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Marie-France Roy


The gender gap 

Too Hard Vice Documentary 

Building The Cob House 

Vancouver Island 





The Little Things Movie 

David Suzuki Find yo beat mockery 

Pat Bridges 

The movie Cowspiracy and the environmental impacts of the animal agriculture industry. 



“… and then I kinda became a feminist - even though it sounds like a bad word, it shouldn't be.” 

“When you get pushed over tin the corner for so long you develop some kind of aggressive attitude - because you have to.” 


“The influences we get growing up as a girl as opposed to a guy - the odds that you’re going to end up as a professional athlete as a woman are way smaller, that’s just not what is promoted.” 


“I believe a lot of it is fear, based on injures - girls have the potential to do doubles….” 

“It’s kinda like trendy to hate and that really frustrates me.” 

“You don’t have a mortgage and you build it yourself - it’s so magical cause you did ti from your own two hands.” 

“I love to be able to have a garden and work on the house and go surfing - like twice a day, sometimes three times.” 

“You can pretty much surf year round because theres so many beached pointing in each direction”

“We have a lot of wolves and cougars… Cougars attack people all of the time - babies being attacked.” 

“It’s the most women surfers per capita… maybe I mad that up, but there’s lots of girls and they’er all hot.” 

“I didn’t feel like I cold call myself an environmentalist even though I studied it in school… because I was too guilty.” 

“I didn’t even want to talk about the environment during my whole snowboarding career, because I felt that I was not credible enough and people have been so critical towards people who do speak up.” 

“We can’t leave this issue to a handful of people that are sacrificing everything for it - they need everybody's help.” 

“I felt like I had to quit snowboarding. I developed guilt for promoting consumption of product through my sponsors and traveling so much.” 

“If you use a car or even the bus, you’re part of the system too. We’re all a bit guilty - some more than others, but at the end of the day it’s time to stop pointing fingers and focus on solutions.” 

“I don’t want to make anyone feel bad - guilt is a very negative energy and it’s not bringing us towards a solution.” 

“Just turning vegetarian is probably the most eco-friendly thing you can do.” 



“We’re the next generation of designers and CEOs - if we’re aware then we can make a really huge difference down the line.” 

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Chris Grenier | Real Snow| Massholes | Hockey | Snowmobiling | Welding

“I play (hockey) lefty, golf righty, skate goofy, snowboard regular.” 

“I think I started (snowboarding) regular because I had a Black Snow that was set-up regular.” 

“I tried to be just like Lane (Knaack), I spray painted my bindings Rasta colors to try to be like him as a kid.” 



“We’re trying to find the snow in North America for jumps right now.”

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Adam Gerken | Mervin | Snowboard Connection | Windsurfing | Amazon | Retail


In this episode Adam and I discuss the changing land scape that brick and motor retailers have faced over the past decade and how things like online shopping and Amazon have changed consumer behavior in - not just the snowboarding world but retail as a whole. We also do a little brainstorming around the concept of the shop of the future - what’s the model that’s sustainable and profitable but yet still allows space for the since of community and history that today’s core shops provide. 

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“I’m almost moving away more from the shit that I don’t enjoy.”

“When I’m snowboarding by myself and not with a huge crew is when I do some of my best stuff.” 

“High Cascade is like the All Star Games for snowboarding”

Blue Montgomery’s outlook on when to retire as a pro. 

“I learned (my style) from watching people like Travis Parker and Kyle Clancy.”

“You got to be ready to see stuff that you thought would never be possible.” 

“That was a career highlight.” 

“One footed snowboarding is kind of like - we’ve raped this pretty hard right now.” 

“In my head, I would love to say that backcountry would be a thing…but, my knees are getting bad.” 

“I was hanging out with this kid… I was watching how he ate and I was like hholy shit I eat exactly like you.” 

“When it comes to loading a sled up, waking up at the butt crack of dawn and driving out to Whistler - that part of it kills me. I’d of been better off there back in the 90’s when snowboarders were perceived as lazy.” 


“I want to snowboard on my terms and that’s not all that possible when you get paid to do it.”

On snowboard videos: “I probably have most of what’s come out since 1997”  

“It’s gotten a little bit creepy how into it (tramp skating) I am… It’s something that I’ve gotten, in my eyes, better than snowboarding.” 

“Bode is fucking good at everything…. he wont lose - you can’t even call him an alpha male, he's a god amongst mortals.”

“I’ve built tramp skate followers on Instagram that don’t even know I snowboard.” 

“My first job a High Cascade was the trampoline monitor.” 

On video parts - “I pay attention to what been done and what has not been done.” 

“It’s slightly hard to find a balance and only be slightly parcourish.”

“I see these Too Hard chicks hitting rails that I don’t want to hit.” 

“If I find out that some of my friends don’t like dogs, we don’t hang out so much.” 

“My parents were super into Seinfeld, they’d have Seinfeld parties.” 

“George is probably my favorite character.”  

“I turn into Larry David on an airplane… I feel like the middle seat should get both arm rests…” 

“I love half pipes… my body feels loose riding a pipe.”


“Chris and I want to give back to snowboarding - with Change That Tape.” 

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Episode #18

In this Episode AJ and I chat with one of the men behind the lawsuit filed against Alta ski resort, Forrest Gladding. 

Forrest and his family live just a couple of miles from Alta and have been an instrumental part of the fight to end discrimination at Alta.

In addition to talking about Wasatch Equality we touch on surfing, how Brighton is like mini-golf, One Wasatch , shit Alta skiers say, Burton's poaching contest and much more. 


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