Climbing
Picking up the truck at the airport to the tune of 280 bucks 
Kimmy's relationship with her husband, professional skier, Chris Bencheteler 
Kimmy's injury at Mammoth in 2013 
The mental game 
Aj's dinner 
Mimi's Organic Bakery 
Living in Mammoth 
Rock Climbing 
Breaking news on the Amusement Park 
Social Media and snowboarding 
Quotes : 
My Middle name is now Fasani and my last name is Bencheter on all my travel documents 
"When we're out in the mountains we are best friends - just like the way we are at home." 
"I drifted off the side of a jump... I did my ACL, MCL, PCL and broke my pelvis in that crash, it took me off snow for a year." 
"I  was able to reconfigure who I was and what I wanted to accomplish." 
"I felt like my mind was stronger than my body for all of last season." 
"I repeat reading this book ...It's called Be Like Water." 
"Fear really can't exist when you're in the present moment." 
"During my injury one of my biggest focuses was being ok with just being quiet and listen to my mind." 
"I got out of surgery and I asked my doctor if he thought that I would be able to do a triathlon six months from my surgery date."
"I figured that if I could do a triathlon before I got back on snow then I would be strong enough, mentally and physically for the season."
"I try not to eat dairy - except when I was in Europe for a month." 
"My diet mostly consists of a vegan diet."  
"For me school was just my way to make sure that I had a back-up plan." 
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Marie-France Roy


The gender gap 

Too Hard Vice Documentary 

Building The Cob House 

Vancouver Island 





The Little Things Movie 

David Suzuki Find yo beat mockery 

Pat Bridges 

The movie Cowspiracy and the environmental impacts of the animal agriculture industry. 



“… and then I kinda became a feminist - even though it sounds like a bad word, it shouldn't be.” 

“When you get pushed over tin the corner for so long you develop some kind of aggressive attitude - because you have to.” 


“The influences we get growing up as a girl as opposed to a guy - the odds that you’re going to end up as a professional athlete as a woman are way smaller, that’s just not what is promoted.” 


“I believe a lot of it is fear, based on injures - girls have the potential to do doubles….” 

“It’s kinda like trendy to hate and that really frustrates me.” 

“You don’t have a mortgage and you build it yourself - it’s so magical cause you did ti from your own two hands.” 

“I love to be able to have a garden and work on the house and go surfing - like twice a day, sometimes three times.” 

“You can pretty much surf year round because theres so many beached pointing in each direction”

“We have a lot of wolves and cougars… Cougars attack people all of the time - babies being attacked.” 

“It’s the most women surfers per capita… maybe I mad that up, but there’s lots of girls and they’er all hot.” 

“I didn’t feel like I cold call myself an environmentalist even though I studied it in school… because I was too guilty.” 

“I didn’t even want to talk about the environment during my whole snowboarding career, because I felt that I was not credible enough and people have been so critical towards people who do speak up.” 

“We can’t leave this issue to a handful of people that are sacrificing everything for it - they need everybody's help.” 

“I felt like I had to quit snowboarding. I developed guilt for promoting consumption of product through my sponsors and traveling so much.” 

“If you use a car or even the bus, you’re part of the system too. We’re all a bit guilty - some more than others, but at the end of the day it’s time to stop pointing fingers and focus on solutions.” 

“I don’t want to make anyone feel bad - guilt is a very negative energy and it’s not bringing us towards a solution.” 

“Just turning vegetarian is probably the most eco-friendly thing you can do.” 



“We’re the next generation of designers and CEOs - if we’re aware then we can make a really huge difference down the line.” 

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Chris Grenier | Real Snow| Massholes | Hockey | Snowmobiling | Welding

“I play (hockey) lefty, golf righty, skate goofy, snowboard regular.” 

“I think I started (snowboarding) regular because I had a Black Snow that was set-up regular.” 

“I tried to be just like Lane (Knaack), I spray painted my bindings Rasta colors to try to be like him as a kid.” 



“We’re trying to find the snow in North America for jumps right now.”

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Adam Gerken | Mervin | Snowboard Connection | Windsurfing | Amazon | Retail


In this episode Adam and I discuss the changing land scape that brick and motor retailers have faced over the past decade and how things like online shopping and Amazon have changed consumer behavior in - not just the snowboarding world but retail as a whole. We also do a little brainstorming around the concept of the shop of the future - what’s the model that’s sustainable and profitable but yet still allows space for the since of community and history that today’s core shops provide. 

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“I’m almost moving away more from the shit that I don’t enjoy.”

“When I’m snowboarding by myself and not with a huge crew is when I do some of my best stuff.” 

“High Cascade is like the All Star Games for snowboarding”

Blue Montgomery’s outlook on when to retire as a pro. 

