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Gus Engle | Van Life | Hawaii | Music | Introspection | Dostoyevsky | Just For Men

Episode #47

AJ joins Nate in The Not Snowboarding Podcast studio (Nate's basement) and they connect with Gus via Skype to discuss a wide variety of topics. The conversation ranges from Russian literature to moose milk and everything in between.

The following words written by Matt Vantta back in 2012  (link to the full ESPN article) articulately describe Gus:

"Gus Engle is a true original, a bohemian lover of life that appears to be drawn right out of a Kerouac novel. His snowboard seems to be less an instrument of athletic progression and more like a paintbrush of a master. To really dig Engle's snowboarding you have to be open minded, because it's not manufactured and doesn't meet industry standards for how you're supposed to ride.

Based on our chat with Gus, I'd add: "Gus has a kind, authentic infectious energy and an appreciation for the beauty that lies in the subtleties of everyday life."  


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Nate's giving away these Vintage Sims Bindings, Size 10.5 32 Boots (used one season), Revenge of the Grenerds and Cue The Birds. To get this stuff just screenshot your receipt from your Let It Block purchase and email it to
This episode covers: 
Moving to Canada and marrying a French Canadian - Estée Preda 
Literature and reading Dostoyevsky 
How Alaska shapes personalities  
Reading in French and learning the language 
Spending the winters in Hawaii and summers in Alaska as a kid
Coffee, tea and dark chocolate 
Milking soose 
Boogie boarding 
Jesse Burtner’s thoughts on Gus’s first skateboard
Skateboarding and snowboarding culture 
Cops VS. Skaters 
Skateboarding and snowboarding in Alaska 
The Think Thank movie - The Weather Outside is Weather 
The power of LOVE in human relationships  
Alone time for introspection 
Path to snowboarding professionally and dropping video parts  
Pozi Pozi - video embedded below 
Making music 
Sport vs. Art 
Surfing and contest scoring 
Van life and living in a VW Jetta 
Video Games in the X-Games 
City snowboarding guide service 
Managing life’s path
Filming with Think Thank vs. Videograss 
Snowboard graphics - Gus’s wife did the graphic for AJ’s board on Pseudo! 
Listener questions from: Jeremy Barker, Steve Lauder, Chas Truslow, Jeff Holce (The Athlete) 
Dave’s Killer Bread 
Vegan snowboarding boots (Nate's giving away a pair of vegan boots)
Consumerism and zero waste  




Quotes from the episode: 

“There’s a special kind of sadness that comes along with Alaska.” 
“I have two sides… A lot of people from Alaska do - summer is so wonderful and, winter, it’s wonderful too, but it’s like a happy sad place.” 
“We lived in a little cabin in Alaska, totally off the grid. We gathered all our water, totally off the grid.” 
“I can’t drink coffee either - it’s like two week long emotional rollercoaster.” 
“It’s so culturally acceptable now to be a skateboarder - from all walks of life, there’s more people doing it. It’s still beautiful though, both skateboarding and snowboarding."
"Football isn’t even in the Olympics - skateboarding is!”  
“I really do have a hole in my heart for all my friends, the Pacific North West, Think Thank… I miss that so much.” 
“I seem really easy going,but I’m really hyper obsessed and stressed out.” 
“I was just so nervous around girls that I couldn’t even imagine one liking me and I can’t believe that one does.” 
“I’m excited by ideas!” 
“Come to Quebec - that’s the secret, there’s really amazing girls.” 
“I lived in a van for three or four years… I really loved it - it’s so fun to travel all the time.” 
“I just usually wake up super early and open the doors and brush my teeth and pee on the street.” 
“One little step off to the side and you can be somewhere strange and uncharted.” 
“We’re just all floating around in a big pool of influence.”  
“When I was living in Hawaii, I just shook trees and got fruit!” 


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Halldór Helgason | Captain Harold | Atrip |TBI | Nike | Dayumm! | A2M | Bird Bath

Episode #46


In the discussion with Halldor - we get into his alter ego, his new clothing company, Atrip apparel, his thoughts on Nike and his new video project that will be airing on YouTube at the end of October. Halldor, as you may know from his alter ego (Captain Harold) - very much has two sides, there’s the fun loving creative snowboarder that likes to keep it loose and there’s the party animal that like to push boundaries for a laugh. That said -a little bit of the conversaion toes into some pretty crazy territory- be forewarned! 

