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October 2015
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Wally Inouye | Surfboard Shaping | Airbrushing | Pools | Lifeblood | Cooking

Episode 32

Nate drops in on AJ and Wally right in the middle of a conversation about forest fires to kick of the episode.

They also discuss:

  • Wally’s home in Oregon
  • The wall ride in 1973 that coined the nickname Wally
  • Living on an organic orchard
  • Airbrushing sailboards and surfboards
  • How Wally came to Oregon
  • 1989 snowboarding in August
  • Origins of Mt. Hood Snowboard Camp
  • The baby steps of Burnside
  • Surfboard shaping
  • Kelly Slater’s air to knee landing 




  • Parenting
  • Getting into cooking and the restaurant business
  • IPS
  • Pool skating
  • Lifeblood Cutaway Lifeblood
  • Youtube scholar
  • Edmond Bacon/Love Park  

 Quotes from the episode:

“They tried to give me a substantial raise, I said no - I’m going to Oregon to paint sailboards.”

“We hiked cause no one wanted to pay for a lift ticket.”

“We were on hill at 8am. We ran gates till 10am. Then we rode halfpipe.”

“In 91 we had another low snow year - in February we were skiing on Palmer…. We moved out (to the coast) March first and it started dumping, 50 inches.”

“I started surfing in 1969 and when I was 12 I made my money doing ding repair.”

“We bought a longboard form garage sale, ripped the glass off and we each shaped one side…. I shaped a pin tail and he shaped a swallow tail on his side…”

“I’m at Windells so I’m thirteen years old all year long.”

“Both of my kids have gone 40mph by 2 years old… bombing hills on a skateboard.”

“We called it fine dining with kids.”

“We actually became the first internet cafe on the coast… We had a computer in the lower dining room with a 28.8 modem”

“I’ve skated a lot of 15 minute pools…. The homeowner comes out with a machete or weed whacker - lets the dobermans out.”

“I’ve seen and done a lot in the last 56 years of my life”

“Conserve water. Drain your pool!”

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In this Episode AJ and Nate chat with Pete about:

Trouble getting all three of us on the same Skype call.
The Interior Plain Project Podcast
80’s skateboarding in the western Wisconsin country.”
Aqua Jam
Getting hated on for being a skater.
High School hazing
Fran Lebowitz on Skateboarding
Working retail in the Mall of America
Fobia Skateshop and Iota Skateboards
The inspiration behind The Interior Plain Project
AJ connection problems
Sales repping and retail.
Stock market psychology
Obamacare - “Hi mom.”
Retail morality
Camber vs Reverse Camber
Rundown of the IPP board models


“There was no one telling us what was cool, what wasn't cool or how to do it… and at that time, I mean what was right? It was 1986.”
“Get on the floor and push a penny with your nose - high school hazing.”
“At that time skaters stuck together.”
“We had four sheets of plywood leading to a launch ramp - we landed in the grass, cause that’s what we had in the country.”
“I was a snow TM, the GM and I was running Iota sales.”
“I liked the idea of begging a question, that’s unique - it makes them ask and inquire and it gives them an opportunity to learn.”
“It’s not that we’re in the midwest and in the plains, it’s that we’re a vehicle and we’re moving through theses different dimensions.”
“There are riders and you can ride a board, but you pilot a board.”
“You ride an Interior board and you’re riding a piece of my heart.”
“If saving five bucks on something means the world to you, I’m sorry that’s your reality.”
“Online’s not the devil, but if you’re not supporting your local shops, you’re not supporting the community of snowboarding.”
“The thing that snowboarding fucked up al long time ago is that they started sponsoring all of theses kids - in the bike industry a sponsored rider is still paying for their frame.”
“The midwest is the fabric of snowboarding.”
“Reverse camber is just an old construction that was brought back and reinvented. It comes back to culture, in America we want everything easier.”

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Kevin English | High Cascade & Windells | Business Management | Flying Planes |Real Estate
AJ and NAte chat with We Are Camp CEO Kevin English about:
Working construction as a kid 
Real Estate development
Blue Montgomery and the K2 days
Business Management 
K2 Snowboarding meets rollerblades 
Listener question from Blake Adam 
Getting an MBA 
Growing up on Donner Summit 
The Trifecta - Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding in one day. 
Auckland New Zealand 
Flying planes 
Airplane Repo 
AJ starts a new trend in snowboarding #sexwax 
Kevin gives AJ his annual performce review
Jesse Burtner 
The future of High Cascade and Windlell’s 
Kim Bohnsack
Social Media anxiety 
Quotes from the episode: 
“When you manage people there’s always an issue - we’re emotional beings.” 
“I’m going to be a land developer, I love that, it’s art, you’re creating spaces.” 
“I started at High Cascade as a counselor back in 1999 and worked my way up.” 
“You’re trying to get two different cultures to mesh….. The High Cascade Culture and the Windless culture… To me, best practice wins…” 
“When you’re 20 it’s (snowboarding) the world. When you’re 30 it’s still a big part of the world, but you realize that there’s more to it.” 
“Don’t be the stereotype that they expect you to be.” 
“Is Windell’s or High Cascade going to have a rollerblade camp… Or scooters? No - never.” 
“My dad used to say that going to college is just a sign to the world that you can follow through with something.” 
“Put maybe a little bit more on your plate than you think you can handle, because you usually can handle it.” 
“Listen to Airline Pilot Guy - it’s a podcast about flying airplanes - Flying is fucking awesome.” 
“It’s better to feel like an idiot on the ground than feel like an idiot in the last 100 feet before you kill yourself.” 
“this combining of the two camps gives a financial platform for both camps.” 
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