“I learned (my style) from watching people like Travis Parker and Kyle Clancy.”

“You got to be ready to see stuff that you thought would never be possible.” 

“That was a career highlight.” 

“One footed snowboarding is kind of like - we’ve raped this pretty hard right now.” 

“In my head, I would love to say that backcountry would be a thing…but, my knees are getting bad.” 

“I was hanging out with this kid… I was watching how he ate and I was like hholy shit I eat exactly like you.” 

“When it comes to loading a sled up, waking up at the butt crack of dawn and driving out to Whistler - that part of it kills me. I’d of been better off there back in the 90’s when snowboarders were perceived as lazy.” 


“I want to snowboard on my terms and that’s not all that possible when you get paid to do it.”

On snowboard videos: “I probably have most of what’s come out since 1997”  

“It’s gotten a little bit creepy how into it (tramp skating) I am… It’s something that I’ve gotten, in my eyes, better than snowboarding.” 

“Bode is fucking good at everything…. he wont lose - you can’t even call him an alpha male, he's a god amongst mortals.”

“I’ve built tramp skate followers on Instagram that don’t even know I snowboard.” 

“My first job a High Cascade was the trampoline monitor.” 

On video parts - “I pay attention to what been done and what has not been done.” 

“It’s slightly hard to find a balance and only be slightly parcourish.”

“I see these Too Hard chicks hitting rails that I don’t want to hit.” 

“If I find out that some of my friends don’t like dogs, we don’t hang out so much.” 

“My parents were super into Seinfeld, they’d have Seinfeld parties.” 

“George is probably my favorite character.”  

“I turn into Larry David on an airplane… I feel like the middle seat should get both arm rests…” 

“I love half pipes… my body feels loose riding a pipe.”


“Chris and I want to give back to snowboarding - with Change That Tape.” 

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Episode #18

In this Episode AJ and I chat with one of the men behind the lawsuit filed against Alta ski resort, Forrest Gladding. 

Forrest and his family live just a couple of miles from Alta and have been an instrumental part of the fight to end discrimination at Alta.

In addition to talking about Wasatch Equality we touch on surfing, how Brighton is like mini-golf, One Wasatch , shit Alta skiers say, Burton's poaching contest and much more. 


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Jeremy Jensen | Grassroots Powdersurfing | Skate Shoes | Quivers | Entrepreneurship
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Lane Knaack | Japan | Boreal | Smokin | Weddings | Splitboarding
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Jason Bothe AKA Renee Renee | Diet | Podcasting | Plan 9 Official | Skateboarding | Surfing |Snowboarding
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Jesse Paul | Roadtrips | College | Photography | Lucid Dreaming | Meditation

Spending contest winnings on a 14 HP winch that pull up to 30 miles an hour for street riding

and camera equipment.

Photography - Nikon’s D7100 /The Impaler and Instagram

Juggling college and snowboarding right out of high school 

Working for the City 2 Link

Forging a unique path through post secondary higher ed

“What are you going to do with an anthropology degree?” 

Nate Blomquist and Common Apparel

The Impaler video parts

Filming in SD vs HD

Road-tripping since Christmas and dropping Instagram edits along the way

The state of snowboard videos - Crazy Loco & Video Mix-Tape

“I doubt that people are spending a lot of money on videos.”

“Growing up I would buy movies and watch them over and over and over…”

Lucid dreaming

“I’ve always been interested in mediation and spirituality.”

“After a while you start to notice theses dream signs….at that point you can control your dream.”

“In a dream, if you look at your watch twice the numbers will never be the same.”

Aj dreams about skatetopoia

“You can fly, you can have sexual fantasies, you can skate…”

“There’s real benefits from Lucid Dreaming…. it’s kinda shrugged off by society…”

“When you’re younger your mind is free and less solidified.” 

Sports psychology - “You can improve on skills even while not doing them.”

The state of flow - moving meditation - uninhibited being

The expanding global consciousness   

How everything is just one thing.

The singularity, being a cyborg and cell phones.

Human evolution and text messaging etiquette.

Snapchat snaphack and jerking off in front of your friends

Snapcash - sending money through Snapchat 

Hitting spots in Whitefish Montana and filming with Ashley (Jesse’s girlfriends)

Winning a $500 gift card to Bobcat Mattress in Bozeman Montana.

“It was defiantly the most interesting prize I’ve ever won….I’m pretty hyped on  gift cart to the mattress store.”

Snow-skating back in the day.

“I thought snowboarding was lame… cause it was like cheating because you’re strapped in.”

Making time for Meditation 


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Laura Hadar | Retirement | Retail | Rock Climbing
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