This episode covers the following topics:

Captain Harold
Party Boats
Europe vs. US street snowboarding
Snowboarding street in Japan
The Special Interest Club Atrip
Building Atrip
Lobster graphics
TKO at the X-games and the recovery
Snowboarding while recovering from a major concussion
Looking up to Eiki
Sage Kotsenburg
Naked Snowboarding
7/9/13 Thongs
Free Air Guitars
Advice to Hallódor’s 18 year old self
Catching wild cats on the farm
Thoughts on contest riding
Bird Bath Nuts
A2M birthday party





Halldor's Bio:

Date of Birth: January 10, 1991
Born: Akureyri, Iceland
Lives: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Sponsors: Atrip Apparel, Lobster Snowboards, Monster, VonZipper, GoPro, 7/9/13, Switchback Bindings, Neff Headwear/Gloves.
Social media:
Facebook:, Twitter: @halldorhelgason, Instagram: @hhelgason, Website:
2000 First skate video part in VTH
2001 First ever video part in Oreida 
2007 Sponsor me tape - Gets him sponsored by DC Sweden 
2007 Shared part with Eiki in Factor Films “Up In the Sky
2008 Full part in Factor Films “Notes
Shared part with Eiki & Gulli in Action Horse “Ponytale
December 2008 Signs with the DC global team 
June 21st 2009. First edit made by Eiki/Halldor for Helgasons - Go Skateboarding Day (Eiki wrote and made the song with Halldor as back up vocal)
Sept 2009 Standard Films “Black Winter"
Sept 2009 Full part in Factor Films “They Came From
Jan 2010 Winning X Games Big Air being the first snowboarder ever to win with a perfect score (100/100)  
Sept 2010 Standard Films “The Storming"
Sept 2010 Pirates Productions “Hooked
“Jibber of the Year” 2011 - Snowboarder Mag 
“Rookie of the Year 2011 - Snowboarder Mag 
“Rookie of the Year 2011 - Transworld Snow
Nov 2010 Signs with Nike
Dec 2010 7-9-13 is launched
Jan 2011 Lobster Snowboards is launched
Jan 2011 3rd at Air & Style Munich
Jun 2011 Move from Iceland to Monaco
Sep 2011 1st Zurich
Dec 2011 Sexual Snowboarding “Sexual Snowboarding”
Jan 2012 2nd X Games real snow (voted comp)
Dec 2012 Sexual Snowboarding “Pepping!
Aug 2013 Nike Snowboarding “Never Not 1&2”
Sept 2013 “Video Part of the Year” 2013 - Reels Festival
Dec 2013 Sexual Snowboarding “DTF
Dec 2013 “Trick of the Year” 2013 - Transworld Snow
Dec 2013 1st & 2nd Most viewed videos 2013 - Transworld Snow
Jan 2014 5th “Rider of the Year” 2013 - Snowboarder Mag
Jan 2014 “Reader Choice Award” 2013 - Transworld Snow
Dec 2014 Sexual Snowboarding “NoToBo
Jan-Apr 2015 Sexual Snowboarding “This Just Happened 1-4.2”
Dec 2015 Sexual Snowboarding “Master Bay Table
Aug 2016 Launch of Atrip Apparel

Quotes from the episode:

“I’m only Captain Harold when I’m drunk."
“You can’t go too classy, you have to keep it real.” 
“I actually just shaved my mustache off - after two years. It feels so disgusting without it.” 
“I barely knew what X-games was when I did it.” 
“Why do you want me on the team? I am not a serious person, I am not a contest person… What is going to happen in four years who my contract is up and you guys (Nike) decided to get out of snowboarding again?” 
“If we don’t go minus (in sales and money) we’re pumped!” 
“The hard thing with snowboarding is that it’s a pretty high class thing to do and that’s not even buying the ticket for like 100 bucks.” 
“Wanted my first triple to be a triple back flip while jerking off in the air.” 
“When I was filming all the pow for my Never Not part… I was like not able to focus on the jump (Because of the head injury).” 
“I was actually really happy when I heard that (I broke an ankle at SuperPark), cause I usually get knocked out or tear a ligament or something that takes forever.” 
“We’re Europeans - we’re not afraid to be naked.” 
“Without Nike I would never of and the chance to make Lobster.” 
“I’m not a business guy at all and I don’t want to be. My main focus is snowboarding.” 
“I never want to be serious in my snowboarding - it’s only snowboarding.” 
“Eiki has been my biggest inspiration…. It’s pretty much all thanks to him that I’m able to do what I do.” 
“The Helgason balls are famous for being lazy - mad loose.” 
“You know how it is with your friends, it always levels up.” 



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